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Imagine Magazine Question For 11/5


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Have you ever dreamed of being intimately involved with a full blown celebrity? Like...outrageously gorgeous, sweet, sexy, extremely cute, super talented, and adored by millions of people who would be so JEALOUS over the fact that you were the one that got to his heart first? Hehehe, sounds like heaven, doesn't it?

But...is it though?

If you had a celebrity boyfriend who was invited to all of the big parties and award shows, gracing the covers of all the magazines, doing sexy photo shoots, being lusted after by strangers who might want to take him away from you, a passion and a career that might keep them busy six days out of the week, traveling all around the globe to promote himself...I mean, could you handle all of that and still be happy?

How would you feel about that? Would you feel insecure about the idea of other boys wanting him just as badly if not more so as you do? Could you deal with him being so busy and so far away from you for long periods of time? Can you date him out in public? Would the money and the fame get to you over time, once the novelty of it all has worn off? Like...how do you see yourselves dealing with this kind of relationship? And do you think you could make it work, despite the obstacles working against you? Let us know!

You've got your dream boy! Now...what are you gonna do with him? Hehehe! :P

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Well...I definitely would have liked to have sex with Jeremy Sumpter (or at least make out with him for an hour) when I was a teenager, but to actually be in a relationship with him? I probably wouldn't go that far. I mean, sure, having all of that money and a fancy house in Hollywood would be cool, but at the cost of having no privacy? Being under the spotlight 24/7, having cameras follow you everywhere you go? No thanks! I'd much rather stay anonymous.

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As much as I feel like I would really LOVE to have myself an extremely cute celebrity boyfriend on my arm, someone that I can show off to my friends and have them wish beyond all wishes...to have money and fame and the whole red carpet access...I honestly think that I would quickly become unhappy with the whole situation.

First of all...I can be selfish with my affections. Hehehe, it's true. When you're famous, you have to go out there and share yourself with the rest of the world. And I would be able to step aide and give someone I love the spotlight for a little while, but sooner or later, I want my own spotlight. I want to be the center of my boyfriends' attention. It doesn't have to be every day, but if you're so famous that you have to give yourself to the rest of the world to the point where there's nothing left for me when you get home? Then I'm going to start feeling neglected and unsatisfied. I don't think that I'd be able to help it. I think I would have an issue with a relationship that I felt was lacking in some way.

It would be nice for a while, though. I could definitely go for some hot and naughty times with the boys I see on TV and in movies...but it just seems like it would be more fun in theory than in practice. You know? Maybe some dreams are better left as just that....dreams.

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