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Billy Chase - 90 & 91


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What???? I'm calling Foul


Like talk about a set up, by the time we find out what's going to happen between Brandon and Billy we will have to wait AT least a month. Not cool.


For those who don't get what I mean, think of it this way. Com posts normally 2 days of journal in one chapter. Now that would be only be 8 days if we go by a four week span. the last journal is Thursday. We would prob have to wait until Monday which is an added 3 days. For a total of 10 days, or 5 more weeks. Now if Z Com does any more 1 day journal that's an extra day to add which would push monday back a week. Get my point? You might if you read the chapters.


On a different note, I wonder how much crap Billy is going to get into with his parents for what he's doing?


Finally, dude. I love it keep it up, but please post faster so I'm not pulling my hair out for the next 4-5 or more weeks.



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