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Saturday night date night

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Lol, there's nothing wrong with it dear. I'm 21 and my boyfriend is going on 29. Well he doesn't turn 29 until October, but eh. :)



My Saturday date night - which isn't tonight... lol. Is normally dinner and tons of talking. We're pretty boring :P , but there's not much to do here that's romantic at night. (Bowling, a movie, or rollerblading at a skating rink)... lol. So the romantic dates of ours are always in the early afternoon or evening when there are more things to do.


Anyway, GOOD LUCK and have fun. :)




Thank you Krista, well I might be a little nervous when he shows up in 20 minutes lol. But I am kind of looking forward to it :)

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So how'd it go!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! TELL US, DAMN IT!



-----Scene shifts to Jamie walking into his therapist's office, who tells him yet again that he doesn't handle suspense in a constructive manner-----

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I would gladly tell you how my saturday night dates go... cept I've never had one. Closest I've had is taking my best friend out to dinner and movie whenever I'm home for the weekend, and she hasn't been returning my texts or calls lately...

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Well I can see your night is going to be better spent than mine... I have the glorious task of reformatting my f**king hard drive... I'm treating myself to snackfood afterwards :D


Have fun on the second date! I hear second dates are always a good sign ;)

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