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[Vlista] One Moment: Chapter 11

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Damn. We did know that Matt's parents were unfit, now they also abusive, lack of any warmth.


Different way to meet Danny but what a great guy :)


Seems Andy is warming up more and more with Matt.

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Another good chapter. It didn't move the story along much but it certainly gave us more background on Matt and vurther endeared him as a character. I can't decide whether Andy will be trouble or a big ally to Matt... guess I'll just have to wait until next Friday!



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i think andy may be gay just don't want anyone to know, he got in trouble for something he did to some gay kid. but i think he may have done it cause he was with friends. i think he and matt may wind up together. but we will have to wait and see.

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I'm busy next week, so could someone be a real treasure and send me the next few chapters NOW!.

Good try, but i think, that don't work!


Wow, Vance, great story. First I thought, it will be lazy.

But now - can't wait to read more. It enrolls more and more.


So some readers plot their ideas for the ongoing story. Here is mine:


I think, that Dr. Marshall and Mark are lovers. They weren't at home at the same time, aren't they?

And I believe, that Matts writing will help Andy for his coming out.


But - Vance has is own will - so I will be patient and wait for Friday - like Robinson Crusoe....

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K, Vance, this chapter did it! You got me! I love this kid now. Matt is a great kid just like Dr. Marshall now sees.

Now we all see it. I love this story. It is different. Matt is still a bit of an enigma, but the picture is getting clearer. Vance you've surpassed yourself yet again. Your talent for story-telling is out in the stratosphere. Thanks for another wonderful story!


Hugs, :hug:



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Yup, this chapter did it for me, too. I have a feeling that either Dr. Marshall or Mark will end up fostering Matt. :2thumbs: Not sure where that would leave Danny, though, if he eventually shows up, and I'm betting he will. :great:

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