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  1. I think James' Twilight is better than the sparkley Vampire Twilight. I got sucked into HP when I was watching my cousins at the cottage. They were reading the third and fourth books and I decided to check it out once they finally put them down. It was pretty interesting so I picked up the first book. I had never been a fan of fantasy books but I ended up reading the whole series. The target age group is somewhat younger ( ) than me but I will admit I found the world that JKR created enthraling. The movies (for the most part) did the books justice when you compare it to other adaptations of books. My cousins are now in university and have already told me they want to go see the next movie and then drinks. I read the Twilight books I ended up reading over Christmas a couple of years ago when the bad weather had knocked out both the satellite and internet to my parents house for several days. My brothers girlfriend suggested I read a series she was reading. The first two books were OK but I liked the last two books better. As for the movies... the first two sucked (Even with the Kellan Lutz eye candy), Eclipse was better but still not up to the standard of any of the HP movies. True Blood wins hands down over sparkley vampires but how would James' Twilight fare against True Blood?
  2. Hey Nephy, Glad you got the problem fixed with chapter 32... I was checking every couple of hours to see if it would appear. Great chapter, great story and I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out... yes, I want a wedding! Steve
  3. Congrats Mark on the milestone! I have to say that I held off on starting to read any of the CAP series for a long time but started in on Bloodlines. Boy, as for getting things done, that was a mistake as I was hooked and read the entire CAP series from start to finish in about a month. I particularly enjoy the numerous Hayes characters. Thanks for the great reading and I'm looking forward to years more. Steve
  4. lol... like Mark needs a cliff hanger to suck us into reading Millennium! Unless he's going to try and unseat CJames as the King of Cliffhangers! I was hoping the last chapter of the Box was up and I'd have a reason to procrastinate on house cleaning but... Steve
  5. I decided after seeing all the postings over the last few months to take a peek at Bloodlines once Mark posted the final chapter. Needless to say that I've gotten sucked into the CAP series and finished reading all the parts of the series except If It Fits as I can't seem to get into this one. I actually like the use of the diary as a way to explore the past. I especially agree with the sentiment of "why doesn't Robbie get off his ass and call Frank". It may be because (at least until the end of the current chapter) knowledge about the diary was being kept secret. If Robbie called Frank about Nathan and Aaron, the logical question for Frank to pose, especially if he does have knowledge, is where did these questions come from. I'm in the camp of Aaron actually being alive somewhere in the Pacific but what I can't figure out is how would Steven pull off the great escape since I didn't get the impression that he was unrecognizable after his death and it also leads to asking whose body did the Schluter's bury in the family plot and why didn't his squad notice it wasn't him who died? I'm thinking that Aaron lived alone in the Pacific somewhere... can't wait to find out how this turns out. As for where to go from here, there are enough illegitimate children born by the gay characters in CAP there is no end to options. I especially liked Bitty's comment about the only good Hayes are the one who like to get #$@. Thanks for a great read Mark! Steve
  6. Hi Kevin, Here are the answers to your questions Do you go to church on both of these days? No And if you're working, how many days do you have off for Thanksgiving? 1 for a 3 day weekend (that is the norm in Canada) Is there anything special on these days? These are the two big family days for me. Everyone in my immediate family (and their SO) get together for a few days and eat too much food. One tradition we have is after the rest of my family gets back from church Christmas Eve, we sit around having drinks & hor d'euvres and try to guess what people have wrapped under the tree. Kind of corny but it's fun since my mother & grandmother will spend hours trying to figure out what they have waiting for them the next morning, even if we've added bricks or rice to boxes to make the guessing harder. Steve
  7. I grew up on a medium sized farm about 20 minutes outside a town of about 3500. By high school, I decided that it was best to flee to the city and moved to a town of about 100 000 for university. After university I moved the Toronto (about 4 million people). I'm finding that I like city living (much better now that I live in a city of about 1 million... just a comfortable size ). However, I'm looking for property to buy (prices are certainly good right now) back in the rural area I grew up as I'm now thinking it would be a good place to retire (a LONG time from now based upon my retirement investments!) Steve
  8. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm sitting here fighting off a turkey coma. I'm thankful for friends & family, still having a job and having an overall great year! Steve
  9. Since NY State borders Quebec (which Jack covered ) and my province of Ontario, I'll reinforce Jack's warning... if you are planning to drive up north, leave it at home. The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) detachments along the border crossings have cars with radar detector detector units and are very strict about enforcement. It's illegal to possess them in Ontario (which means they confiscate & destroy them if found) and it's a pretty hefty fine plus demerit points if the state where you live has a reciprocal agreement. Ontario isn't as "generous" as Quebec when it comes to exceeding the limit but under 120 KPH on the highways (100 km\hour), they'll never pull you over. Another warning about Ontario is the police LOVE to use the Street Racing law. Basically, you get tagged doing 50 KM\hour over the posted limit, they automatically suspend your licence for 7 days + impound your car for 7 days. You even have to go before a judge to explain why you should be allowed to get your licence back pending your trial. Good luck with your search! Steve, BTW, the fastest I've ever taken my car (Acura RSX) was on a trip to the east coast on a very straight highway through a wilderness preserve... I took it up to 180KM\hour before the fear of a deer stepping out of the woods overtook my need for speed. :wacko:
  10. I watched and was interested by the premise but disappointed by the execution. I thought they developed the character of Dr.Rush well and the cute military guy but I really didn't get to the point that I connected to any of the other characters at all. I find pilots generally don't really do a series justice so I'll reserve judgement until I see a couple of more episodes. I'm hoping the jumping perspective frequency diminishes quickly. I think this will end up being a very different series since it's looking like it will mostly revolve around the characters as there seems like there will be very little chance of them interacting with outside forces. I hated the first BSG (I was a kid then) but I loved the dark nature of BSG and enjoyed all the seasons except the second last. I think Star Trek holds the biggest cautionary tale for Sci-Fi series. After TNG, all the series seemed to get worse and worse. The Star Trek movie that came out this summer shows that a series can be successfully reinvented though. I'll probably give SGU until the end of the 3rd episode before I pronounce judgement. Steve
  11. I have an iPhone 3GS. I'm not an audiophile so the sound quality is acceptable for me (once you realize you should have picked up a good set of headphones). The main reason I got it was to replace my crappy Nokia cell and cut down on the number of electronics I have to carry (week days it was work cell, personal cell, iPod & pager-yes pagers still exist). I've heard that OLED displays are amazing but only in low light conditions but suffer from washout in normal indoor lighting levels. I'd have to say the main reasons iPods are popular are the is the design and dead simple setup & use. Steve
  12. Yet another Gleek! The show is on Global here in Canada and they have a thing where they do 15 second "Did you know" type spots, usually around any Canadian connection, and one of last this week's is that the actor who plays Finn is Canadian and used to work as a Wal-Mart greeting and taxi driver. I'm waiting for Finn to get tired of all the devious women and throw himself at Kurt. Steve
  13. In high school (the eastern half of Canada unlike Wildone), showers weren't mandatory so it really depended on when you had PE and what you were doing in that module. I played varsity soccer in high school and showering was also a "depends" answer. If it was muddy or hot, most people showered. My high school may also have been outside the norm as most of the people on my varsity team were farm boys who had to leave after a game or practice and go work on their farm so there wasn't much sense in showering unless you were worried about mud in your pickup. University was completely different. Communal showers in residence and daily trips to the Athletic complex meant everyone got over being self conscious pretty quickly. My roommate and most of our friends were varsity athletes so the open showers after playing a pick-up game of soccer always provided good scenery! Steve
  14. Yeah!!! I see chapter 17 is up on Awesomedude! Off to read...
  15. Another great chapter! It's turning into a story that I wish I had only started once it was complete! The next few chapters should be pretty interesting! Steve
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