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  1. Netvoyager

    Chapter 28

    Great story! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading part two, Thank you for hours of reading enjoyment.
  2. Netvoyager

    Chapter 8

    Great story! I eagerly look forward to future chapters. Thank you.
  3. Netvoyager

    Chapter 4

    I'm really enjoying the story. Thank you.
  4. Netvoyager

    PS Ch 2

    Looks like another great story. Thank you for many hours of reading enjoyment.
  5. Netvoyager

    Chapter 29

    Yet again, another great chapter! Thanks. After such a long hiatus, it's great to have weekly chapters available to read. I hope that you are able to maintain at least a semi regular schedule when life returns to normal. Stay safe. Jim
  6. Netvoyager

    Chapter 8

    Great story. I eagerly look forward to future installments. Thank you.
  7. Netvoyager

    The Corregidor

    Another great chapter! Please, keep 'em coming! Thanks.
  8. Netvoyager


    Great! Glad to hear it..looking forward to it; great story! Thanks.
  9. Netvoyager


    Really a great story! Too bad it didn't go on longer. Thanks.
  10. Netvoyager

    Chapter 17

    Mark, It's been a while...any idea when you'll be able to continue? Thanks.
  11. Netvoyager


    It's been quite awhile since you've added a new chapter. Do you intend to go on with this story? Thank you.
  12. Netvoyager

    FAR Chapter 5

    Great story thus far. Eagerly awaiting future installments. Thank you.
  13. Netvoyager

    FS Chapter 1

    Ladies and Gentlemen. We have another winner! Thanks.
  14. Netvoyager

    FAR Chapter 3

    As I read the above comment, I can only offer my sincere and abject apologies for our childish and petulant President (Trump). As a US citizen I am ashamed of his treatment of our excellent allies and his uneducated blustering. (NY, USA)
  15. Netvoyager

    FAR Chapter 1

    Looking forward to reading yet another one of your great stories. (NY,USA)
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