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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. J.T.


      Thank you! ^__^

  2. J.T.

    Moving Forward

    Look forward to future chapters! :-)
  3. J.T.


    Aaaaand the truth is finally out for Laurie. I'm happy they're ok. Lots of chapters suddenly posted! Let me know if you need help! Woohoo! New chapters!
  4. Woohoo! If you haven't read the story yet, you need to read it now. https://www.gayauthors.org/story/atruefan/it_can_work_out
  5. It's actually a work injury lol wrist cast and all
  6. J.T.

    Gay Pride

    So I'm not sure where you are. If you're in the tri-valley they have their thing going. But I can tell from experience in San Francisco that pride is definitely not what "it used to be." Wow that made me sound like a grandpa. Anyways, gay pride used to be a statement. I went to a couple of pride weekends at the Castro the last few years and it's turned more into a teeny bop rave than actual gay pride. It's... quite depressing actually. There were more straight groups (age 15-17) just in for free booze and sharing joints than actual celebration of why the week is there in the first place. Also, someone everyone also "forgets" to shower that weekend. It's quite annoying, especially while riding public transit. If you're there to just join the craziness for a day while you hang out with your aunt, just scope out what really is going on before jumping into anything you're not prepared or ready for. Unfortunately, even during public events, dangerous situations can occur and there are always those who are in a position to take advantage of inexperienced, vulnerable people. Just stay safe and if your aunt is already familiar with the events, have her pick a few for you to try out. You don't have to come out by then to your aunt. Set your own timetable for that at your own pace. Instead, just have her suggest something so you can try it with her and see if it's your cup of tea.
  7. I can't seem to get more power in my arms without straining my wrist or elbow ( both work injuries) So I make myself feel better and do the leg press and punch it at 350# and call it even. I don't think my work out plan is working hahahàhha
  8. It's similar in most cities with prominent gay neighborhoods. There are a few gyms I'll never set foot into after the first time. Gold's (now Fitness SF) is one of them I just despise. I'm here to work out for me, ultimately. Whether I like it or not I don't have to have the competition to make me feel like shit. I've actually started to go to the 24 across the city away from it all. Sadly it meant it's out of the way so much it generally gets too out of the way to justify going after a long day at work leaving at 11pm to the point I've been skipping. Men...
  9. In many respects, when I tried to write my Fixing My Destiny story, it would have literally been me exploring where my own "roads untaken" would take me. While I got a chance to start the story many years ago, at a certain point I decided to accept the choices I've made and move on with what I've got. It didn't derail the writing process, I just wasn't as passionate with writing for the main character to change himself, and I read two chapters of junk that I knew wouldn't cut it even as a beta. I'm sure the idea for the story's premise is still sound, I just need a lot of work to drive myself to finish it amidst my crazy work life
  10. I think part of it was I was really ready to settle down and he was still just trying to explore the untaken roads. I hope he just finds the happiness he was trying to look for eventually. I don't hate him, just wished he and I had the opportunity to fix whatever it was truly urking him before he decided that bringing a 3rd party into the mix would somehow be an acceptable solution. Thanks guys
  11. Most of you don't remember me when I used to write and beta on a regular basis. However, since the majority of my friends and family don't know much about me - and I'm trying to figure out a delicate balance between keeping my mother happy by not blasting "my unacceptable lifestyle" (trust me, this is a separate issue way too complicated for one single blog post) and keeping my boyfriend happy - I wrote a section of this as a Facebook note, and promptly deleted before posting. Two years ago, what started to be a slow process to become serious with my then-ex-boyfriend who I really thought I'd live the rest of my life with decided it were best if we took a step back and allowed each other to date other people. He suggested it would be better so he wouldn't feel trapped. I contemplated that if the relationship needed another person into the mix, then we're not the right match to stay together for the long haul. Two years have gone by and I don't regret this decision. Instead, I reflect on the decision I made, which took two days to formulate, weigh out, and gather enough strength to end things. I don't think either of us were ready to just end things completely, but I didn't think it would have ended well either way. He had too much temptation from moving into a "gayer" neighborhood, and I guess from his raise in status from his startup being bought out, he felt he had to date upwards. I, on the other hand, was ready to settle down, see the world with him, and even started throwing out ideas about engagement (but not to him directly). The strangest thing happened during this time. I was an emotional mess, the one friend who I met online and we chatted in a coffee shop eventually became my boyfriend. My ex apparently thought SF was too bougie (yeah... I didn't understand that either) and moved to Chicago. Two years tomorrow will mark 2 years I broke up, and 2/20 will mark the day I added my current boyfriend on FB. It's so weird looking back at my facebook timeline and have "You became friends with... February 20th" with a picture of the two of us. So yeah, what the hell have I been doing? Well for one thing, work's been crazy. (yeah, yeah, we've all heard this before) I ended up getting promoted to a slightly higher managerial position that now requires me to be suddenly artzy as hell. I now do visual merchandising and I have no art degree! Trust me my color coordination is all over the place and people in the company hate how I can generate numbers for the company without being the artzy snotty stature the role requires me to be. I got a drunk text from my ex that said he wanted to apologize at how he ended things. I'm not sure if I got the closure I wanted, but I think it's safe to say that we're both strong people who take a lot of time to get over something once something's been decided.
  12. J.T.

    Golden Gate Bridge At Marin Headlands

    It's not necessarily that I'd know better... it's more like trying to get out there when I actually have the time to go... usually right after work or before. I'm either getting early morning overcast or evening fog rolling in. I rarely get to actually enjoy it around 2-3pm when I get better weather XD
  13. J.T.

    Golden Gate Bridge At Marin Headlands

    Wow, you caught a glimpse of the bridge without fog! Every time I'm there or when I'm around Land's End it's just fog, fog, fog... either that or I'm trying to watch the bay bridge lights at night and it's covered in fog or mist. Last night's attempt was a wash as well... seriously... we haven't had rain in months - and they just chose yesterday to dump it all down XD I'll try again this weekend
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