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  1. bookjunky18

    Chapter 25

    Things are getting spicy. I can't wait for Rushi's big disappointment when she realizes that all her plans have failed. Also can't wait for Kastan and Jihan reunion. By the way, that law about having to prove in court your innocence over an obviously defamatory letter full of lies is dumb. Everybody guessed that the contents of the letter weren't true and Rushi was behind it, yet they still decide to hold court and summon Rashan. I gotta say, I love Andiya and Jihan sibling relationship so much. I love how she was able to hold in the pain when her water broke, all to not worry Jihan, because she wants him to focus on protecting his husband and son. Thanks for an awesome chapter. It was well worth the wait
  2. bookjunky18

    Chapter 21

    Great Chapter!!! I can't count how often I've checked for chapter updates. I was very excited to see this chapter, and to know there'll be another in a couple hours. Thank you. This was a great chapter. I can't wait for The Empress, Lord Revi, and Nisa to get what's coming to them. The scene with Kiyan and his sons is so cute. I feel sad for them to have the mom they have, but they also have a great dad, cousin, aunt, and Uncle to support them, and steer them in the right direction. I wish Kiyan would do more to protect his brother and nephew, but at the same time, I understand that he's in a rough spot when the perpetrator is his wife and mother of his kids, and also The Empress. The scene where Andiya gives Kastan a dressing down was hilarious. Also, she spoke truth. Anyway, can't wait to read the next chapter.
  3. bookjunky18

    Chapter 16

    You made my day today with this new chapter. I've been checking consistently everyday, and was so happy to see the new chapter alert. It was worth the wait too. This chapter had so many awesome moments. Such as, Rashan calling Jihan Papa, meeting the generals and seeing how awesome and loyal they are, Rashan showing his smartness, and Temu finding out how intelligent Jihan is, and that he's not just a pretty face. I'm happy Jihan found out about Ferino, being that he works for that witch Nisa. Also, I hope her plan backfires. She hasn't realized she's lost already, because everyone already love and support Jihan being with Kastan, seeing how happy he and Rashan are. I can't wait for her to be exposed. I bet it's gonna be so explosive, and I hope the empress also gets it too. I can't wait for the next chapter. looking forward to the marriage ceremony and Rashan and Jihan's trip to visit Andiya. Thank You so much, and be well.
  4. Thank you. This really helps with keeping everyone straight.
  5. bookjunky18

    Chapter 14

    Great chapter. So happy the wait wasn't long, thank you. I love how Kastan and Jihan relationship is evolving. They're transitioning from like to love, though to me it seems like it was love at first sight;They just don't know it yet. I like the conversation around Jian and how Kastan explained their marriage in comparison to his and Jihan's. Besides those love birds, I also like how Jihan and Rashan's relationship is growing into a true father and son relationship. Rashan is such a likeable kid, and seems so mature for his age, that sometimes I forget he's just a tween. As for Ms. Nisa Baiza, I'm happy she got put in her place a number of times. I'm so happy her coming around hasn't come between Jihan and Kastan. If anything she's actually brought them closer😝. I can't wait for the time when Kastan finds her a suitable husband, and her reaction. She's gonna be so pissed!!! I'm curious what she and the Empress have planned for her to sink her claws into Kastan. Anyway, I loved the fluff in this chapter, but also the little tidbits on how things are going with the trading stations and getting more revenue coming into Silver Shore. Thank You, and can't wait for the next chapter.
  6. bookjunky18

    Chapter 13

    I almost died of happiness when I saw this new chapter posted. What Buz said is exactly my feelings, waiting for this new chapter. It was well worth the wait though. I'm so glad that Jian is beginning to trust Kastan and share his burdens with him. I hope Silver Shore and Kamran Estate will have a symbiotic relationship. Also, I'm happy to see how well Rashan and Jian are getting along. I'm worried though, about the financial problems that Jian will have to tackle to get Silver Shore's finance to rights. It seems like an uphill battle. Then for that self-serving so called "Emperor" to expect Jian to perform a miracle and restore Silver Shores' finance within six months so it can support the palace is unthinkable. I'm glad Andiya provided help for Jian. It shows that she can take care of him just as he's always protected and cared for her. That Empress needs to be dealt with, and I'm happy Jian isn't afraid of her. Her insecurities and mistrusts are going to cost her much. I know that Nisa Baiza lady was sent by the Empress for some insidious purpose, probably with a promise that she'll get Kastan for herself, since the previous chapter showed her one-sided love for him. I'm already looking forward to the next chapter, and I'm REALLY REALLY hoping that I won't have to wait as long. PLEASE. Thank you so much.
  7. bookjunky18

    Chapter 3

    Things are getting spicy, between Logan and Leon, and also in the royal family. It was a shocker finding out that the Crown Prince is an allege murderer, of not just his first wife, but also three others. There is no doubt that Leon's dad is gonna be invested as the Crown Prince, making Leon next in line for the throne after him. Now Logan and Leon face a greater obstacle. Before, he was fifth in line (if gender doesn't matter}, now he's gonna be third in line. Reminds me of when Edward VIII abdicated to marry that actress, which eventually led to Elizabeth II becoming Queen of Britain. If that abdication never happened, Prince William wouldn't be third in line to the throne. Anyway, I wonder how the people of Aeras will feel when they find out the potential future King is gay. Also, I'm curious about the type of relationship Leon has with his uncle and cousins. Really looking forward to the next chapter. Thank you
  8. bookjunky18

    Chapter 2

    Jealousy looks good on Logan. Disclosing the fact that they're into guys, makes me happy, because there won't be any misunderstandings regarding that. It seems like they're having a lot fun on their trip so far. I'm happy Logan decided to go with Leon's plan, and not report to his parents about the change of itinerary. Seems like the conflict is gonna be about the fact that Leon is a Prince, and Logan is his bodyguard. Reminds me of another awesome story by you😉. On to the next chapter
  9. bookjunky18

    Chapter 1

    Aww!!! Thank you for trusting us with this story. I'm happy you found the courage to share it with us. I'm liking it so far, and I'm pretty sure I will continue to, until the end. So far, despite being royalty, Leon seems down to earth and humble, and not arrogant and conceited as might be expected from someone with the title of a Prince. Also, his friends seem likable. As the saying goes, "show me your friends, and I'll tell you who you are." I also, like how diverse his friend group is. Anyway, on to the next chapter.
  10. bookjunky18

    Chapter 33

    I'm so sad to see this story end. It was a fun read. I liked all the characters and how they developed through the story. I would definitely like to see a story about Nisin and Jack or Matt and Jet. Thank you for this beautiful story. I think I'll probably be rereading it.
  11. bookjunky18

    Chapter 31

    Really beautiful chapter. I'm really happy Milan and his mom made up, that Kiyo is getting well, and they'll be reunited soon. Although the circumstances were terrible, I'm happy to have seen Illaria's vulnerable side. Hearing that Nisin and Jack are together was a bonus, because Nisin will need his support to deal with the consequences his father will have to face. Milan and Rory's date was romantic and beautiful. I especially loved the scene where they made love, and how it was written. Instead of the usual explicit description, that focused more on the action, I liked that it was more about the feelings and emotions they were experiencing being together for the first time. Their coming together was more about expressing their feelings for each other, and not just about bodily pleasure. Also, the morning after was just as beautiful. P.S I liked that we learnt more about the wolves, the fact that they exists outside of Portento, and also more about the history of Portento and how it functions.
  12. bookjunky18

    Chapter 30

    Great chapter. Milan is really coming into his own, since he no longer has to worry about being ill. I like his burgeoning confidence, and how that influence his personality and interaction with others. Maryanne is an awesome person, and I'm glad Milan has someone besides Rory to rely on. As for Milan and Rory's relationship, I like how it's developing. Rory really treats Milan as an equal, and somebody who will be a great support for him. Through Milan and his family, the wolves are going to make efforts towards disregarding their prejudice about humans, and being more welcoming towards them in Portento. I'm looking forward to the town meeting and seeing what becomes of rick and Cade Ogawa.
  13. bookjunky18

    Chapter 27

    Thank you for another awesome chapter. And about the missed update, we all know life happens, so we appreciate the time you take to write such a great story. Also, before that, you had hit us with two updates back-to-back, so that made up for it. Although, I do look forward to reading a chapter each weekend. This chapter started out with a bang. Ilaria was on a mission to find her precious son, and she was willing to whop some ass. Even if those asses were some big strapping men. I liked how even though she threatened them with death and being skinned, they seemed to admire her courage and love for her son. She made a good impression on them. Milan's family will make the shifters have a better relationship with humans, because they're such a good example of humanity. Also, I liked how she called them mutt, and they were more amused than offended. I would think the greatest insult to a wolfshifter, is being compared to a dog. As for Milan's dad, his prognosis of recovering doesn't look too bright. I hope this elusive Iris will be able to help. Milan and his family would be devastated if they were to lose Kiyo. It seems like Milan is now able to decipher someones true feelings rather than what they're actually saying. Case in point, when he was talking to Ilaria. I hope he finds out what's troubling her about Milan and his mating with Rory. Also, I can see the change in Milan already. There's strength behind his voice, and his baring is more confident. I can see his potential to be a great alpha mate and a support for Rory. Rory is gonna be a great alpha. He was able to make his dad feel useful and needed after losing his alpha status. Besides that, he now knows the strength his father has, and his love for him, that allowed him to keep on living after losing his soul-bonded mate. Also, him not killing Rick, and instead saving him so the swamp wolves can be apart of the decision on his sentence was a great idea. That will be a sign for them, that they're considered a part of the Portento pack. Looking forward to the next chapter.
  14. bookjunky18

    Chapter 25

    Wow!! Two chapters almost back-to-back. Thank you. I was disappointed Saturday night when I came from work, and didn't see a chapter update; I always check first thing when I come home and get settled. Getting two chapters totally made up for that. Anyway, both chapters had me sitting on the edge of my seat, metaphorically of course. Principal Rick really deceived everyone, he would make a great actor. I was totally shocked by his different personality in these last chapters, compare to how he was introduced. It's like the opposite of Snape, and how shocking it was to see a different perspective on all his actions, that we thought were out to harm Harry Potter. It was all the opposite of what we thought. Who knew Principal Rick would have such grandiose thoughts, and be so evil and greedy for power. He killed so many people, including Rory's mom and aunt. I'm happy it turnt out that they weren't killed by humans. Hopefully, this knowledge will make it easier for Milan and Nisin, and also for just regular human and wolf interactions. I was so worried about Nisin and Milan. I'm happy Nisin found Jack, because he's gonna need all the support when his dad gets punished. From Rory's insinuation, his punishment will most likely be death. As for Milan, he showed that despite his fragility, he's a brave young man, who's willing to protect those he love with all his power. He was a trooper, having a knife stuck in him for so long. I'm happy everyone ended up being ok, except for the three unnamed Portento pack-mates who it seemed, died. Aslo, I hope Kiyo makes it out of surgery ok, it seems like his wound was grave. Rory is the Alpha now, and I'm happy he didn't have to fight his dad. I kind of feel sorry for him though, because it was sort of forced on him before he felt ready. Also, I'm pretty sure he probably wanted to forge a greater bond with Milan and spend more time with him before taking on the responsibilities of an Alpha. He was already being trained, so I'm not worried about him being a good Alpha to his pack. He's already well respected and accepted, and as demonstrated that he has what it takes to succeed his dad. I'm excited for the next chapters. It seems like Rory his going to do the ceremony that will cure Milan of his illness. I'm happy for that, but things might get a little chaotic when his Family find him missing from the hospital, after everything that happened. I do understand why Rory sneaked him out and didn't inform them. I can't wait to see how Milan is, when he becomes a healthy young man, unencumbered by illness. Thank you again for two chapters. I can't wait for the next ones
  15. bookjunky18

    Superhero Surprise

    Very fun first chapter. I like it. Barrett sounds like a cute kid, while Gideon is more of a grumpy preteen or teenager. They seem to have a good relationship as brothers, which I like.😍
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