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  1. GuiltyPleasures


    Just a picture of me.
  2. Looks very professional. I have one with a blue lighted fan as well.
  3. All hippies in the world would be proud of you! Fantastic poem.
  4. GuiltyPleasures

    Love Bites

    Well written, lesbo! DIVA
  5. Thanks, Q! It was absolutely dashing.
  6. And thank you too, Nephy! I had two birthday parties (Thursday and Friday) and had everything I wanted and had a great time. Thanks for your best wishes.
  7. Hello everyone, and thank you very very much!!! I'm having a great day so far and all of you just made it better!
  8. GuiltyPleasures

    The Senses

    This is the most turning-on and sensual piece of work I read in years. Kepp up the good work! DIVA
  9. GuiltyPleasures

    The Outside

    This is one of the nicest visualisations about forests and the outside life I ever read. National Geographic, eat your heart out.
  10. GuiltyPleasures

    Birthday boy

    Dear Mark, Quite a powerful piece you wrote. Very emotional and very strong the darkness really gets to the reader. DIVA
  11. I would very much like to attend a UK meet in August, if there will be one then.
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