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  1. Was reading and enjoying a story very much, then I quit reading it for other work, now I can't remember the title or author. The story was about a Sun flair that disrupted all of the electrical service throughout the world. A group of people are trying to get away from gangs stealing food and supplies, get to a Train museum and get an old train that does not have electrical parts. They get the train engine to work. They start from South California and try to get up to Northern California via the train tracks into mountains away from everyone and want to start over building a new town.
  2. Alright, I have read and enjoyed all 950 chapters of ths great story. All I ask is that you do not kill off Trevor and Shane. Please do not do that after all that Trevor has been through that we all have lived through with him. I have lived with him every week or two for a long while and he is almost like kin folks to us. I also am going to miss these characters when you end it. Thanks much for the great read. Ricky
  3. C James, I am not much to communicate, but I have written outside of GA to tell you I have enjoyed your story. I have been reading it for a long time now. I did think that we were never going to get across the Indian Ocean, but I still read it first on Tuesdays. I hate to see it winding down. I hope you will start another wild tale after you rest a while to keep us tunning in on every Tuesday morning to see what wonder you have written. Thanks for a good story, Please keep up the great job. Ricky
  4. You'll also need to make 5 posts in the forums before much of it is opened to you. Things like chat and private messaging for instance. Games and humor forums don't count. Look left for your count under "active posts". It is an anti spamming thing. You only have to do it once.

  5. Welcome to GA! Now sit back and relax, you're in good company. Can I get you something good to read? How about one of my newbie cheat sheets? It'll help you find something good to read while you are learning to navigate the site.


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