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  1. Happy belated birthday from me, too, dear tim. You are a gentle, caring and lovable soul and I - like so many others - thank you for sharing your work here ❤️
  2. Indeed this shows your empathy but it is also so well-ordered. I'm not sure why you write "The problem is me and how I look at things" - everyone has their unique perspective, and it should be valued (if it's not healthy, one should try to change something, of course, and even when I write "but often it is just different", this seems like too much because in a way, we are all less different when we think).
  3. Merry Christmas everyone ❤️

    I hope everyone has a good and quiet time, with good food and much laughter and love.

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    2. Brayon


      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Zen!

    3. Defiance19


      Merry Christmas, Zen.. I wish you the same..

    4. Reader1810


      Merry Christmas Zen to you and yours! 

  4. Thank you for answering so fast, @Thorn Wilde That helps - it's some time ago that I read Genesis and I wasn't able to find it on the internet. The second meaning - never heard of it. Interesting! And I just wanted to know an appoximate date, so 1986 is helpful. This is definitely something I wouldn't have discovered without this website, so thank you again for presenting it here. Have a nice evening
  5. Sorry, I can't resist - not by Orff but Carmina Burana; also an interesting text, of course:
  6. Wonderful, Thorn ❤️ Thank you!! I love both the poem (for which I need a translation, of course) and the music. The poem seems to describe the stillness which exists in the snow and in nature, but it is not like a dead silence but makes the two lovers feel their closeness all the more (?), and there is also the wind and the fire. If I may ask: Is there a special meaning to "Jacob's ladders"? And could you tell me when the poem and the music (by Egil Monn-Iversen, right?) were written?
  7. Wonderful!! I see that I have much to learn about poetry... and even with not much time one can - and must - always pause for a moment to read a gem like this And thank you for introducing me to the poetry of Oliver Wendell Holmes.
  8. Absolutely wonderful I love the different shades of white, white-blue and blue, the dark trees and the fading sunlight which gives life to this scene. I wish I were there because I find it so inspiring (although it must be quite cold).
  9. When I read that Domenico Zipoli died in Argentina in 1726, I thought of someone else: William Hamilton Bird might have been born some years later than Zipoli died, but he also wrote compositions for the harpsichord and traveled to the other end of the world, so to speak - in his case, India. That's where the structural parallels between these two men end, though, because he was interested in Indian music and integrated this influence in his 1789 "The Oriental Miscellany" (whereas Zipoli seems to have "only" imported European music to America). I like Jane Chapman's CD from 2015 very much
  10. Ohhh - thank you. I haven't heard of him until now, and what an interesting person he is - another Domenico from the 1680ies with a love for keys. His pieces don't sound as hard to play as some of Scarlatti's sonatas are. Cristofori's piano certainly sounds wonderful and we are very lucky that it can still be heard. For me, it sounds mainly like an uncommonly strong clavichord with a homogenuous quality of tone. And of course I see the logic in playing these pieces on this contemporary instrument; I don't know if the composer knew of it but he might well have tried to play his compo
  11. I loved the rhythm, too. Especially the last stanza is surprising and leaves much to dwell upon... But even the thoughts about the outward signs of the man's older age are so exceptional, so to the point - they are signs one has seen onself but has never been able to put together like this.
  12. Totally not too obtuse... but thank you @Mikiesboy for the description-explanation because I was wondering whether I grasped the meaning correctly
  13. Hi again, all of you. I had the most funny and nice experience in the last hours: When I was here in the DiC earlier, I was on a train, even an interregional train (they usually have Wifi in Germany now), about 3 hours from home and had a longer journey behind me. When I looked up from my computer and looked at the face of a person who was going through the wagon, I was confused at first and then realized it was a friend of my husband and me! We had a nice conversation for the rest of our journey, he was coming directly from the other direction than I had come, and we met in in a train ho
  14. Me too Well, I've only read the first four of the vampire chronicles and three of her other books but Interview with the Vampire is still one of my favourite books ever.
  15. Um, yeah... that answers my question, at least mostly - sorry But I guess I was just so happy to read that you know his books.
  16. Now that you mention it, and as I read the first 4 books of Anne Rice's vampire chronicles. You obviously like Christopher Rice - so, what are his books like, if I may ask? - Hm, it's a very general question, I know. Are they books about the supernatural, and are they similar to Anne's in their style? I think they have even published one book together.
  17. Definitely! That's why I don't have a phone, at least not a smartphone 😉
  18. Zenobia

    Chapter 1

    There is hardly anything I can add because there are already so many comments here. So just a big thank you (for the knot in my throat which began to dissolve at the end of the page) ❤️ But I think so as well - death in dreams doesn't necessarily have to be negative. So, if your story is read against this background, I think it shows your fear but also your strength - and perhaps the story itself is the manifestation of the way in which you can transform fear to strength.
  19. Mais oui, c'est magnifique. I discovered him late and only played two or three of these pieves but I think it's not so much about the technical skills but more about the rhythm. Thank you for the reminder... actually, Satie is the only composer for the piano on my mind so far because I usually prefer baroque music and the harpsichord but interestingly I find Satie's and also Debussy,'s pieces for solo piano really captivating.
  20. Wow! Hey - accompanying oneself is a difficult skill. It's something I never tried and I'm sure I would need a long time to learn it at least a little bit.
  21. That sounds intense and also very diverse I played the piano many years when I was in school, ceased afterwards and have been playing every now and then in the last years.
  22. The first snow this year is finally falling down here, too - little white flakes, dancing in the air almost like feathers, under a very grey sky ❄️

    1. Mikiesboy


      It's snowing here too, this morning but not so gently. Likely won't last long with any luck.

    2. AC Benus

      AC Benus

      Very poetic, Zenobia - I can see it perfectly 

    3. Zenobia


      Thank you for commenting, @Mikiesboy and @AC Benus

      I didn't even expect a reaction so I'm quite happy about it.

      Snow is a double-edged phenomenon, I know: if the weather is just cold enough to produce snow, I love the atmosphere, the somehow muffled sounds of the environment, and the air, which seems so pure.

      But of course it's pretty unromantic if the snow is lying in the streets and getting dark (espescially in the streets where cars drive), add some rain and there will be no reason to be pleased.

      I just love the calmness of fresh snow. Not it's gone anyway but I wish 'phase one' could last longer because I find it inspiring 😉

  23. How wonderful that you studied music. I guess I longed too much for the so-called old music when I was younger; now, I still do but I try to be open to whatever encounters me. Which also includes non-classical music.
  24. I have to admit I know Stravinsky from Disney's "Fantasia", which I watched many times as a child/young adult, but I think it was a good thing I encountered him there; even if I don't listen to his music very often, I learned to like it there
  25. What a great idea ❤️ I haven't seen the 'old' thread before, so I gather you made this new one due to some technical changes of the page (just like it was necessary to open a new chat for example)? The time of Monteverdi and the music of that era is something I especially love, and also Renaissance polyphony. But I always try to keep an open mind 😉 I also have a deeeeeep love for the harpsichord, so I'll post a link here of Scott Ross's interpretation of Francois Couperin's harpsichord oeuvre: and also a link to Scott Ross in case someone is interested:
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