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    Cleaning up

    Kinda like keeping tee shirts for years or even after you can't wear them anymore. I force myself to throw them out and feel better when I do. Nothing like feeding on pain. It comes back again and again if you let it. When you do the cleansing deal, it's gone. Plus, if you can laugh at it, you definitely have moved on to better things.
  2. Definitely cute and very photogenic
  3. Someone was cheated. One bowl has twice the amount of the other one
  4. Still so sad. Butterflies are beautiful!
  5. I love wolf stuff. ordered a wolf comforter set a couple of weeks ago. can't wait to check out her stuff!
  6. I have to be totally committed when I sit down to write. My attention span is much better if I'm alone at home to write with just normal background noises. I have some opportunities at work because I'm in an office off the beaten path and can close the door between me and my co-worker. If I commit to writing a review, I make sure that it is a story that I don't have to completely re-read to write the review. That way, I know I enjoyed the story enough to hopefully do the story justice when I write the review. I like writing a review when I'm in a good mood with music in the background.
  7. I agree with Mark. You gave the family your time this vacation. Start saving your pennies for a nice condo or motel in September and go somewhere to have some "you" time. Glad you made it back safely and sounds like you love your job and the changes. It's nice when you have your customer fan base. Seems your life is right on track. Hope things keep going your way
  8. Great pic you two. Sweet>>>>>>
  9. Me too! But right now, I'm like ten tons of tired from the work day. I'm going to grab on before the weekend is gone tho.
  10. You should be so damn relaxed hun
  11. Don't doubt a woman's intuition. Good that you have a great boss. So glad things are going well for you.
  12. joann414

    ME 020004

    awwwww, so sweet and cute.
  13. No matter what, keep the lines of communication and love open between yourself and your parents. Like Daddy said, your mom has a lot to deal with also. Her screaming at you may be her way of venting. Not easy for you, but it may help her You know what you can and can't do and what you need and don't need. Use you common sense along with your knowledge to make these decisions. If you're still undecided, ask someone you trust about your decision. I think you'll do fine. Don't let the stress get to you. You're still a youngster and need to be enjoying life as you make these decisions. Although you're grown, remember, you'll always be their little boy.
  14. Have fun, and take care of yourself.
  15. joann414

    Facing Facts

    Hang in there bud. For every goodbye, there's a hello. Hugs
  16. joann414


    Couple my butt:) cute as hell tho. You should've been a child model. You're sweetness and cuteness wrapped into one.
  17. joann414


    So, finally back from vacation. Did I have a good time? Shrugs. Cozumel is a great place. I visited there several years ago when hubby and I did a cruise. Our resort was all inclusive. Drinks and eats free, lots of activities, etc. It was ok. Nothing wonderful, but clean, nice folks, and our room and view was to die for. We got up, sat on our balcony and watched the cruise ships dock every morning. The pool and pool bar was right below us. So, that was a plus. We met a lot of nice people and several of them flew with us from Atlanta. It was quite a group. I know this sounds like an older person bitching,but we got a wake up call that was very disappointing. A large American Coast Guard vessel docked, and the crew stayed a couple of days at our resort. A couple of the crew members were an embarassment to U.S. Military. They were ridiculous. The Captain of the vessel finally saw the antics going on and put a stop to them. Other members of the crew were totally embarassed. There was a lot of great young people in the crew. We talked to several of them. No internet access:( There was supposedly availability in the lobby. Nope. I went down there to buy a card and use their computers. No service. I had no phone service. I'd put a couple of hundred international mins. on my phone before I left. No use. By the third day, my best friend had a lot of texts on her phone. She finally got service when we went into Cozumel. It was our families frantic because they'd seen where a tropical storm was close to us. My hubby was frantic. When we got ready to board our flight home, I went throught two searches before I boarded in Cozumel. One of them even swabbed my hands and feet along with a wealthy man sitting beside me in the airport. We both did fine until I got home, and was missing many items from my luggage. They'd taken our luggage to another area to search it. I was furious. Of course, Delta can't do a damn thing, so I'm just out of my money. Got into Atlanta at 5 p.m. Monday afternoon. Had a six hour layover. That sucked. I made it home at Two in the morning and was at work by six. Still trying to catch up on my rest. I've taken work home with me everyday this week. So, all, if I've neglected my duties here , please forgive me. I'll try to be in full GA mode by Monday. I've missed the lot of you and all of your funny and helpful posts. Be good, and I really did miss each and everyone of my friends here, and to my writers I beta for, hope I can get back on track soon.
  18. Damn, you look like you're in MIssissippi
  19. joann414

    Louis photo

    Hello from the South USA. 'waves madly'
  20. joann414

    Wayne In Tux

    Smile knothead! Those broad shoulders just do it for me.
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