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  1. joann414


    How sweet. I love pet pics especially with cute owners.
  2. Charlois and Simmental. Just guessing.
  3. Pfffff.. you weren't looking at his belly button
  4. Keep going. I'm not offended, and I'm not even a male. Eye candy is eye candy. "drools"
  5. Wow, I always wondered what it actually looked like. thanx for sharing.
  6. Somebody is lucky if you're staring at him:)
  7. joann414


    Well, your man shines
  8. joann414

    Soft Rose

    It looks soft. Lovely
  9. Definitely a great cut for you. I need to decide on a good cut. My hair is totally too long. yours is very stylish and fits your face.
  10. Aww, what a great little bed buddy.
  11. joann414

    Cool flower

    My grandmother used to have a lot of them.
  12. joann414


    Our state flower. We have some growing in the woods here and they are gorgeous!
  13. Aww, they are fabulous. We have a pair of Canadian geese on the lake, in fact two pair, but one pair has been coming for the last five years.
  14. So cute. I couldn't eat it after seeing it.
  15. It is beautiful. Looks as if you could reach out and touch their fur.
  16. Should definitely smile a lot!
  17. joann414


    I didn't even know what they looked like when I wrote my story about them. lol. Thanks Cazpedroso!
  18. After several years Casey faces the man who made him the person he is now, making him face his past and the present.
  19. Awwwww, can't see the truck for your babies, horse and dog. Sweet
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