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  1. A great story and a wonderful update. One problem is how do I get to stay at the house for a visit? It sounds awesome!
  2. avidreadr


    Having Chipper stay as a caretaker works for all of them. They just need to work out when he's om tour. Fun chapter.
  3. avidreadr


    Great chapter. love they get hard-assed. Cesar especially does a great hard-ass when he gets mad,
  4. avidreadr


    As always a great chapter.
  5. avidreadr

    Chapter 1

    Nice chapter. It's also possible Ashes does suspect but asking another alpha if he's gay can cause a fight. It's a touchy situation at best.
  6. avidreadr

    Chapter 1

    Looking forward to the new story. I find it interesting to fit the new stories in with the original. the new ones do well with Pern lore
  7. avidreadr


    Great chapter, as always. Love that they keep calling Ritch by his lid name, Ritchie. They should give up. We still call my younger son, Robert, by some of his old nicknames. He's 30 and has mostly given up with the family.
  8. avidreadr

    Chapter 1

    Dragonriders of Pern have been one of my favorites for many years and I'm glad to read a new story.
  9. avidreadr


    Great chapter, as always
  10. avidreadr


    Another good chapter, Miles is a good lawyer and fits in well with our men.
  11. avidreadr


    Good chapter,. Nice to spend time with C&B.
  12. avidreadr

    New Year's Eve

    A new story is always great and this one especially as it's about Cesar and Brett, my favorite men in the story! YES!!
  13. I was still holding out some hope for Dorian, Maybe I still am, I want Levi to get what he deserves.
  14. avidreadr

    The Return

    Brad revealing that Chipper didn't win was one of two outcomes so it was no real surprise. I just don't like cliffhangers and they made me respond immediately and negativeIy if I respond too soon. I'm trying to check that.
  15. avidreadr

    The Return

    A good story. Bradley has come a long way and has a path charted out. I do regret the end of the story but all stories end sometimes. I do hope you have more stories for us in the works. Thank you.
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