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  1. scolvert


    Fantastic story! Can't wait for the next one!
  2. scolvert

    Party Balloon

    Absolutely fantastic chapter!
  3. Sounds like Matt has moved to the love zone to me also! 😀
  4. scolvert

    Chapter 28

    Fantastic story! Captivating from the first chapter to the last. I look forward to book two!
  5. scolvert

    Chapter 12

    Absolutely wonderful chapter. So well written that I almost feel I'm there.
  6. scolvert

    Chapter 8

    Glad Drew and Cole are getting closer. The hints about him have been there all along. I met my birth father and his family when I was 32. They all embraced me as if I was a long lost child. If only my abusive mother had been as loving.....
  7. scolvert

    Chapter 6

    Something similar happened in my life. My mother finally confessed as to who my father was only I was 34 at the time. I endured 15 years of that type of abuse before my grandparents took me and put a stop to it. Looking forward to the next chapter.
  8. scolvert

    Chapter 25

    Absolutely the best story! From the very beginning to the last it has been compelling! Can't wait for more!
  9. scolvert

    Chapter 21

    OMG! !! Alex needs to get caught in these bad acts soon!
  10. scolvert

    Chapter 32

    Can't wait for the next story - there has to be drama around the wedding, right?
  11. scolvert

    My Daniel

    Beautiful words for a beautiful heart. My sincere condolences.
  12. What happened to the links to nifty, dabeagle's doghouse, etc?

    1. Ron


      The list and the links can be found in the last line on the home page—just click the word friends.

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