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  1. Thanks for liking my story. It was my first attempt.

    1. majjen00


      I really liked it! I kept trying to figure out what in the world was going on and didn't have a clue. My jaw literally fell open that it was for voting...too funny!  :) Look forward to reading more of your stories!

  2. majjen00

    Final Chapter

    Seriously?!? Well 💩! I definitely do not like this ending. I've so enjoyed getting to read this story, and to just have it stop this way is no bueno. I'm sorry to hear that others pushed you to end it far sooner than you wanted to. Personally, I would love to see more of it, but that's just me. Thank you for sharing with us!
  3. I have absolutely enjoyed this story, and am excited it will be continuing!! Glad you did a cast of characters as I had thought about that too! With so many people in the story, I will admit I got a little confused trying to keep everyone straight (lol). I look forward to the upcoming installment! Now I'm going to go and re-read this again
  4. majjen00

    Chapter 41

    Nooooooooooo you can't stop! I love your stories and definitely want to see more of this - PLEASE!!!!
  5. Glad you added another chapter but can you fix it? It's hard reading something when all of a sudden it starts at the beginning again. Personally I think Gabe should be with Tristen
  6. Ooooooooooo I didn't like the way that ended - please be tomorrow already so I can see what happens next!!!!!!
  7. majjen00

    Chapter 20

    Soo if the wedding's not legal at all, why are they walking towards a judge? Just wondering btw, have really enjoyed reading your stories!
  8. majjen00

    Chapter 5

    A hysterectomy is something a woman has done - so she can't get pregnant. A vasectomy is something a man has done - so he can't make someone pregnant . Just so you know
  9. majjen00

    Chapter 8

    I've always enjoyed your writing - keep up the good work! But this chapter does need some work. You've got the guys names mixed up! It's really kinda hard reading a scene where Darrin and Mitch are sexing it up and then Trent's name is there. Otherwise great as always!
  10. Love the avatar, LOL. Welcome to GA!

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