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  1. i loved this chapter, the way josh keeps making the guy look the fool by useing his own words against him. 'having a battle of wits with an unarmed man', lol so funny
  2. i have read this book and all the others many times while waiting for the new book to be finished. but every time i read this chapter i still get teary-eyed when the boys read their adoption certificates
  3. when i saw you were writing book, 4 i was very happy as i had e-mailed you some years ago and you said book 3 was the last one. i remember you said "this story could go on forever" so i thought i'd seen the end of the currie clan. i like your new style of writing with trey and josh telling each chapter. i knew ricky would SOMEDAY settle down. i cant wait to see what frankie is up to, he was one of favorites and i always thought he would make a major impact in the world
  4. great book bill, it took me awhile to get used to danny telling the story but it was a nice change. please tell me you are going to write another book, we need to know what happens with the O-hara-currie family. maybe have dion perform professionally a few times, does Joshie keep up with his singing? there are just so many things I would like to know how it turns out, I just love these stories and I really hope you continue.
  5. bemeupscoty

    Chapter 1

    this was a great story and reminds me of myself. I went from bullied to bully to stopping bully's, all in four years of high school. too bad similar things to happen to all the J.J.'s of the world
  6. bemeupscoty

    Chapter 2

    I love a story where good triumphs over evil, a fun read.
  7. bemeupscoty

    Chapter 1

    a very nice creepy story with a happy ending, a fun read, as I believe in stuff like that. I have been contacted by past loved ones a few times over the years.
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