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  1. Efmaer

    Chapter 16

    I don't recall Mason knowing about Daphne. Did I miss something?
  2. Efmaer

    Chapter 17

    No reason we can't tenderize it for them first.
  3. Efmaer

    Chapter 17

    Amara was wearing a long sleeved garment and did not push it up all the way. Abusers are VERY careful in their abuse. They make sure to never be seen and to make sure the marks are either hidden or in places that can be explained away as something else. I would postulate that Ben left bruises on Amara's arm(s) by brutally gripping it/them and shaking him back and forth to emphasize his demands and/or forcing his arm behind his back while using his body weight to pin him to a wall. Victims of abuse are careful to conceal evidence of abuse by wearing clothing to hide it. They are told if they don't they will receive worse abuse. Since Amara had revealed the abuse to Drew he most likely decided he gave no more fucks about revealing it to anyone else and instead of wearing a long sleeved shirt to conceal the bruises wore a short sleeved t-shirt.
  4. Efmaer

    Chapter 17

    I would really, really like to introduce "little Ben" to a knife meat tenderizer.
  5. Efmaer

    Chapter 16

    We need more pigs.
  6. Efmaer

    Chapter 56

    This is Cia we're talking about. More surprises yet to come is a given.
  7. Efmaer

    Chapter 15

    I would really, really like to introduce Ben's kneecap to my friends Smith & Wesson.
  8. Efmaer

    Chapter 14

    Corned beef pie? Sounds interesting. Recipe? Also, my family has "butt pie." There are three cousins (I'm one) who were all born the same year and all have a name starting with B. The three B's were notorious for finding trouble.The oldest B and I were the best of buds and one year at Christmas, before my mother put bells on my shoes as an alleged cute Christmas thing that turned out to be an early GPS system, Brad and I figured out how to get into the bedroom where all the pies had been put to keep them out of harms way before dinner and pulled out the drawers of the dresser as steps to get to the top. He was sitting in one pumpkin pie, I was sitting in another and we were eating out of a third one. This was when were were about 2. We are now 57. We still get harassed about "butt pie."
  9. Efmaer

    Chapter 14

    His head is neck deep in his arse hole.
  10. Efmaer

    Food Impostors

  11. Efmaer

    Chapter 11

    I'm not saying that its impossible for a molester to be gay, but only 21% of child molesters identify as exclusively gay.
  12. Efmaer

    Chapter 10

    I live in Las Vegas. The local police are part of the multi-tiered security. Sometimes they only handle traffic, sometimes they are more integrally involved.
  13. Efmaer

    Chapter 10

  14. Hello Efmaer. I wanted to say thanks for covering for me in July last year. That was a very kind of you, thank you my friend. I hope that you had a very Happy 57th Birthday party, today. I always wish for you only the best.


    Take care

    my friend


  15. Efmaer

    Chapter 5

    The link isn't working.

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