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  1. Efmaer

    Chapter 31

    Seriously? You're making us wait?
  2. Apparently I have a couple of movies to find and watch over the 3 day weekend. You're welcome. Just stating fact.
  3. This is going to sound dumb, but what movie? Sasha writes so well I'm drawn in to the story full force but have no clue what the source material is. ...and I *SO* did not cry when Keith helped Shiro edit his journal. It was the onions. Yeah, the onions.
  4. Efmaer

    Chapter 7

    No snooze button either.
  5. I think with no updates in 363 days this no longer qualifies as a temporary hold.
  6. Efmaer

    Chapter 9

    Would now be a good time to say I told you so?* *see spoiler posted on the last chapter.
  7. Efmaer

    Chapter 8

    So I have a theory about how Sawyer ties in with Jimmy....
  8. Efmaer

    Chapter 5

    I don't like Fergus. I don't trust Fergus.
  9. Efmaer

    Chapter 41

    So...just read this again and I still have questions. There is also the fact that it is marked as "Temporary Hold" which tends to make me twitch. Is it on hold, or is it done? I ***need*** to know!
  10. Efmaer


    How I missed this until now I don't know. I thought I had read everything you've published here. A lovely surprise!
  11. Efmaer

    Chapter 10

    "Time to follow my foals. I’d finally saved them." ....or not. Too neat and tidy of an ending, and a mysterious Being that we know nothing about...yet.
  12. Efmaer

    Chapter 61

    Yosei is terminally curious and now has a level of access that isn't clearly defined and there are two Demishou in stasis. Somehow I find this a bit foreboding.
  13. Efmaer

    Chapter 13

    I'm reading that too. Please finish this. I really, really want to see Fred get his arse handed to him. Raven should just be splattered into random goo.
  14. Efmaer

    Chapter 13

    I KNEW I shouldn't start reading this, but I was hoping the "in process" lable was just that the status hadn't been changed and not that I would suffer a massive case of readus interuptus. AUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!
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