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  1. Two of the main Charas are gay including The 'Main' one, though one of the reasons I like it a lot is that's its more a story with characters who happen to be gay then a story about gay characters. you can find the five books in the series in the link that i posted above for free
  2. An amasing SciFi, the falcon banner series by Christopher Lydon. There's 4 of the books and the prequel listed here: http://www.crvboy.org/stories/cpl/s010/c01.html can also get them on Ebook if you feel like supporting the author.
  3. woody

    Needle in a Hay Stack

    Another fantastic instalment eagerly awaiting the next one
  4. Fantastic Stories, some of the best ive read, definately recomend, seems to be updating at least once a month
  5. woody


    I've allways found topical stuff works, ie just chatting about whatever class your in, ie funny lecturers, majors, program. other than that.. what did you get up to on your holidays/ weekend, where are you from ect. just got to realise theyre probably just as nervous as you, try not to think about it to much and just go for it, got nothing to lose
  6. woody


    Honestly if i was Finn id be uncomfortable in his situation, taking the whole gay straight thing out of it having to live with someone that has been crushing on you in the same way that Kurt has, would be extremely uncomfortable. Then also the fact that he wasn't really consulted on any of the decisions just kinda told and expected to like it would be a bit difficult as well. I think in many ways Kurt is just as much at fault as Finn was in this situation
  7. heh this makes the article seem a bit more likely http://yesbuthowever.com/bahrain-friendly-8136368/ thought it sounded a bit strange
  8. Heh I'm an Australian living in Canada atm seeing a guy from Bahrain we must be the friendliest couple ever
  9. woody

    Hot or Cold?

    depends on humidity with heat here, though i can deal with anything up to about 40c without to much sufferance, also fine with the cold which i think i ultimately prefer though thats just cos i love snuggling up and the snow got really shitted off this year it got to 32c in august which just is ridiculous
  10. woody

    I agree with people in wishing that we didnt have to pick a worst one, i just picked one of the ones i havnt been to at random which seems rude to the sites owner
  11. heh it seems that the reponses are going against the stats, i got 2 out of 4 at least, left handed and 3rd son
  12. woody


    heh this had me devided, i love the Irish, it just does things to me but Scottish accents are all most a detracting factor i think top 5 in order itd have to be Irish French Canadian English (London) French US Southern (though i often cant decide whether i love or hate this one)
  13. I take it as it comes, no hard and fast rules that being said ive never had sex on the first date though ive had plenty of one night stands (mainly while traveling though) i guess if i want to date someone im more inclined to wait a little but that is by no means certain so basicly i do whatever feels right at the time
  14. woody


    heh basically they are just speedos that cover the top of the leg as well http://www.aussiebum.com.au/de/swimwear/822/sky/
  15. woody


    Don't mind speedos so long as the guy has the body to pull it off, though have to agree with xeran, I prefer the mini trunks
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