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  1. Happy Birthday... :hug::kiss:

  2. Very lovely story... Though I despise the general using of Hani, sexual or otherwise. *throws axes at everyone who used Hani*
  3. GrimIsaac

    Prompt 388

    So Levi stays within the family, falling for different members throughout the ages? Or does he use the family as a cover, becoming the family's protector in exchange for taking on their name and bringing in his lover whenever he finds them?
  4. GrimIsaac

    Prompt 438

    When I read Levi talking for the first time, I kinda read it as him talking almost a mile a minute.
  5. Happy Birth Day Isaac... :)

    1. GrimIsaac


      ... You're a day early over here, but thanks anyway

  6. GrimIsaac

    Chapter 8

    Is it bad that every time I read Colton pissing at the base of the water tower, I imagine it falling over because of him?
  7. YEARS You Eventually Accept Richard's Symposium SYMPO
  8. GrimIsaac

    The Homecoming

    Woooo! Almost done It's been a long wait for this chapter, and it was worth it
  9. TUTOR The Underclassman Talked Over Romeo ROMEO
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