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  1. Wow y’all are so hard on Hank! I feel sorry for him, and I feel like he’s become isolated from everyone but Kevin (maybe BY Kevin) and that Kevin is manipulating Hank for his own purposes. Hopefully Hank will wise up after Chase told him a few hard truths about himself - I personally think there’s still hope for them as long as neither jumps too quickly into another relationship and they have an honest discussion about the past and moving forward. Stay tuned, right?!
  2. Sss0226

    Chapter 43

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Strange that Nick and Dave are going in completely different -but good - directions right now. Anxious to see how they go on from here. 😊
  5. What a disappointment. I feel like this was a contrived plot element just to complicate things. I hate cheater stories and that’s what this kinda feels like even though Shane and Donovan are not together at the moment. I felt so bad that I skipped all the erotic paragraphs and started reading after the deed was done. Just added angst in a story that has enough and I was looking for a good talk soon, not more issues. I’m sad. Sigh.
  6. I keep feeling uncomfortable for Drake in his conversations with Jimmy about J’s attraction to girls and couldn’t figure out why til I went back and read their conversation in chapter 6 when J said this: “Maybe I won’t find everything I want in a man again, but I certainly won’t with a woman. Did that make sense to you?” “. Maybe Drake is interpreting this as J always missing something about being with a female that neither Drake nor any other man will ever have. If that’s not how J meant it he needs to clarify-maybe he just means he won’t find Mr Perfect but he can find Mr Right (Drake). If that is how he meant it then it could always be a problem in Drake’s mind and that’s what Drake can’t get past. Just random thoughts. 😊. Love the story!
  7. Sss0226

    Road Trip

    I didn’t like Billy in the last story and now I don’t again - or still... no worries about polyamory now cause he can screw Dustin while Brett hates him and go on and make things even more difficult because that’s his usual modus operandi. This story makes me so sad/tired I might have to take a break for a few chapters before I read again! Stupid Billy - and Brett.
  8. Please please please no polyamory. 😓 I’d be so disappointed after all billy and Brett have been through!! Happy things are better with mom - for now. 😳
  9. You'll need five active posts before the site opens to you completely. It's an anti-spam thing. Be welcome!

  10. Been reading for a year or so now - great stuff!
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