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  1. RoyKing

    Chapter 166

    Thuis chapter is the same as the previous chapter……. 😮🤔
  2. RoyKing

    Chapter 164

    Enjoying this story immensely! just a little something I’m confused about: in the story (this chapter) antidote is mentioned. Shouldn’t that be an anecdote? An antidote is something to counteract a poison (for instance), an anecdote is a fun memory or story….. I’m not a native English speaker, so maybe I’ve misunderstood those parts of the story?
  3. RoyKing

    Chapter 100

    Don’t you just love evil stepmothers! 😉
  4. RoyKing


    Intriguing 🤔 I guess “Leo” is an ex-con currently in some kind of witness program? I can hardly wait for the next chapter(s)!
  5. Intriguing magical story. Excellent!
  6. RoyKing

    Chapter 4

    And yet another excellent story. The separate tales of Toto & Michele telling those from their respective point of view, marvelous! I just found out there’s another story ❣️
  7. RoyKing

    Chapter 4

    I had just finished reading the beautiful story of Gianni and Angelo, and the comments of readers and author on that. I didn’t suspect there to be a sequel, but am pleasantly surprised that there are in fact two ‘spin-offs’. 🇮🇹 Equally brilliant! Now looking forward to Michele’s story 👍
  8. RoyKing

    Chapter 12

    I lost quite a lot of sleep, couldn’t put my tablet down to stop reading this magnificent story. The detailed descriptions of the surroundings makes me want to actually be there: I’ve spent a lot of time in different parts of Italy, but never in Campania(yet). The slowly, and in a way secretly, developing relationship between Gianni and Angelo is very recognizable, I guess that a lot of readers can relate. This should be a book (e-book), I’d purchase the book for sure! thanks for this wonderful lovestory, set in beloved Italy!
  9. Greetings from this reader from the Netherlands to all fellow readers here on GA 🖖🏻

  10. RoyKing

    Chapter 49

    Awesome! The school will soon be understaffed, now there’s a resignation everyday, some days even more… 😉 The president needs a new chef, new teachers, doc and more. I’m very curious how he’s gonna solve that 🙂
  11. RoyKing

    Ford Ch 19

    Very nice story with an open end. What’s sngoing toehappen between the captain and the baron? Am I right in suspecting that there will be a sequel in the (hopefully) near future?
  12. RoyKing

    Chapter 7

    Nice touch, those Dutch treats in this story! We (Dutch people) have oliebollen at New Year’s Eve, and at fairs throughout the year. For those who haven’t yet eaten an oliebol, it’s like a doughnut but without the hole, preferably eaten warm, coated with powdered sugar. ⛄️
  13. RoyKing

    Chapter 30

    A very happy and heartwarming story ❤️ I’m looking forward to your new stories ❗️
  14. RoyKing


    A Very Well written story, very realistic too! Probably everyone knows a dysfunctional family (or is a part of one....), I could definitely relate 😉
  15. RoyKing

    PS Ch 3

    Cousin Robert is it? Or cousin James? and Earl of Crawford or of Crawley?
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