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  1. RoyKing

    Chapter 30

    A very happy and heartwarming story ❤️ I’m looking forward to your new stories ❗️
  2. RoyKing


    A Very Well written story, very realistic too! Probably everyone knows a dysfunctional family (or is a part of one....), I could definitely relate 😉
  3. RoyKing

    PS Ch 3

    Cousin Robert is it? Or cousin James? and Earl of Crawford or of Crawley?
  4. RoyKing

    DA Ch 62 - The End

    A sudden and surprising end to a very good story! Looking forward to the sequel 😉
  5. RoyKing

    Chapter 32

    Thanks for a wonderful story! Also anxiously waiting for your next one! 😉
  6. If the insurance company paid for the loss of the valuables, doesn’t make that the insurance company the current rightful owner? Maybe laws are very different in Australia, but that’s how it works in most European countries
  7. Interesting developments!
  8. RoyKing

    Chapter 69

    Chapter 69 was poster in april 2017, THREE Years ago! I don’t mind waiting a bit longer for chapter 70, but I am starting to worry something’s wrong? Don H wrote, when posting #69 that this chapter was late because of computer problems, but also health issues! I sincerely hope all’s well with you, mr. Hanratty? just (today, august 11) found his obituary. Dan H passes away in 2019. May he Rest In Peace
  9. Excellent story, romantic, entertaining. makes me very anxious to read the sequel ❤️
  10. RoyKing

    NB Huon Chapter 1

    Beautiful conclusion!
  11. RoyKing


    Nice, but sometimes explaining or translating foreign traditions is a bit too much. A explanation as a prologue or epilogue could have done the job (just a tip for the sequel to this otherwise excellent story). Please continue the romance of the two boys in a follow-up! leuk verhaal, een vervolg zou nog leuker zijn!
  12. Happy Birthday!

    1. RoyKing


      Thank you very much! :joe:


  13. RoyKing


    Mooi verhaal, leuk dat het zich in Amsterdam afspeelt! (Very nice story, also nice that it takes place in Amsterdam)
  14. RoyKing

    NB Chapter 16

    Thans for the update/fix!
  15. RoyKing

    NB Chapter 16

    Something wrong with de lay-out. the story is currently very hard to read, for every full sentence, one needs to scroll sideways to the right. over and over again. Can you or admin fix this?
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