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  1. Fanciful Soul

    Chapter 23.2

    I am really late. Enjoying the story, but I am wondering why O'Connor does not have something of his mates that can be used to scry or summon with. If he didn't have anything with him, why didn't he contact someone from his home to bring when it was first mentioned? Or Fran, they didn't grab something of her mother's before they ran? I know that is least likely since they were running for their lives, but not the mate.
  2. Fanciful Soul, saw your avatar when I read Renee’s status update. Just wanted to say, I think it’s really beautiful and amazing looking. :) 

    1. Fanciful Soul

      Fanciful Soul

      Thank you. Can't take credit for anything other than finding it on the internet and deciding to use it. :*) 

  3. HEA Romance/Mystery Lover. Add a were, vamp or alien and I'm sold. Accepting author recommendations.

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    2. Fanciful Soul

      Fanciful Soul

      Found them already. A new fan of both. Thanks.

    3. AC Benus

      AC Benus

      Humbly presented for your consideration. "Bound & Bound" has everything you mention, except the alien…so far, that is…lol. http://www.gayauthors.org/story/ac-benus/boundboundthecurseandthecaptives

    4. Headstall


      I just posted the final chapter of Morningstar: The Malaise... it's a little different take on the shifter/mystery genre :) 

  4. Hello, I'm new to this site and I'm enjoying the stories. I love a good HEA romantic mystery (even better with were, vamps and/or aliens). I found this site through Cia's Stories Blogger site (love this author, recommend her books). Question though, are there any lesbian stories here and I just have not found them yet? If so, can anyone provide the authors or story names? Or is there a "sister" site that has lesbian stories? Thanks for any assistance. Hooked and losing time , Fanciful Soul
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