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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. flyboi


    This might sound weird but I wasn't happy with Desmond getting the powers, I was thinking it would be raven...feels off anyways I didn't read the first two books buts its okay.
  3. flyboi

    Chapter 11

    Okay this two are crazy but, I love them
  4. flyboi

    Chapter 3

  5. flyboi

    Chapter 22

    Omg! Why did you do that? I just had a heart attack
  6. flyboi

    Chapter 21

    Whoa! It gets even better
  7. flyboi

    Deviant magic

    Has anyone come across the story deviant magic?
  8. flyboi

    Chapter 18

    Wow! It gets more intense
  9. flyboi

    Chapter 15

    Oh God!!! I'm so anxious I might just disintegrate.
  10. flyboi

    Chapter 14

    Ladies and gentlemen, All creatures great and small, let the games begin!!!
  11. flyboi

    Chapter 13

    OK this was one hell of a chapter. Phew
  12. flyboi

    Chapter 12

    Seriously!!! Cliffhanger much
  13. flyboi

    Chapter 33

    Oh Sui bless your heart for this wonderful story. I loved it
  14. flyboi

    Chapter 10

    I don't think max killed fasha, I think he sealed him similar to what neredos did
  15. flyboi

    Chapter 10

    OMG!!! This chapter is an intro of what is to come, of this I have no doubt. I love max
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