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  1. Blake who is going by his real name on Twitter announced he only has a few more scenes left with Cocky Boys before he shelves Blake.... But LOVE all his scenes.
  2. So Matty is a Helix studio's fan... I know that video. Eddie's parents are taking things in stride and I am wondering if at least his mother knows he's in love with Matty. They do say mother's typically know. I am also wondering what was said during the conversation with Matty's dad. Did he let the cat out of bag or keep his mouth shut? Either way it looks like Matty is in good hands. Please no huge bumps for the boys... they just got through something huge and now they have the house to themselves... hmmmm. Great chapter.
  3. One of the shows I watch featured the below song and I haven't heard it in forever. I had a laugh when they said things were better in the 80's... you only worked 9 to 5 and not these crazy shifts we have now.



  4. so I have been having issues with my new boss and on Tuesday I had a sit down with our Director and laid a few things out and asked for advice. She is moving me to a new team but has to get some approvals. In the mean time she asked him to limit interaction with me.... today she watched him avoid me and called him out on it. She also visited me every hour to make sure I was ok since I was out yesterday. I am glad to know she actually cares.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Edward


      @Dmrman Yes things are better here than back with that other place.... I think he doesn't like how I am 4 months in but more connected than he is.... I told him the base used to be my customer so of course I know people all over... Just wait till he finds out I know the Deputy Garrison Commander (the civilian in charge). I don't flaunt who I know I just go to lunch with base friends a lot. As for my trip I enjoyed it and I have talked to Verizon Work Husband who lives in NYC and we are meeting at Pride and trying to schedule a trip over so I can stay with him and have some real NY food and not UNO's and Wendy's. 

    3. Dmrman


      Yeeeeeay... Glad you're getting another trip out of it. NY has a nice Pride, I my self really enjoyed pride in DC, really can't say why but it seems to be more in the front of my mind... Enjoy extra (I can't go this year ) so I will give my time for you... And I know you will make me proud...😁😁😁 both Places have some excellent cuisine, so I am not sure how Fast Foods make it there...? 🤔😃😃 

    4. Edward


      My friend is a picky eater and won’t eat what he doesn’t know. 

  5. NYC is fine city to visit... but it definitely is not for me... I can say they was LOTS and LOTS of eye candy.... and it wasn't even pride.... 

    1. Dmrman


      Yup, my feelings exactly... The same with Wash. DC still hope you had fun...😊😁

    2. Edward


      Yes I did. Going back today and hitting Time Square

  6. About to have our summer picnic at work... nothing but fun for the rest of the day. I’m also off tomorrow with a trip to NYC planned. 

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    2. Edward


      tax dollars at work :whistle:

      many drunk and famished. The food disappeared as fast as it arrived. 

    3. Dmrman


      Yeah no surprise, no booze, no food... And lots of disruption at work tomorrow... If there is any work...😂😂 

    4. Edward


      compressed day so most of us are off. there will be a few who are off mondays but will be a ghost town. 

  7. my work day went down the crapper by 10 am.... planning to talk to someone tomorrow. This sums up how I've been feeling.....


  8. I love how my director and boss make a point to come say good morning to each person every day.... a big change from my last job

  9. just curious if anyone here is planning on attending PRIDE in NYC at the end of June... I am thinking about going but really unsure.

  10. technology at its finest.... according to Apple's voicemail transcription I got a call from Toyota about the Toliet Owner site.... hmmmm.... I think it meant the Toyota owner site... as the first one I am 100% sure I am not registered on

    1. Puppilull


      It's tempting to make a joke about a shitty car, but I think that would be highly unfair to Toyota. Seems transcription uses the same tech as autocorrect... 

  11. so today I learned something in training I did not know... first some clarification. I do know how military time works and we also learn things for civilian government agencies... so what did I learn? That the times 12 am and 12 pm are ambiguous and wrong. Per NIST they need to be stated as 12 Noon, Noon, 12 Midnight or Midnight. There even is a whole FAQ about it on their site.... who knew.... 

  12. Spending this rainy Sunday doing homework for my training class at work... only two weeks left of the class.

  13. Today is my 13th GAversary.... can’t believe I’ve been on here that long... seems just like yesterday I joined.

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    2. Brayon


      Happy GAversary!

    3. drpaladin


      Happy GA-versary! 

    4. Daddydavek


      Happy GA Anniversary!

  14. I just finished up week number three of the new job. Things are progressing really slowly.... to the point where I kill my cell phone battery at work since I can't do much. I have a lot of training to do but can't start until I take the basic contract training end of April. The good thing is that the training is held on base and I don't have to be away for a month. I am really liking where I am and know this is the best decision I've made. 

    1. Daddydavek


      Have you ever heard the phrase; "hurry up and wait"?  Even as a civilian employee, you are now part of the green machine!  (And yeah,  I'm assuming it's the Tobyhanna Army Depot.)  

    2. Edward


      I work in NJ at an Arsenal.... but yes they move super slow. I do have connections that have helped push some stuff through. 

  15. My new job is awesome... I think I’m going to love it here. 

    1. Puppilull


      That's so great to hear! 

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