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    Here is the first day in Liam’s story in which there seem to be people who want to help him, rather than judge him. A whole day of not having to look over his shoulder and a good book as a bonus! Things can’t stay that good, can they?
  2. This is beautiful. The poet brings each connected image to the mind, flashing every one just long enough to etch it into our memory.
  3. Parker Owens

    Chapter 14

    This has been a beautiful story to watch Hunter grow and bloom for Caleb. You’ve written something wonderful.
  4. And the price is so much less than on Amazon…
  5. What an interesting entry to Tolstoy’s diary. How I wish there were corresponding entries from others who were the objects of his affection.
  6. Parker Owens

    Chapter 1

    Joe’s life was outlined in tragedy in this story; if only he could have lost his nerve before entering the bank…
  7. The first of these is delightful, erotic, and, as you say, treats same-sex love quite seriously. Your point about glib reference to sex with women leaps off the last line of the second poem. You will send me scurrying to find more of this poet.
  8. Parker Owens


    I feel so bad for Liam, it’s hard to remember that this is the best outcome he could have hoped for after his farce of a trial. Rhys did not deserve to die; but neither did Liam deserve the torture that boy fished out. Rhys probably should have seen the inside of a place like this ward; his bullying was pathological. But now it’s Liam who must learn to navigate and survive in this strange new world, where hope might exist, but lies hidden.
  9. Parker Owens


    You have run into the hard part of Rick’s life; he’s had multiple strands of difficulty and bad luck. I’m glad that the writing is at least okay. Thanks for your comments. I really do appreciate your thoughts.
  10. Parker Owens

    Die Forelle

    Rick is thoroughly hooked. But it may also be that Gus is hooked, too. If only Rick can believe… Thanks for reading, and for your comments.
  11. ASSPL A simple solution provokes laughter TWERK
  12. Mitchell, you’re decidin’ what you think Will ought to feel, which is two kinds of foolishness. Will’s right: you’re wastin’ the days you were given, and all for the sake of your own stubborn sense what you think he should feel. You gotta choose about your own feelings, and nobody else’s: either you love Will still, or you don’t. No pretending you know his future mind on the matter; just figure it out. Soon. Glad to have this little chat. Oh, and Gary? Awesome chapter.
  13. Parker Owens


    I’m so glad you enjoyed your time with Rick and Gus. The fun of encountering CJ and Ozzie was a delight to write. Rick did indeed find someone special, but then, so did Gus. If you were able to slip into their world for a while, then I’m very happy indeed. Thanks very much for reading, and for your comments!
  14. Parker Owens

    Chapter 13

    That’s absolutely beautiful. Caleb is s keeper. Hope that’s romantic enough for Hunt; if it isn’t, he needs his heart examined.
  15. Thanks for both this exquisite passage, and for your illuminating comments on it. I, for one, now have a deeper understanding of what I may have read.
  16. Parker Owens


    I suspect that if Emily ever gets inside of Eric’s defenses, she’ll find herself with a good friend. He’s not one to forget those who treat him with dignity and respect. I imagine he could give just as good advice as Andy; but leave it to his natural self-effacement to volunteer his young man. Great chapter!
  17. Parker Owens

    ...he swears...

    This hits close, so close to the bone. I could hear the voice of the poet in my ear.
  18. Examination; deep, thorough self-reflection, seems increasingly alien to the internet age. We are to allow ourselves to be subsumed into the ever-quickening cycles of gossip and outrage, with all our self definition conveniently pre-chosen for us. Thank you for posting this thought provoking poem.
  19. For this afternoon… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wjZcmrvG_M
  20. There is so much here to feast and reflect on. Why suppress these perfectly marvelous words?
  21. Well, you was fixin’ to leave us with a cliffhanger, and now you gone and done it. Thanks a million for a great chapter.
  22. These were not what I saw of Alexander Hamilton in high school.
  23. And thank you for the internet archive version of some of her work.
  24. My goodness; I shall have to think anew about Alexander Hamilton.
  25. I loved this last stanza particularly. I shared Larcom’s name with a friend who shares our interest in poetry; he was astounded not to have seen her work before. I know that love never is wasted, Nor truth, nor the breath of a prayer; And the thought that goes forth as a blessing Must live, as a joy in the air.
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