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    Chapter 6

    I enjoyed getting to know Benji in a better way. Maybe he can trust Ryan enough to let themselves become something other than the caricatures they thought they might have to be. At least this very gentle time together seems like a good way to begin.
  2. Parker Owens


    This is a poem so beautiful, it made me my heart beat faster; it made me smile and tear. Each line, each image, unfolded like a new flower. Thank you.
  3. Parker Owens


    Rick is no longer letting fate or fortune call the shots; neither is he bowing to expectations anymore. He wants everyone to know who he is, and they’ll just have to live with it. Zoltan certainly appears to have decamped with family and Gus in tow. As you point out, Zoltan has interfered - bulldozed? - with Gus’ life before. He may not even deign to acknowledge Rick to Gus. He can merely point out how the specialist in Chicago is waiting to inspect the broken bone. I’m very grateful for your thoughts and that you have been reading the story!
  4. Parker Owens


    Wow. You've made it sound like a multi-dimensional cliffhanger. I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter. It was surprisingly hard to write Rita as being more than one-dimensional. Could she ever be rehabilitated? Now that question will pester me. Willy will soon be unable to recognize his own life, considering the changes that must come upon him soon. His old family name will echo amongst his peers with that hollow sound of the object lesson: avoid the fate of the Kohlers. That idiot Willy brought it on himself. You pose some fun and interesting questions. For now, Rick has no answers, and only one
  5. Now I’m itching to know what Ritch has up his sleeve. I really enjoyed this chapter, and anticipate his participation in the rodeo events.
  6. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I only hope my supply of Kodachrome lasts the whole month.
  7. Parker Owens

    Week Two

    I liked numbers 11 and 12; I can relate to both. Number 13 gave me pause; it must have been quite a conversation. Number 8, Snowglobe, is apt for portraying the way I have felt for much of the past year. Thanks very much for this week!
  8. Parker Owens


    You’re very welcome. Rick has always been a wonderful man, but he has rarely allowed himself to see this. Gus opened a whole new door for him. Now if only Rick can talk to Gus without his controlling manager... thank you very much for your thoughts and for your comments!
  9. Parker Owens


    There are many things Zoltan may have said to Gus that might have turned him away from Rick. The man didn't call, but Rick was awfully busy the day of the meeting. Also, Gus lost his phone in Butternut Lake, and probably hasn't had the chance to replace it. Calling Rick would have meant trying to borrow a phone from one of the Takacses - an unlikely proposition - or to use the house landline, which Zoltan is apparently watching carefully. If Zoltan knew of Rita's social media post, he might have told Gus about her possible engagement to Rick, though I agree with you also that Gus would have kn
  10. Parker Owens


    Rick has discovered that the door to his cage was open all along; and now he feels the sun, and it's good. He is such a nice man, isn't he? And by not gloating, he probably made Rita squirm all the more. You're quite right: he is entitled to gloat. In any event, Rita will be left picking up the shattered remnants of her dream, and by her bitter words, she indicated that this probably isn't the first time. If Willy is trying to get released from his contract and his engagement, I'd expect her to take him and what's left of his family money to the cleaners. I'm glad you liked the Drain Surgeon b
  11. Parker Owens


    Thanks very much for your comments. I liked how you put it: he has shed a suffocating skin.... Rick has allowed the sun in and many of the shadows have fled. You noted that Rick didn't gloat. That's just not like him to gloat, though he did show what was (for him) anger at Rita. He has already exploded at Heinrich Senior, so I can only wonder what their next interaction will be like. You're right that Rick (and we) can only speculate about Gus' departure, though it seems reasonable to assume Zoltan orchestrated it. If the impresario is driving, it's doubtful he'd stop to let Gus out at Rick's
  12. Parker Owens


    Gus has helped Rick change since we first met him when the ice was just out of the lake. It would seem that the lodge is empty, and your suggestion that the Takacses and Gus have gone back to Chicago seems plausible. Zoltan must really believe his own line that Rick is a distraction. From Rick's point of view, his boyfriend has disappeared, and the opportunity to confront Zoltan over his unpleasant words and behavior is gone. The old Rick would have accepted this and retreated. But as you observed, this is a new Rick we're dealing with. Thanks again for reading, and for your thoughts.
  13. Parker Owens


    I shall have to let you speculate on how Gus and Rick's story will conclude. Perhaps when it is all done, you can let me know what you predicted. You were very kind to think of this exchange as memorable. Rita did not explain her laughter, yet she found something hilarious - either ironical, bitter, or just plain funny. Thank you for continuing to read and for your thoughts.
  14. Parker Owens


    But for now, darkness broods over the old lodge...
  15. Parker Owens


    Zoltan may not be able to strictly forbid Gus to have any contact with Rick, but he can do his damnedest to make their connection difficult. Zoltan undoubtedly fears that Gus' attachment would slow his recovery, as well putting a dent in his frenetic performance pace. So many appearances must have had to be postponed or cancelled already. You're right that Zoltan probably has plans to keep Rick and Gus apart; the appearance of a savvy lawyer at Gus' side would be a disaster for the impresario. Heinrich's finances are in a state, aren't they? That in itself must be an enormous weight on th
  16. Parker Owens


    If you are awaiting the next chapter eagerly, then perhaps I've done well. There are lots of things resolving as we thought they might - Jerry remains firmly in Rick's corner, as is his mentor, Walter. Irene has done exactly as Rick thought she would - spread the news more swiftly than social media or anything else in town. I'm cheered that you feel Gus needs Rick, as much as Rick needs him. Thanks a ton for your comments and encouraging thoughts.
  17. Parker Owens


    Rita is chasing something, yet she hasn't yet figured out that it might not be worth it. As you say, self-reflection is not her strong suit. It was fun writing this more confident, more assured Rick. He's still the same guy we love, yet now there's more substance to him. He feels more power to affect what happens around him, and that's something he's lacked for a long, long time. Gus knows something of how to find Rick, and the old Rick might have left matters at that - knowing both that Gus could, if he wanted, reappear. The old Rick would probably think it safer for his heart just to move on
  18. Parker Owens


    You're very kind. Watching (and writing) Rick beginning to shine on his own has been wonderful. Thank you!
  19. Parker Owens


    Gus and Rick have been torn apart. If this were the old Rick, he would have accepted this situation as his justly deserved fate, and tried to rebuild his life, rebuilding the walls that surround his heart. Gus would have resumed his breakneck, grueling work and performance schedule. But since these two met, things haven't been quite the same, have they? Thank you very much for hanging on this far, and for your excellent comments.
  20. Parker Owens


    Things just had to go wrong didn't they? There's definitely a hairball in the pipe, and it appears to be in the form of a Hungarian impresario. Rick must now decide what to do - and how to go about it. Will he even have a job or a way to make a living in a few days? But if he spends time trying to sort out the mess at home, what would become of Gus? Yes, there are lots of things to resolve. Thanks for reading, and for your many helpful comments.
  21. Parker Owens


    Irene must have been burning up the phone lines the moment Rick departed. Rita's name is ruined in Eagle Lake, unless she wants to put in a ton of work restoring people's confidence and rebuilding the trust her investors placed in her. She's determined and gifted at sales, but that may not be enough to get her what she wants. There doesn't appear to be anyone home at Cedarcrest, not unless they're all very sound sleepers. Rick is alone at the lodge, yet again. Rick will have to figure out what to do on his own. Thanks very much for reading, and for your comments.
  22. Dawn is often misunderstood. Some paint the softly growing light in the east as tranquil. Quiet. Peaceful, even. Rick thought differently. He knew that in history, these same moments saw armies form for battle, drums and horns blaring. At dawn, negotiators, weary with all-night arguments, shook hands to cement momentous decisions. At sunrise, men were marched or dragged out of jail cells and stood up against bleak walls before a squad of disinterested riflemen. Sure, he could admit that he’d spent any number of early mornings on a silent, still lake. Yet even then, the tranquility
  23. Parker Owens

    Week 2

    So much to savor in this set, like the strawberries you write about in Day 14. I was drawn to Day 11, and the story it succinctly told. Day 12 resonated with me, for new worlds are irresistible. Day 13 swept me up in its impetuous declarations. Thanks for all of these.
  24. I’m very happy you saw April 10th as perhaps series of portals with which to remember, even to conjure. As to April 11th, I can hardly wait to get my main vegetable garden started. That you found things to enjoy in all of these makes me smile. Thanks very much for reading!
  25. This story is worth every moment one spends in reading. I found it a wonderful lens turned on a world many of us have forgotten existed.
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