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  1. Parker Owens

    Chapter 3

    I’m saddened by Hunter’s attraction to notoriety and money. He seems to voice genuine doubts about what he and Gary are doing. Who knows if the man is just selling Hunter a line about being in an open relationship? About the only thing that made me smile was his creativity. I’m curious where it might take him.
  2. Parker Owens


    The crowd chants for crucifixion, not caring Liam’s every school day was a Calvary. The papers and news cycle have spread the word that he killed Rhys. Liam cannot begin to tell his own story. I fear the Crown Court will do him no favors.
  3. Jeremiah is lucky to be alive. I felt every shudder and crash of that storm. Hope he and JoJo enjoy exploring that trunk.
  4. Parker Owens

    #893 Ooops

    Starslide… what a marvelous choice of name. You brought a smile to my face in your tale of family dynamics. Uncle Jack is indeed uber cool.
  5. You were kind enough to share this in draft; this is fantastic! Thank you for applying your skill to this translation.
  6. There’s nothing quite like the building anticipation of a summer thunderstorm moving in. In some cases, there’s real reason for fear, in others, there’s the promise of weather drama, followed by the sun. It’s always better to share such experiences with someone special, I agree. Thank you for reading, and for your comments.
  7. Long legged teens in cutoffs faded pale, still growing into their height… egrets came to mind immediately. I’m glad summer scenes such as I remember - and still experience today - can come to you all the way across the sea. Thank you for reading and commenting on this.
  8. Those days from my youth echo in memory, all the more loudly in these soft-edged summer days. I can still see the colors of water beaded on skin and hear excited voices at the appearance of a water snake. Thanks very much for reading and for listening with me.
  9. Parker Owens

    Chapter 10

    As a matter of theology, I believe there are special places deep in hell reserved for men like Pastor Simpson. Matt may be attracted to the money, but what might he do with his newfound wealth?
  10. Thank you for making a summer visit with me in this poem. These are days to treasure and store up for the cold winter ahead.
  11. I'm glad these words evoked good memories for you. Even now, I cannot pass a creek without at least a tiny urge to stop, take off my shoes, and go wading. I hope you can enjoy some of these days that are left to us this summer. Many thanks.
  12. Thank you for letting me walk with you this summer, listening for voices and sounds on the wind. Today, there is rain drumming on the roof, and they tell me thunder may rumble later on. But in this, we can still walk in the sun and enjoy these summer days. Thanks a million.
  13. Mourning Dove Days These are mourning-dove days, when the air is a plush green velvet blanket moving in languid caresses like a lover’s breath on your neck and colored in maple and aspen whispers, rumors, retold by the waving buttercups and blue-eyed grasses to a world slowed down enough to listen to their songs over the voices of tanned, teenaged boys wading barefoot, like restless egrets stalking in clear, cool, creek waters where mysterious ducks swam at dawn and wily trout still lurk and ponder the habits of gnats and mosquitoes under overhanging cottonwood roots as twelve times the distant church bell greets the sun, warm as an embrace, yet watching warily the western skies where thunderheads build themselves into towering cities, full of noise and fury, enough to rouse the fir-clad mountains, roaring in distant reply, like a weary parent demanding a return to tranquility.
  14. That’s a wonderful story, and a beautiful sendoff.
  15. Parker Owens


    Poor Liam re-lives the horror over and over, in addition to the piled-up powerlessness of getting bullied by Rhys. What prospect of learning any kind of healthy control does Liam possess? I wonder if either psychiatric professional could answer that one. At least Loughton seemed sympathetic.
  16. Parker Owens


    I understand self-loathing and self hatred far too well. This poem made me feel as if a mirror had been turned on me in the clear light of day. It’s very well done.
  17. @dughlas helped me remember walks on the beach. My thanks to him…

    In the drawer

    sand dollars and seashells

    live in a small painted wooden box,

    souvenirs of long afternoon walks at low tide

    when the sea sang soft to the sand bar

    of full moons and rhythms

    without rest. 

  18. Parker Owens

    Late Spring

    How wonderful you could find yourself in these cool greening woods with these lines. Thanks very much for coming along. It has been many years since I’ve walked the southern strand, but you’ve given me an idea…
  19. Parker Owens

    Words of Prey

    Jon and Parwaz are more together than their sum. You’ve written that beautifully in a dystopia we all get to imagine. Thanks for this, it’s wonderful.
  20. @AC Benus This is such a beautiful work, full of yearning and lyricism. Thank you for sharing it today.
  21. Parker Owens

    Late Spring

    Thanks. I’m glad we could walk the path together for a while.
  22. Parker Owens

    Late Spring

    Thank you very much for visiting my patch of woods with me. I hope your own will inspire you too.
  23. Parker Owens

    Late Spring

    To walk in the spring woods is a delight to the eyes and spirit. Thanks for coming along with me.
  24. Parker Owens

    Late Spring

    Thank you for reading these. Those downed trees fade more and more every year; but a couple of new ones came down the other day to join them, alas.
  25. Parker Owens

    Late Spring

    Thank you for looking at last spring's snapshots with me. I'm very glad you liked them.
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