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  1. jt15136


    A beardette? 😬
  2. jt15136


    I think what Rick saw was Rita and her g/f. Just a guess. But it would give Rick a true advocate. Maybe Rita knows the piano man and can hook Rick up.
  3. jt15136

    Chapter 29

    I read too fast. Before I knew it the chapter was finished. I read from the beginning to refresh myself. Damn speed reader. 😢 Glad to see this story is continuing. It’s definitely one of my favorites. It also allows me to escape real life. Thanks Krista!!!
  4. jt15136

    Last Words

    Here’s to the next book of this saga! @WolfM much love!
  5. * maniacal laugh *
  6. jt15136

    Chapter 27

    Man this is a great series!
  7. jt15136

    Unwelcome Guests

    Damn it! Another cliff hanger. LOL! I love this story though so would rather have a cliff hanger than no story at all. Gotta love Ethan’s powers and it’s gonna be awesome for Levi and Family to get what’s coming to them.
  8. jt15136


    Part of me thinks Aiden & Ethan are going to challenge for leadership (which could lead into a new book for our fav series). Another part thinks Ethan is going to raise Dorian from the dead. Yet another part questions whether or not he was ever dead to begin with or was this just a plan to throw Levi and his family into complacency. I dunno but I’m really loving this!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  9. jt15136

    Chapter 14

    Loved it!
  10. jt15136

    Chapter 12

    Hmmm...54 reactions. 😷 @Dabeagle I’m not much of a reviewer but you are one of my favorite authors. I love getting g lost in your stories. It’s easy to feel the emotion and it allows my imagination to run wild!
  11. jt15136

    Chapter 11

    40...10 to go!
  12. jt15136

    Chapter 10

    38 reactions thus far.
  13. jt15136

    Chapter 20

    @Cynus I wish there was more but I’m glad for what has been given! Thank you!!!
  14. jt15136

    Chapter 18

    Love it!
  15. jt15136

    Chapter 10

    The battle with Kirra, The Shade and Maxthane was EPIC. And Styx is cunning. Can’t wait to see what he does next. Much love @Cynus !!!!!
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