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  1. Wishing you a Happy Birthday, I hope that you had a really great day.


    Best wishes


  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. BigDan44

    Acting Beta

    Love you too my apple dumpling
  6. BigDan44

    Acting Beta

    Yes this is a very wonderful series. However I am very biased due to the fact the this author just happens to be my husband and for the fact I get to read the chapters before everyone. (squeals)
  7. BigDan44

    Chapter 29

    Like all the rest, it was an amazing chapter. However I am really sad to see this story end however I really hope there might be a book two to this I would LOVE to continue reading this.
  8. Hello honey this is your loving boyfriend since you made me read this chapter on here instead of giving me first dibbs. I'm really going to punish you and then you leave us with another cliffhanger your done for.... Still great chapter and I love you....
  9. BigDan44

    Chapter 17

    This was such a wonderful story. I am really sad to see it finished.
  10. BigDan44

    A Healing Heart

    I have been following this story with great anticipation and I must say it truly is a wonderful story, however I must be honest about the following statement. You Lilansui are a major major tease in your writing. You've got me begging for more.
  11. Feeling loved and needed. Such a wonderful day

  12. sometimes i wonder if it would be better to give up and not let loneleness and misery get the best of me

    1. Lisa


      You can never give up, Dan. When you give up, you give up hope, and there's ALWAYS hope!!!!

  13. In the sunny month of May, the little bunnies come out to play. As their grandmothers teach them to hip and hop. Throughout the merry way. Now it's back into the city in the sunny month of May, Where tulips spout around us and kids come out to play. The yards are needing tending for the grass grows tall and green. And I always take a moment to stop and smell the roses. Now it's time for lovers in the sunny month of May, A time for getting closer and let nature have its way, When gentleman come calling with trinkets close at hand with boxes full of chocolates and bouquet of roses to. Now listen friend for this should end at the final words I say, that long is the road to happiness but love is how its paved.
  14. You'll need to have 5 active posts before the site opens completely. It's an anti spam thing. Be welcome!

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