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  1. Sammy Blue


    I'll see what I can do.
  2. Sammy Blue


    It does still exist but I honestly don't even remember what the end was... Co-Authoring hasn't really worked for me so far... maybe one day I'll try
  3. Sammy Blue


    I think new writers mostly do that, but it's pretty interesting to write main characters that are nothing like you... much more challenging though. And haha, I haven't seen him in years but he was a great person when I knew him.
  4. Sammy Blue


    1. He got blassgrüne Augen in the German version, which is probably not as noticeable a word as glaucous is, since it's a compound of two rather common words. I remember having a big struggle on how to translate that since it's sorta not that defined (outside of the RAL-color pattern, but I think perception of the word is different from the exact RAL-color). 2. Lol yeah sticking to what words your character might use rather than what you would use is more challenging than what people think, but it's a quality of a great writer to get that spot on... 3. Yeah, probably best to first write and then post, but that makes all the feedback only half worth it... Can't really change a finished story, or only with large difficulties... Did I mention Gemini was finished in November 2013 but I rewrote the last 20k words to like 50k+ and completely changed the ending? That was because I wrote it first and posted later and the first comments made me realize what things I had completely overseen... I would love to write again (or feel like it from time to time) but I know chances of me getting anything done in the next few years are slim so better not start...
  5. Sammy Blue


    Thanks for the comment and all. Ethan was in fact inspired by a young teen I knew back then from an LGBT youth group. He's pretty close both how I picture Ethan and just the kind of person he is, I think. I cannot remember whether or not I had any specific real life "templates" for the other characters, but if I did it as only loosely or I would remember, I think.
  6. Sammy Blue


    1. haha glad you can learn from me 2. Yeah it doesn't work so easily, like some people imagine. Kids can be badly mistreated and they'll always still go back to their parents (or who they know to be such). Only Josh being in his teens and the person he is enables him to think this way at all. 3. I wish such was the case for all stories ^^
  7. Sammy Blue

    The Public Pool

    Haha I honestly don't think I wrote them that well. I think the teens in the story are all pretty okay done but the adults seem very blurred in retrospect. None of them are really properly shaped out or they're not that realistic... I had a big issue making them work in the story, maybe because it's so focussed on the teen protagonists. I suppose it might just be that it works out in the end, I think it gives it a bit more of a teenager view than a neutral one, you know, distant from adults and all that.
  8. Sammy Blue


    When we talk about bullying there are things, particuarly the way you hold yourself etc. that can attract bullies. It doesn't mean it's anyones fault though, as you said, it's a simple observation of why things happen the way they do. It's interesting to ask for reasons though. You should read "Wenn die Kinderseele weint." by Romberg-Asboth if you don't already know it, might be an interesting read. This isn't really a main topic in the book but it was mentioned as a side note if I remember correctly, or somewhere along those lines... Anyway it reminded me that you might enjoy the matter, knowing you. I like that observation about Josh being naked.
  9. Sammy Blue


    Hey Zuri, I actually researched this a bit... had too look it up again though, it's been so long. There are barely any baby hatches (as you might know them) in the US as of now and from what I (Wikipedia) know they've first appeared around 2016., so way after I wrote this. However, all states have so-called "save-haven-laws" specifically for NY state -> https://ocfs.ny.gov/programs/safe/ So from what I looked up and heard, this is pretty realistic in the how and why of how she does things. Thanks for your review
  10. Hey Thorn, I don't have an issue with arranged marriages in general (as a Trope). There are some good stories with realistic reactions. The characters might learn to love each other, or at least work together to achieve common goals, and that can be a great narration and not all that far away from the reality (and even in modern times there are arranged marriages in parts of this world, unthinkable though it is to us). But I have a feeling many writers miss that point entirely. Those aren't that horrible though, I was referring more to the whole "the magical world is low on population, so everyone has to marry and procreate, or like, go to Askaban. And it just so happens they pair up all former Griffindors with Slytherins." There is a number of those, and of all the ones I looked at, there was exactly one where all the characters actually got together and took action against the government, which, to me, would be the logical reaction to that generation. In every other, Harry and Co. just bend over and take it. Like... what? And well, as for females: I still maintain that those writers don't actually know their biology.
  11. I have no idea how m-preg fictions even exist. Maybe a lack of sexual education for teenage (american) writers? In any case, the very definition of "female" is that it is that part of the species that bears children. I'm not sure if the writers of these are aware of the logistics of conception and birth, but the two or three times I got far enough for that I didn't get the feeling they were. Maybe Mary and Jesus are to blame? Who knows. Mary Sue is just boring, not really a hate. It makes me give up a story fast though. Just some examples that really get me to bang my head against the wall: (not sure these are tropes? what exactly are tropes?^^) Harry Potter - Marriage Law - I mean, the concept isn't that far off in terms of fanfic ideas, there is great potential for former enemies to actually work together against a government trying that sort of thing. Only, no writer goes that way! It's more like, "Hey, the government made some stupid law, we really hate it and we really hate each other but, oh, we're suddenly in love." -and that every time I make the mistake to click that sort of fic. It's generally horribly narrated. Harry Potter - Inheritance - Harry inherits a ton of money/ titles, and all he does with it is going shopping like a kid in a candy store. If I had Voldemort after me and I inherited anything between 20 million - 50 billion galleons, a cool wand and a 7 lock compartment trunk would be the least of my worries. Hired Muscle, buying influence in the government, whatever... it's super rare that a writer actually ever uses the money from Inheritance. Same with the titles/government votes. Something that's so dumb it's almost funny is a Harry Potter Non Magic AU It's like... just go call it original fiction and simply use other names for you characters... Harry Potter Magical (creature) inheritance stories are not my thing, but if it also includes having to marry and have sex with your magical creature mate who just so happens to be a very specific person... that's just .... It basically screams "I can't write proper character development and romance so... magic! the characters I want together have no choice!" Meh. Maybe my expectations are too high... /Rant off I don't read much outside of HP, (though I could probably go on endlessly with these HP abomination of plot ideas). Anyway, great to know that this sub forum exists. Hi everyone Sammy
  12. Hey, does anyone know where those disappeared to? An old link I have doesn't work anymore and the search function doesn't turn anything up... Thanks for helping. Sammy
  13. Sammy Blue

    Chapter 12

    Well Ben's really not having an easy time. Looks like a card house about to collapse.
  14. Hello Sammy Blue


    It is 6 AM here(haven't gone to bed yet). So today I am the early worm. I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday and I hope you have a really great day. Be well.


    Take care


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