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  1. Hey Thorn, I don't have an issue with arranged marriages in general (as a Trope). There are some good stories with realistic reactions. The characters might learn to love each other, or at least work together to achieve common goals, and that can be a great narration and not all that far away from the reality (and even in modern times there are arranged marriages in parts of this world, unthinkable though it is to us). But I have a feeling many writers miss that point entirely. Those aren't that horrible though, I was referring more to the whole "the magical world is low on population, s
  2. I have no idea how m-preg fictions even exist. Maybe a lack of sexual education for teenage (american) writers? In any case, the very definition of "female" is that it is that part of the species that bears children. I'm not sure if the writers of these are aware of the logistics of conception and birth, but the two or three times I got far enough for that I didn't get the feeling they were. Maybe Mary and Jesus are to blame? Who knows. Mary Sue is just boring, not really a hate. It makes me give up a story fast though. Just some examples that really get me to bang my h
  3. Hey, does anyone know where those disappeared to? An old link I have doesn't work anymore and the search function doesn't turn anything up... Thanks for helping. Sammy
  4. Sammy Blue

    Chapter 12

    Well Ben's really not having an easy time. Looks like a card house about to collapse.
  5. Hello Sammy Blue


    It is 6 AM here(haven't gone to bed yet). So today I am the early worm. I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday and I hope you have a really great day. Be well.


    Take care


  6. Sammy Blue

    Chapter 4

    Well I think the reason he approached them was well done. As for them being in the same place at the same time? Well... that's the thing about writing stories isn't it? There is probably thousands of students coming in new that year and visiting that spot. Out of them only one is there at the same time as Neil & co. Of course you could now tell a story about a different guy that goes there at a different time, but you didn't, because that would be pointless. While it sometimes seems like things just so happen to fall into place, if you look at it differently, of course
  7. Sammy Blue

    Chapter 4

    Aaah, I was so focused in the housing, I didn't even consider they could meet at university looking forward to the next chapter already! The football players at a gay bar sounds interesting too
  8. Sammy Blue

    Chapter 2

    Great chapter! That place that's up for sale... I have a feeling about that...
  9. Sammy Blue

    Chapter 1

    Well that was a good start and I liked that you went over many major characters again like you did. While I do remember a lot, it has been quite some time since the last book. I wonder if Ben is our mysterious hunted character? Seems a bit suspicious almost that he got so little mention yet he was mentioned.
  10. Sammy Blue


    Wow this totally made my day! So far, we don't know much about the story yet, but I agree with what was previously said, I don't think Mason is the one being hunted... Looking forward to reading more.
  11. Sammy Blue

    Leopard Hunt

    Wow, way cool. I'll be checking this out as soon as I have a quiet moment
  12. Sammy Blue


    Thanks all and yep, we are all okay, a bit tired of course, but other than that we're super happy
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