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  1. Bears_old_honey

    Heading In

    Rhisi gives off vibes a bit like Phuong's evil brother Some people just shouldn't have access to power
  2. Bears_old_honey

    Chapter 10

    Can I just say, I love that the terrorist group is named pric(k). 🤣
  3. Bears_old_honey

    Chapter 1

    I assumed he was the paternal grandfather from their conversation about who Derry "got it from". Grandad says Mom, while Derry says it's from his granddad. That only makes sense if his Mom isn't blood related to grandad. At least in my head. Thanks for an amazingly engaging story. I look forward to a lot more.
  4. Bears_old_honey

    Chapter 4

    That last paragraph...damn
  5. Bears_old_honey

    Chapter 2

    All he does is hurt him. Lying is just stupid at this point
  6. Bears_old_honey

    Falling for a Bear

    I've lost track of the amount of times I've read and reread this story. It's just perfect. Would love to set what happens with Kida. Also, I know their assumptions, but do bear shifters get anyone pregnant or just women?
  7. Bears_old_honey

    Chapter 15

    Setting aside his ties to the consortium, who looks both ways down a corridor while talking to you, if they're not up to something hinky. Ya know?
  8. Bears_old_honey

    Chapter 11

    So awful. I have to say, I keep coming back to the parents. Wtf happened there? Are they evil, or was there something more going on? Then I just don't care, and wish something horrific on them.

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