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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. slapshot

    Chapter 16

    For 14 year old boys having to deal with these kinds of problems and not drive them crazy is a wonder!! The good thing about it all is their relationship is still very strong and like they say " should see them through this mess". Chris definitely has a mental problem that needs to be dealt with. Lets hope cooler heads prevail and they get through this predicament relatively unscathed.
  4. slapshot

    Chapter 26

    Finally I have waited so long for you to continue this story keeping in mind that you once said it was a painful story to write. I very much look forward to the continuance and hoping it is not another year or so. Thank you Comicality!!
  5. A psychopath.... like me? It is shaping up like that with all the little weird things he is doing.
  6. slapshot

    YD Chapter 3

    I agree with all of the above!!
  7. slapshot

    YD Chapter 1

    It looks to be another great story!
  8. slapshot

    YD Chapter 1

    Any relation to the previous Silverton?
  9. slapshot

    OBC Chapter 21

    I am going to miss this story, but everything must come to an end.
  10. I did not notice anything too different from the first chapters. I hope you can find it in yourself to finish this story.
  11. slapshot

    The Principal

    Concoct to me means compliment.
  12. slapshot

    The Principal

    It took a great imagination to concoct this story.
  13. slapshot


    Perfect ending! Hate to see this story end.
  14. What a fitting end to some of those scum bags!!
  15. slapshot

    Chapter 8

    Hope that Detective is on the up and up!!
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