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  1. croyde

    Sad News

    Such sad news, my thoughts and prayers are with him.
  2. croyde

    Empty Nest

    One of the best!! Just as good as ever and the laughs keep coming.
  3. Been an enjoyable 5 years of reading.
  4. Will we discover that Stephanie is perhaps pregnant, that would certainly cause the fur to fly.
  5. croyde

    The First Christmas

    Welcome back a great read.
  6. croyde

    Chapter 9

    Maybe a spoiler alert would have been nice as I am reading Ronyx’s story as well. But a good read.
  7. Daddies little girl had better get Blu under control quick as Tracy sure has no idea of what's gonna hit him. Maybe bring scarlet as back up!! Val and Brent sparks will fly but something says they have a lot of unfinished business left to sort. As ever a great read one of the best.
  8. croyde

    Chapter One

    Like the start of this.
  9. croyde

    No F'n Way

    Ah Blu going nuclear can’t wait. Suggest all other duck and cover.
  10. croyde


    Yet another enjoyable read, slow start but hooked already and I love the ties with previous characters. Thanks something to enjoy whilst stuck at home.
  11. This is such an enjoyable read, such good characters and the demonic cat. The cat needs a reincarnation to continue the torment. Great story to read.
  12. B24 Lancaster? Surely it is a B24 Liberator or the Avro Lancaster.
  13. So worth the wait.
  14. croyde

    Stephen & Anton

    A brilliant idea of getting all the people interacting, an enjoyable story.
  15. croyde

    Chapter 21

    Wow what a pleasant surprise to see you back, good story, so thanks.
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