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  1. croyde

    Stephen & Anton

    A brilliant idea of getting all the people interacting, an enjoyable story.
  2. croyde

    Chapter 21

    Wow what a pleasant surprise to see you back, good story, so thanks.
  3. croyde


    I knew I had seen an Oberon about the place. Great story many thanks.
  4. croyde

    A Harmless Prank

    Welcome back, like the story so far and the point of view Aiden has of Billy and Brett.
  5. This is such an enjoyable story, wellcrafted and has the ability to entertain and inform. Was delighted to see another chapter had been published. Thanks.
  6. croyde

    Chapter 11

    Is this heading in a very unpleasant direction, no friends or family and cerainly no love? I woud at this point be very concerned for Gianni,
  7. croyde

    Chapter 10

    Hope it is not an homage to Dallas and he wakes up from a dream!!!!
  8. croyde

    Chapter 5

    This makes me want to visit the area. You're not sponsored by the Italian Tourist Board 🤭are you? A great read all the same though.
  9. croyde

    Rainbow Colours

    Such a good story with very believable characters and a slow burn but gripping storyline and what a cliffhanger but oh so long to wait. Thanks for providing such an excellent. Well still a wedding to go and of course there is the question of Rob Bairstow.
  10. croyde

    Chapter 16

    Realistic given one is emotionally screwed up and the other has socialisation issues. Just how they might have gone on is hard to say, but........... Ripe case for a sequel if TZ was ever a mind to do so. Held my attention as read the whole book in two days of commuting so thanks for making that bearable.
  11. croyde

    Alo Chapter 6

    5 to 6 seems as if there is something missing (a chapter?).
  12. croyde

    Chapter 21

    Any epilogue swore I have seen an Oberon about the place.
  13. croyde

    Chapter 3

    Yep Children’s Social Care and Child Protection ASAP. He might be Police but hitting your child is just not on. Richie get your revenge in as soon as.
  14. croyde

    Chapter 2

    As a Social Worker albeit in Youth Justice I would be very worried about Dick. The problem would be he is Police and that influences decisions. Sorry to say Child Protection should be called.
  15. croyde

    Family Man

    Brilliant, a deserved ending and good luck with your work. Eagerly await your next chapter. Thanks for a great read.
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