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    Chapter #14

    your chapters are getting shorter, me no like
  2. Thank you for following me.  I will do the same and maybe we can communicate and share thoughts from time to time.

    1. sandrewn


      Hello to you and thanks for following. Don't be a stranger.


      Tonight with the windchill factored in we have a severe weather alert here in  Montreal. In the minus 40s, damn that's cold! For your info, -40 F and -40 C are the same on both scales and equals frigging cold!!


      Take care




      1. I know what you mean, I live in Texas and we don't get this cold usually.  So 24 degrees is freezing for us.
      2. I used to live in Northern Michigan so I know the freezing and snow.
  3. Hello and thank you for creating such a great story. You write with such a flow and with such detail. But not so much detail as to clog up the story. I have thoroughly enjoyed the first seven chapters and look forward to the next eleven. If I don't review each chapter just know that you are a master of the word and I am honored to read your work Robert

    Chapter 7

    Really good story, love the entire thing but you need to publish more often if you want to keep us interested.

    Chapter 41

    As usual, it was great but don't you think it was a little short? Total it was about an hour's worth of time. Does this mean we will see another chapter real soon?

    Chapter 39

    Ok, if I compliment you one more time people will think we're dating so let me just say that this chapter not only lives up to it's predecessors but enhances your glory. I am hoping upon hope that the next chapter will be longer, and answer all of the 'monster mother ' questions. I see so many scenarios for the boys. I hope you are in this for the long haul. We have adoptions, college, foundation, and O&K wedding plans. Also graduation for all.

    Chapter 31

    PERFECT cliff hanger

    William's Love

    Well, let it not be said you don't have a good reason...now POST more. LOL. The last 2 chapters were fantastic. I am now on chapter 23...for the third time reading through and I so really love this story. But I have questions? Why haven't you made Kit's life more integrated into the story? Why hasn't Oliver and Kat talked marriage? When is Lee getting a boyfriend?

    William's Love

    OK, I understand the whole 'I have a life' thing, and I know you need time to eat and complete your ablutions, but could you possibly skip a meal or a poop and put out the next ...oh I don't know...6 chapters or so. PLEASE

    Chapter 34

    Great story, superb writing, Love the lives that you have intertwined into a superb turn of events and lives. Please hurry to the next chapter.

    Chapter 8 - Adam

    Love the story, though I don't like you taking time from Williams Love, I do like the story you are creating. Please though, write faster. I know it sounds corny and juvenile but I live to read these stories. You are such an accomplished writer with such a talented and creative mind, your stories pull me in and hold my heart.

    Chapter 37

    How could anybody NOT like this story. You show such love, tenderness, and compassion as well as grit, determination, and savvy. All of the characters are so real, you can see, feel, and relate to these awesome people. Kudo's to you and please hurry with the next chapter

    Chapter 35

    OMG, love, love, love, the story...but damn it. too short and they don't come fast enough. you are a gifted writer and I would love to read the next chapter soooooon. Please.

    Chapter 8 - Beau

    I so enjoy your story. As usual, I want each chapter longer but I can deal with it. Seb and Beau are such a great representation of what young relationships should be like, slow, passionate, and innocent. You write this story so well you'd almost think it's a biography. By the by, Beau is 18 and only a junior because the deaf school he attended had different credit accounting than a regular school and that is where the credit score put him. easy-peasey

    Chapter 32

    You know, sometimes a person needs to take time for himself to indulge in a quiet moment. Your writing is my quiet indulgent. This story is somewhere between spectacular and mind blowing. Thank you for diligently putting each chapter out in a timely manner, and thank you for such realism mixed with hope.
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