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  1. Regarding tying up loose ends..... Dodger! There is seriously no need for you to be stressing yourself out about deadlines involving tying up loose ends. Do they tie up loose ends on Days of Our Lives? Of course not! General Hospital? No way. So why would you want to tie up the loose ends in The Cockney Canuck, which is unquestionably vastly superior to these other critically-acclaimed series? In addition, please consider your addicted readers. For example, me. Do you honestly believe that it's going to somehow make my life better, if you tie up all the loose ends and then terminate The Cockney Canuck? How exactly would anyone's life be improved by the fact that we would never again be able to look forward to reading a new installment of this masterpiece?! Obvious answer: no one's life (except possibly yours, but that's irrelevant) would be improved by such a sad state of affairs. On the contrary, many people would find themselves drowning in a bottomless cesspool of despondency. Dodger, I am afraid that you do not understand the gravity of the situation. You have a not-insignificant number of readers who have nothing to look forward to in life besides the next chapter of The Cockney Canuck. While some might argue that these people need to get a life, that doesn't change the fact that if all one has to look forward to is the next chapter of The Cockney Canuck, and then one discovers that there will not be any more new chapters of The Cockney Canuck, because all the loose ends have been tied up -- well, I don't think it needs to be spelled out, just how dire of a situation that could be! So please, I am begging you to think about the effects that your words have on some of your more-fragile readers. It's ok to keep telling people that "there's only a few more chapters left", since no one knows what exactly "a few more chapters" actually means. But please, instead of "The story is set to conclude this year on or around Canadian Thanksgiving", why not leave it at, "The story is set to conclude on or around Canadian Thanksgiving." This gives you the latitude you need to extend the saga until Canadian Thanksgiving 2040. Which still probably won't be enough time to tie up all the loose ends! Note: although the above comments are (mostly) tongue-in-cheek, this is not: I love this story! Every chapter is consistently not just good, but great. I've never once lost interest. It's never become predictable or mundane. It really is way better than General Hospital! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you've put in to writing The Cockney Canuck, and thank you for sharing your brilliance with the rest of us. Even if (ok, when) you end The Cockney Canuck, please never stop writing, because talent like yours is rare and important.
  2. I think Trent and Kayden are perfect for each other, even if Trent doesn't realize it yet. Jacob really IS creepy but what's even creepier is the not-insignificant number of guys out there in real life who are just like him... Can't wait to see what will happen next!
  3. You've really set the stage for a twisted and fascinating story. I can't wait to see what will happen next. Only because these are fictional characters do I feel like it's ok to say that I hope that Trent humiliates and abuses Kayden in outrageous and shocking ways that I'm not even capable of imagining. The less politically-correct, the better. It feels like this is actually what Kayden needs. And wants!
  4. mg777

    Chapter 8

    You are an amazingly talented writer. This is so GOOD! I want to know what Kevin did for the rest of the (canceled) semester, after he drove away from the Bakers' house in the middle of Hurricane Katrina. I guess we (the reader) already knew that there was no hope for Kevin and Matt, given that it's been years since they were together, and no communication at all during that time. But starting to learn the details of how and why it actually happened (their "break up", if you will) is just awful. Still, I can't wait to find out what will happen next. This and The Cockney Canuck are the best stories on Gay Authors. Keep up the great work!
  5. @Dodger If Stephanie really is pregnant, and if you've already written the spinoff, please tell me how I can buy it. I would pay any amount of money!
  6. mg777

    Secret Meetings

    I know it's years later but I feel compelled to comment anyway. I absolutely agree with the readers who noted the significant improvement in your writing in recent chapters (and especially this one!) compared to the beginning of the story. But mostly I wanted to say that I like Zune and Edward as a couple. Zune has been wondering since the beginning, how will he know if or when he is truly "in love" with Kevin. Based on his actions, Zune is clearly not in love with Kevin. But, based on his actions, there IS someone with whom Zune is in love. Unfortunately, however, Zune is (at this point) completely in denial about the depth of his feelings for Edward. (Or, maybe I'm delusional and putting feelings in to Zune's mind that aren't really there!) I guess the point I'm trying to make is that I sincerely hope that I am not delusional. I sincerely hope that Zune will come to his senses sooner rather than later by realizing that he DOES know what it feels like to be in love. It's how he feels when he's with Edward. I also hope that Zune will stop being so hard on himself. Sure, he could have handled the situation a lot better than he did. But you can't change what you've already done, and beating yourself up over it, doesn't solve anything. I also hope Zune will quit blaming Edward for their little "indiscretion". (It takes two to tango....) Edward is obviously head-over-heels in love with Zune, and Zune needs to realize that the way he left things with Edward, is going to devastate the poor boy. It would also be devastating if Ed's father has hidden security cameras on the property, maybe even inside the house. If so, the father is going to get an eyeful. And Ed's probably going to get shipped off to reeducation camp. Thank you for writing this excellent story. I can't wait to find out what happens next. And the really great thing is that I don't have to!
  7. mg777

    Of Note

    I predict that there will be a time, probably in the not-too-distant-future, when Corbin will be able to use the events of Sunday night with Chip, in a way that will be of great benefit to him. If you look up the word "slut" in the dictionary, you would NOT find a picture of Corbin. 5 guys in 6 days = probably a slut. 5 guys in 6 months = definitely not a slut! I hope that Corbin gets together with Lee at least one more time. Do you think Dom somehow heard about Corbin's "golf date" with Chip? And that's what Dom wanted to talk to Corbin about, before Chapter? It's interesting that Hutch can simultaneously be Corbin's friend, but also conspiring with Dom. If I were Corbin, I'd be paranoid that Hutch is going to report every detail about Corbin's life, back to Dominic. For example, about the note from Pete. Thanks for another awesome chapter, can't wait to see what will happen next!
  8. mg777

    The Waiting Game

    I like that Corbin was nice to Lee. Out of all of Corbin's hookups, Lee is my favorite. Hopefully Corbin will hurry up and get Pete out of his system. Corbin's obsession with Pete is causing him to lose sight of what's really important. For example, if Corbin were thinking clearly, he would realize that he ought to be using his relationsihp with Lee to get all the inside information about Dom and Hutch. One can only hope that Corbin has an epiphany soon. Preferably in the next chapter!
  9. Dodger this is the best, most entertaining drama that anyone could ever hope to find. The plot is really thickening. Thank you!
  10. Think about this: everyone just assumes that Conner was upstairs sleeping all night. But isn't it actually far more likely that in reality, Conner waited patiently until Sue and Nicola went to bed. And then waited another 30 minutes to be extra cautious. And then snuck out of the house & rode Daniel's bike over to Ginny's place, where he then lured Nathan outside by saying that they needed to have a "talk" about Robbie. While it's possible that Conner's original intention was simply to "warn" Nathan to stay away from Robbie, suffice it to say that their "talk" did not go well (you can imagine how easy it would be for Nathan to get under Conner's skin with his tendency to turn everything in to a sexual innuendo - and in this case, all of Nathan's innuendos would be about Robbie, which would infuriate Conner.) An enraged and out-of-control Conner proceeded to beat Nathan until he was unconscious, before returning to Sue and Don's house, leaving Nathan to (hopefully) die of exposure and/or traumatic brain injury. The other thing that's likely, is that Conner somehow managed to frame Alex for the "gay bashing" of Nathan - but my Magic 8 Ball has not revealed any specific details about how Conner would be able to pull this off. Fortunately, the real author of this story is a lot smarter than me, and I can't wait to see what kind of scheme he's worked out on Conner's behalf! On a somewhat-related subject, I do have a question for the other readers of this sublimely-entertaining saga. I don't think anyone would disagree that Robbie unfortunately lacks the "acumen" to figure out on his own that he is dating a psychopath. So the question is, who is most likely to be the one to realize that Conner is cuckoo, and warn Robbie (just in the nick of time) that his life is in grave danger: will it be Nicola, Sue, Don, Daniel, Amy, Rory, Alex, Jo, or the Retired Social Worker™?
  11. mg777

    Aged to Imperfection

    I hope it's Lee who is waiting on Corbin's bed.....naked. Or a naked Mike would be just as good. Even better would be both of them! Unfortunately real life is never (well, rarely) that interesting, so it'll probably turn out to be Dominick. (Then again, a clothesless Dominick would be .... completely unrealistic and out of character. So nevermind.) Thanks for another fantastic chapter. I love that we got to find out Dominick's last name. And, I can't wait to see what kind of drama Corbin is going to instigate at the IFC. I hope that whatever Corbin does at IFC has the indirect result of making Dominick look ineffectual, incompetent, and weak. I also hope that Corbin will follow the Dean's advice by laying low....at least at his first meeting. Knowing Corbin, though, I would surmise that the odds of him laying low at the first IFC meeting, are about equal to the odds of it being a naked Dominick who is waiting for Corbin on his bed. Speaking of Dominick, does he have a girlfriend in the story? Isn't it a little bit "suspicious" that he seems to be spending all of his time hanging out with Hutch and Lee? Are you (=JWolf) able to tell us if the real-life Dominick is dating (or married to) a woman today? Or did he turn out to be gay? Even if he's not gay, I still think that he (Dominick) subconsciously (or possibly even consciously!) wants to find out what it would be like to get fucked by Corbin. I also am starting to wonder why I am so fixated on Dominick....
  12. mg777

    Running In Circles

    I have to say that some of these comments are as good as the story (which, to be clear, is a great story!) - you guys had me laughing out loud.....thanks!
  13. mg777

    In Due Time

    I originally tore through this story years and years ago, and just now finished reading it for the second time in April of 2020. It is really impressive how well it has held up over time. The character of Jake is authentic in a way that every author aims for, but few achieve. In Due Time is a fast-paced, poignant and compelling novel that's bursting with unparalled scenes of almost-tangible teenage angst. Highest recommendation.
  14. mg777

    Phantom Menace

    I, too, am totally glad that Jake and Danny finally went all the way! Jake and Danny have that certain je ne sais quoi. Their chemistry is palpable. To be honest, I am frankly totally jealous of their awesomely dysfunctional relationship. If you think about it, there's no reason why Danny can't be Christine to Jake's (passive-aggressive and disturbingly-codependent version of) Raoul and therefore, they have to live happily ever after. Or, more realistically, they will live happily for the 3 days before Christine introduces her new girlfriend into the equation. Causing Jake to rush back into the boring but safe and predictable arms of the Phantom. Wash, rinse, repeat ad nauseam....
  15. I like that Robbie keeps repeating the same shit over and over because that’s how most people are, especially 16 year olds. Conner doesn’t seem like the right person to help Robbie mature. Plus, Robbie doesn’t need to worry about maturing until after his wedding to Tom anyway. It’s pretty clear that Robbie is one of those kids who has to learn everything the hard way. And there’s nothing wrong with that. (The Retired Social Worker would be the first to agree!) I hope that Robbie keeps fucking everything up for at least another 134 chapters.
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