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  1. mg777

    Fri: Kayden

    Wow, that was great. I love the drama! The entire time that Kayden and Trent were screwing in Kayden's bed, I kept expecting Mark to burst in on them after he came home from work unexpectedly because he forgot some important papers. Or whatever. But what actually happened was even better. (or worse, I guess is a more apt description.) But poor Emma, 8 more years of having to live with that asshole of a father is going to kill her spirit. Maybe Cho will grow a backbone and tell Mark to piss off. Not counting on it, though.
  2. I was fully expecting Trent to lose it and beat the shit out of Chase in front of the paparazzi and then end up in jail on assault charges. I was partially expecting that Trent had a knife on him and would pull it out and use it during the fight with Chase. So the charges against him would become assault with a deadly weapon. Trent would not have been able to post bail if that happened. So then I was picturing Kayden having to come out to his dad by asking Mark to lend him $10,000 to help him get his boyfriend out of jail. Obviously it's a good thing I'm not writing this story, because al
  3. mg777

    Sat, Sun: Trent

    This is very thought-provoking and so UN-politically correct. I love it!
  4. Maybe Trent should tell Sara about the video, she seems pretty smart and might come up with a better plan than whatever Mitch has in mind. I think Trent is still as much of an asshole as he was in the beginning, except not to Kayden any more. I find it refreshing the way Trent is so rude and boorish. At least people never have to guess how he really feels about anything! Great work as always.
  5. mg777

    Chapter 57

    That was heart-warming, thanks Comsie. Also you're gonna spoil us with two chapters in a month!!
  6. mg777

    Chapter 9

    Wow! That was really poignant and depressing and beautiful and the whole thing made me cry. Fantastic writing. Totally worth the wait. Thank you.
  7. I have a few questions / comments: 1) This is REALLY good! Anyone reading this who is "bored" with the story, is completely insane and you really don't want people like that as your fans anyway.....do you? 2) On the second night that Kayden snuck out to go over to Trent's house (well I guess they never actually made it to Trent's house the first night, but that's beside the point) - I am talking about the night of the "fashion show" with Diana -- why did Kayden not have the buttplug "installed", on that night? I thought that anywhere Kayden goes, he is supposed to always have the
  8. But please don't actually let any of these characters get any therapy, because who wants to read about a bunch of well-adjusted, rational, reasonable, "normal" people?! (I suppose that could be the point at which the story ends....) I know that this isn't a democracy, but here are my votes on some of the more pressing plot-related questions: Therapy for some or all of the characters? NO! Wrap up the story soon? NO! Threesome (Kayden/Trent/Lucas)? YES! Mitch accidentally walks in on the threesome? YES! Mitch joins in the threesome? NO WAY! GROSS! Vince an
  9. mg777

    Fri, Sat: Trent

    Another great chapter. A threesome between Trent and Kayden and Lucas would be hot, but afterwards, it would be emotionally scarring for Kayden and Lucas, I fear. I think if this were "real life", it would almost inevitably have to happen at some point (the threesome) because Trent wants it to, and Lucas (sort of) wants it to, and Kayden wants whatever Trent wants. On another subject, it now seems clear that Trent's mother is the exact opposite of oblivious and unobservant. I'm pretty sure that if she hasn't already figured it out about Kayden and Trent, she will put two and two together i
  10. mg777

    Chapter 55

    The Vampire Zero definitely felt like one of the "good guys" when he and Justin "met" in the past. I am hopeful that this will still be the case. The Jeweler, I can't really figure out yet if he's evil, or is he more like a Willy Wonka type who just gets off on manipulating everyone and everything behind the scenes, and the more chaos that ensues, the better. It seems like if the Jeweler was truly "evil", he wouldn't have allowed Justin and Taryn to just walk away like they recently did. Regardless, Justin is clearly much better off at the Lot than in the clutches of the Jeweler, l
  11. mg777

    Wed: Trent

    I vote for both nipples pierced, followed by belly button, then penis piercing. And multiple tattoos, obviously in places where the sun don't (normally) shine. I also advocate for a threesome with Lucas so that Kayden can experience what it's like to be a top. I don't think Trent would actually want to do anything sexual with Lucas, but Trent would definitely get off on ordering Kayden to do humiliating sexual things to Lucas. And I think that Kayden would (surprisingly, to him) really like it too! I cannot wait for the scene when Mark finally finds out about Kayden and Trent. I'm co
  12. Exactly just wait till you hit 40 if you think you feel old now! Thanks for another great chapter. I loved that Breaking Bad story but I love this one too. Maybe after you finish this one, that should be your next challenge!
  13. mg777

    Friday: Trent

    Thanks for another great chapter. The scene where Trent announces to Emma that he & Kayden are fucking is priceless! I am wondering why Sarah would want to go out with Vince.... Lucas seems to have a knack for calling and/or appearing at the most inopportune moments. Trent has shown some more (still very rare, though) signs that there is some humanity under his asshole exterior. Can't wait to find out what is going to happen on Trent and Kayden's "date" on Friday night..... don't make us wait too long!
  14. Another great chapter. I can't wait to see what Ethan will do when Trent aces the quiz. Isn't there some way that Kayden and Ian could sneak Emma to the Talent Show without Mark finding out? Kayden needs to be planning in advance what he's going to say when Mark discovers that Kayden has a "secret" second cell phone. Kayden also ought to be planning in advance what he will say in the event that Mark finds one of the butt plugs. (It could happen!) This is not even getting in to the stain on the Family's Honor that would result if it were to become widely known that
  15. mg777

    Wed: Trent

    The scene with Sarah is awesome, I haven't laughed so hard in months. You're a great writer and this story is captivating. I can't wait to see what will happen next!
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