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  1. nKLSY

    Chapter 19

    “It doesn’t matter how he got that way; he’s pathetic. He freaks out at the smallest things, and he doesn’t know how to stand up for himself. You can do a lot better. In fact you can do so much better I don’t know how to describe the difference. You could get yourself a movie star, and you’re settling for the hunchback of Notre Dame!” I think Neil suffers from The Pygmalion Effect And others(the bullies) blame him for the lack of his confidence.
  2. Happy Birthday!

    1. nKLSY


      Thank you man and sorry for late reply. I did not even notice or get notification about this. 😅

    2. Daddydavek


      No problem. I hope life is good for you!

    3. nKLSY


      It has it's ups and downs but so far life is good. Thank you. 🙂


    1. nKLSY


      Thank you man and sorry for late reply. I did not even notice or get notification about this. 😅

    2. dughlas


      Things like that happen. Just hope you had a good birthday.

    3. nKLSY


      I did thank you.😀

  4. nKLSY

    The Buckle

    Welcome back Rob it's been so long 😀
  5. nKLSY


    Last chapter posted on 04/11/2013 it is 2018 now when will be the new one posted 😢 I can't wait anymore 😭
  6. yes new chapters 😀
  7. nKLSY

    Chapter 9

    I so want to kill jess.
  8. God I am dying for next chapter please SAVE me . . . . . .
  9. nKLSY


    Thank you for this wonderful story.
  10. I want next chapter it is so good I can't let go.
  11. Oh yeah finally. rehab was painful and exhausting but coming back home in Anikin's arms is sweet.
  12. nKLSY

    Chapter 20

    I want next chapter
  13. when will the next chapter come?
  14. Are there any stories about someone being falsely accused by their loved ones and being casted away from his family? Or someone got brutally punished for his crime and being casted away from his family n friends and then later find hope somewhere and learn to stand strong on his own feet. Or betrayed at first and then found strength and love later?
  15. Enjoyed!! I was devastated. A whole chapter on despair. but it is also full of Fight, love and care. I was spell bound and got thirsty fore next chapter.
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