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  1. Tylor50

    FS Chapter 30

    Thank you for sharing this story. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to future stories.
  2. Tylor50


    Just want to thank you for sharing your story. You're doing a great job of holding my interest. Even though I am following the story I am still checking frequently to see if a new chapter is posted. Again thanks for sharing and I am enjoying the story very much. Tylor
  3. Tylor50

    Chapter 23

    I am really enjoying the story and look forward to more chapters. Thanks for sharing the story.
  4. Tylor50

    Chapter 50

    Thanks for sharing the story. The twilight series got alot of people interested in Vampires and Werewolves. I have always loved werewolves as well as ancient magic and myths. I loved this story and look forward to 'Running with the Pack: The further adventures of Aiden and Ethan'.
  5. Tylor50

    Chapter 13

    It looks like Jerry wants to be somebody's prison bitch. It will be a good experience for him. I am glad Dorian has decide to make it on his own.
  6. Tylor50

    Graduation Is Near

    You've got me hooked by just reading the first chapter. How often will you be posting new chapters?
  7. Tylor50

    Chapter 33

    Awesome. More, more.
  8. Tylor50

    Chapter 32

    Well I didn't see that coming. Talk about heating up the story. Aiden is just full of surprises.
  9. Tylor50

    Chapter 30

    Awesome Chapter. I have a feeling that Ethan will be a one man army. The people who took Aiden will probably not live to see the light of day once Ethan finds them. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Hopefully the wait be short.
  10. Tylor50

    Chapter 19

    Great chapter. Ethan reveals even more abilities. I loved how the three who attacked him came to his defense. Looking forward to the next chapters. Thanks for sharing your story.
  11. Tylor50

    Chapter 18

    So now you are going to make us guess who will be the person to put Michael down? Will it be Aiden? Will you put Ethan in a Situation where he feels Aiden is in danger of being killed and have his elemental powers Kill Michael. Or will you have Michael Challenge his Father and have his father do it? I have a feeling Michael will not go quietly. He's too stupid to realize he is being given a chance at a life. Ultimately he is going to have to be put down. Great chapter. Hopefully you won't make us wait too long for Ethan to be turned, see his wolf, and see how his elemental powers and his wolf powers combine.
  12. Tylor50

    Chapter 17

    I am looking forward to find out what the council decided about Michael. Hopefully they will put him down, if they don't I am afraid Ethan or Aidan will. I am looking forward to the next chapter. Please don't make us wait too long.
  13. Tylor50

    Chapter 16

    Awesome Chapter. Finally somebody sees the power Ethan can wield. Fortunately so far it has been for defense. I am looking forward to finding out what Ethan will look like as a wolf. Again thank you for sharing your awesome story
  14. Tylor50

    Chapter 15

    Each chapter makes the story more and more interesting. It is also interesting the theories that the readers are coming up with. Is Michael going to be stupid enough to challenge his father in combat? Or will Michael make a move to kill Ethan and Ethan will kill him? Will Ethan Mate with Aiden and come into his full powers? So many questions and Theories. You know it's a good story when everybody is talking about it. Looking forward to next chapter.
  15. Tylor50

    Chapter 13

    WolfM I loved how Ethan never backed down. Loved the taunting of Michael, calling him, 'the pack bitch'. I can only imagine his power once he is trained in his ability. Combine that with the power of the wolf,and he will be very formidable. I am looking forward to the next chapter. Thank you for sharing your talent of writing a story that holds my attention. Tim
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