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  1. dez421

    Chapter 12

  2. dez421

    The Buckle

    Welcome back. I have read this before but like all your others could read it several times again. Can't wait for your next additin.
  3. dez421

    Chapter 4

    This was a beautiul love story. Thank you gor letting us get to know these charachters and there love. I'm also really glad you are back. 😘




    It has been four years since you arrived, so I'm long over due.First, Hi and welcome to you.

    Second, wishing you a very Happy Birthday and have a great day!




    1. dez421


      Thank you very much definitely my favoritw site to read on.

    2. Dmrman


      Wow, I just keep finding new people... Sorry I haven't known about you till now... and I would like to also welcome you...Hope you enjoy and continue to Visit...!!!:yes:

  5. Happy Birthday Dez421!  

  6. Welcome cat back. Glad to cat hear from you again.
  7. dez421


    Beautiful I can't think of another way to describe this story. You maintain one of the best authors on this or any other site.
  8. Happy Birthday!

    1. dez421


      Thank you :great:

  9. dez421

    I'm Back Now

    I'm an avid reader and fan so so greatful that I got to see your wolf shaped icon again today posting a new story. Congratulations on the baby. But, also welcome back again. Miss hour words so very much. Dez
  10. dez421

    Chapter 33

  11. dez421

    Chapter 32

  12. dez421

    Chapter 31

    I can't wait to see how this works out. Ethan definitely needs to tell about the dreams maybe after he eats things will click in
  13. dez421

    Chapter 30

    I have to say this is my first review. Just wanted to say I love how this story is building and unfolding
  14. I have found few where creature stories that live up to his level of writing. I just wish he would bring all his other storiesmfrom other sites over here.
  15. I'm a huge fan always looking for my Wednesday morning puck up but its been a few since my last Noah update just checking in is everything OK? is there still more to come? HOPE SO


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