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  1. mate

    Matt and Donnie

    Sweet happy story one can read in one night. Thank you for writing this, again.
  2. mate


    There shouldn't be a need for this kind of a story, but the world is not ideal. Let this story to grip you emotionally up to the end and you'll never again go without helping a child in need. I just wish the place would be real, in every country, sigh. Thank you for writing and again shaking us readers.
  3. mate

    The Bomb

    A story of a trip to better place, a trip I hope and pray will never be needed. Quite dark story, with some faint hope. Anyway thanks for writing, I guess this kind of story is needed to wake us up.
  4. mate


    Caral in Peru becomes the starting point of young love. This smoldering love story with archaeological interest is another fast paced tale I could think to be read even by younger audience. Again, thank you for writing.
  5. mate

    The Apple Tree

    A very beautiful love story with nice turns. Fluent and very easy to read. Thank you for writing.
  6. mate

    A Child's Haven

    This is an incredible story of love and devotion and determination. Homeless children get saved by one brave man with a team of like minded men and women. The only thing the man if afraid of is the state child services to interfere. This long easy to read novel keeps the reader smiling and weeping to the all too sudden end.
  7. What a story! Full of sudden turns, ups and downs, what a thrill! Fluent text, easy to read. Thank you for writing this, I'll certainly follow to the book 4, too.
  8. mate


    This story is a wonderful rollercoaster, thank you for making the reader to cry and laugh. I know it is easy to say, but I feel the story would need to have the rest 10+ chapters so that all the marvelously described characters can continue their life and hopefully happy, too. Please consider, please?
  9. mate

    Cabin Boys

    A very beautiful light story I might even consider to read to my children.
  10. mate

    Excessive Force

    What a story, not for the fainthearted. Well written and breathtaking. The writer takes the reader thru the massive demonstrations in New York during the pandemic and the way the naked ceasar's force reacted. This is really important story, although "fictive", it documents today's incidents and hopefully makes the reader understand what happened and why after few few years pass, and the story also serves as reminder what can happen again. I am grateful the story has a silver lining, thou.
  11. Lucky escape for Freck, something to remember and think over. Still, there are too many who can't escape. And in every country, too.
  12. mate

    Job Vacancy

    Again a very fluent story from Quokka that keeps the reader hooked to the end and requesting some more.
  13. mate

    Dec Chapter 39

    A very lovely story with exhaustive turns. Again an educative story introducing interesting places if you follow the action with Google maps, thank you very much. Some confusing changes of point of views in few paragraphs, but that happens. You have better control of this in later stories.
  14. mate

    Opening Night

    Again a breath taking rollercoaster, thank you. As always, just can't wait for the next chapter;)
  15. mate


    "Jimbo" is an action packed love story with excitement and adventure, not one dull moment. The writer takes the reader thru scout camp to trip to Europe and back while the two boys become young men ready to take the world. The "Jimbo" is the beginning of the Jenner-Ward Saga, it explains the essential family dynamics and environments. Remember to continue after the "Jimbo" to the excellent follow-up stories "Keep Me As An Apple of Your Eye" and "And A Child is Born", hopefully Mac gives us more.
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