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  1. mate

    Opening Night

    Again a breath taking rollercoaster, thank you. As always, just can't wait for the next chapter;)
  2. mate


    "Jimbo" is an action packed love story with excitement and adventure, not one dull moment. The writer takes the reader thru scout camp to trip to Europe and back while the two boys become young men ready to take the world. The "Jimbo" is the beginning of the Jenner-Ward Saga, it explains the essential family dynamics and environments. Remember to continue after the "Jimbo" to the excellent follow-up stories "Keep Me As An Apple of Your Eye" and "And A Child is Born", hopefully Mac gives us more.
  3. mate

    Summer Delight

    Somehow I felt sorry for mrs. Ward, perhaps the relationship will get warmer later. Otherwise another beautifully told part of the guys family life.
  4. What to do when everything seems to go down the sewer? How to recover the love? In this story the team experiences hard times and then learn to fight them. Very wise, loving story you just can't quit before the end.
  5. The Christmas time is a magical period of the year for kids, no matter of their age. This time our gifted storyteller takes us, the readers, with the gang of four to spread their love - and skwish - to "an undisclosed location nearby" the North Pole. Another wise and beautiful story with love, fun - and yes, skwish.
  6. When a talented storyteller gives you a story, you just can't stop before end. Another beautiful story with hilarious characters and some magic, and love.
  7. Grinning all the time, maybe even later, too. Delightful reading experience, really! Thanks for writing.
  8. You won't leave this beautiful love story until you have read to the end and used some tissues. Story is well written and the characters are touching your soul. And enough action and drama included. Thank you FlyOnTheWall for re-introducing this novel here!
  9. Another beautiful, warm hearted well written story with the needed amount of drama to get you reading up to the end and to crave for more.
  10. mate


    Another exceptionally touching and positive story. Thank you again. More?
  11. mate


    Lovely addition to the CJ saga. Thank you. More?
  12. Quite a cliffhanger! Exiting story, thank you.
  13. mate

    Dr Chapter 33

    This story was a pleasure to read, nice mixture of characters, too. A fun way to get to know Northern Australia, which is very seldom the scene of the stories. Had to check the places from google maps🙂. Thank you! Please continue.
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