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    Romance mixed with a bit of adventure, a sprinkling of mystery and intrigue, a dose of comedic relief, a small helping of flowing, snot-laced tears...with and extraordinaire shot of HEA!! :)

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  1. Onim


    Brathay-1…Leon-0 in this first head-on ‘petite battle’ of wills! Brathay is a man of integrity and honesty that demands respect and gives respect that is earned, while Leon commands and expects it!! He is NO shrinking violet and takes his responsibilities very seriously in seeking to advise!! Leon is smart, but someone in his camp is a thief and a traitor, holding him back from his potential. Mrs. M should be occupying dungeon space and the key lost! Brilliant exchanges between the Brat and Leon Love this chapter…ABSOLUTELY!
  2. Fabulous chapter!!! I choose OAKLAND..🤩
  3. A brilliantly written chapter...handled so smoothly, even though you had people lined up around the corner, trying for a field goal kick using Mitch's arse!! Does he not see that Will is going to suffer whether he lets him near him or not...that's the nature of the love beast...so, let's put the Tom Cruz/Cameron Diaz theory to work here..."with me ---, without me ___(high or low) your choice Blue Jr(Mitch)!! Again, a high anxiety chapter, masterfully done, Master Gary ❣️
  4. yesssssssssssssssss, Will!!!
  5. Onim


    Excellent, as usual! ❤️ Brathay’s origins are now suspect…hmmm, who’s baby shall they have? 🤔🤗
  6. We 'wonder' no more, it works...very well!! Well done, a pain in the butt for 'a pain in the butt'!!
  7. Onim

    Changing Plans

    Cliffies...my favorite...NOT!!! Progressing quite nicely!
  8. Onim

    Levie Meets Greg

    Niceeeeeeeeee, so far, like everyone else, I'm curious to see how this plays out, especially happy to see the great support system in the 2 beautiful 'broPops'!
  9. Onim

    Chapter 8

    This variation of Beauty and the Beast is just STUNNING...well constructed, beautifully written with careful thought out!!! A-MAZZZZZZZZZZZING!! ❣️ Kinda like the 'beast' we've all dealt with for the past couple of years...always getting away with chit, never held accountable! 😇
  10. I mean, I'm all for patience but let's not forget(or rather let Mitch forget) that there may not be a lot of time for the patience factor 😢😨!! I just want them to get to the point where Coy and Boone are, too fast, I suppose! Loving these guys...besides, I want them all in one place, so when trouble with jealous, homophobes happen up on them, they'll have each other's back...NOT looking or asking for trouble, but you know all types of jealousies rise up when others are happy AND doing well! Just saying...🤔 A wonderful, 'permanent smile' chapter, Gar, ❣️
  11. Onim

    Chapter 7

    Excellent!!❤️ I’m thinking Beau is going to need a few self defense classes, say a couple of ‘Karazor’ lessons and a few ‘TiGunDo’ sessions to deal with our local, out of control sociopath! Though violence should never have to be an answer, self defense by any means necessary may Have to be the answer to this unchecked, narcissistic, danger to society!! Leave it to adorable little Chip to balance out my need to ‘speak’ with Gary in a dark alley, with next-day garbage pick up.
  12. Onim


    Very different...but very brilliant! Millflower needs an audience with Miss Manners, with maybe a slap or two involved!! The rest are just boorish and just needs Brathay to eventually feed the a meal of good ole "Crow"! Loving this story...a lot.❣️ You never disappoint, Brian..EVER!!🤗
  13. Obstinate, stubborn, or just plain ole bull-headed...that'd be our resident good ole sheriff!!! Geezzzzzzzzzzzz, can we just lock he and Will in the cabinet for the weekend...let Blue stand guard...one ole stubborn mule to another!!Fabulous 'nother one, Gary❣️...going to have to put in a formal request to Coy's "good Lord", and hope that this won't be a 3-tissue box ending! 😇
  14. Great chapter...I must say that I'm on the Coy bandwagon, big time!! I think he did exactly what needed to be done, after all, how mad can Mitch get, he interfered with Coy and Boone, and look how awsome that turned out to be!! I would appreciate if Mitch would let his head escape from his butt, for just a little, to breathe in some common sense, PLEASE!!🙏 You're sick, Mitchell, let go of the anger and...get well, with your man who still loves you! Ok...just saying😊 Love these guys!! Thanks, Gar..
  15. Onim


    I’m all in! Going to be a bit of a bumpy ride for Brathay, I suspect that his new appointment may have been rescinded, because of the ‘no snow in the territory’ his assignment is in, just a thought…☺️ In any case, the curiosity level is escalating…🤗
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