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    Romance mixed with a bit of adventure, a sprinkling of mystery and intrigue, a dose of comedic relief, a small helping of flowing, snot-laced tears...with and extraordinaire shot of HEA!! :)

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  1. Late hearing this...so very sorry...RIP Comicfan, you were truly appreciated and loved!
  3. Thanks for the reads and likes on Best Friends 4Never. More chapters on the way! :boy:

    1. Onim


      You're very welcome!! Thanks for the marvelous read and for sharing your talent! 

  4. Loved the cast and their interactions with each other! It was difficult picking a favorite, but in the end, I had to choose Nobu, simply because he was ultimately the magnet that drew them all together and decided that they could and would be true "brothers"! I chose Dante as the most relatable, because of the beautiful spirit and impish little character within him...to know him is to love him.. I'd love to see more development from Nikola and Mikhail...I think there might be some hidden feelings there to explore. The beauty of this story, is the many avenues left to explore with a number of these wonderful characters....Dimitry, Alexi, Satoshi...the interplay between the mafias...the future of extricating the brothers from the mafias, etc...I can not wait to see what happens to whom next!!!!!!
  5. I appreciate your unique writing style, which takes a 'taboo' subject and reminds us in a sensual way, that sex and love are still related...and a bit of kinky mixed in, always enriches and enhances anything boring!! Yes, incest is a volatile subject, but so is anything a certain majority of the population may deem 'wrong' or'ungodly'...who cares...for, anything different or not their 'normal' is going to be wrong until others stand up and tell them to get over it and go to Craig's list and find themselves some business of their own to tend to!! After all, I can remember when being black was unacceptable and inhuman, being a woman was second class citizen status, being gay was a 'crime against God' and being ugly was a certain curse!! Slowly, painstakingly, we will continue to evolve...and one day common sense might prevail and it won't matter who opens the door...when real love knocks!!! Hugs n love to and for this community of talented writers and enthusiastic readers. Please continue to give us a glimpse into your wonderful world of fantasy of love, sex, with a nice side order of kinky...IT WORKS!!
  6. Republicans are never happy unless they have something or someone to debase, downgrade,, despise, denigrate or 'deliver from evil'...that's what makes their day! They awaken every day with the sold purpose of making someone feel less than, so that can feel better than!! :-P
  7. ricky

    Hi Onim, Welcome. You'll need to have 5 active posts in the forums before the entire site opens up to you. It's an anti-spam thing. Stop in to the forums and introduce yourself. Again, be welcome.

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