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  1. Onim

    Chapter 11

    Geezzzzzz...What a choice...a psychotic, lazy, child abusing, adulterer OR (drumroll...wait for it!!) a homophobic, controlling, knife-wielding, out of control lunatic...OR...let's NOT forget the choicest father of the century, MR. "I'm doing the best I can", living next door letting my son get abused on a daily basis by his ex, MOMMY DEAREST!!! Folks, if there's a heated oven below, I'm for shoving these 3 in, with the frikin quickness!!!! I'll take Cole's dad for "$200, please, Alex"!!! Great chapter...marvelous writing!!
  2. Onim

    Chapter 7

    This woman is a Grade A physcho from hell, that would have gotten an ole fashioned beat down!!! "I feared for my life"...would have been my 'stand your ground' defense, at least for once it would've been used correctly! PS: The father is NO better...lame excuse for a sperm-donor!! Whew...now that that rage is over , Great chapter, brilliantly done to bring out every emotion possible!!
  3. My take...Alex had ulterior motives...from the start!! MONEY and ESCAPE from oppressive parents...Matty and his money were her 'out' ticket!! Beware of the friendship snake wrapped in tequila and weed!! Just sayin'...if you can rape a 'best friend'...what else are you capable of?? Great story...awesome chapter!
  4. Onim

    Part 3 Chapter 2

    So happy you and yours are safe and hoping you remain that way and he's feeling better! Thank you for the wonderful update...air hugs from all of us!! 🤗
  5. Onim


    Beautiful!! If only the 'string' were as strong today as the one Kyle has, we'd all be in a better, stronger society, country, universe... Stay safe and continue to work your magic!
  6. Onim


    Another well written,💯 emotional piece...thanks Gary!!
  7. Awww Gary... this was brilliantly written and beautifully constructed!! I'd say this was the perfect beginning to a perfect ending...LOVE scores a knockout over chaotic, petty, misunderstandings...welcome home Chase!!🥰 Should have gotten a hint from Rex when he entered the door...he got his welcome home kisses over, first!!🤭Great job, Gary, please stay safe...air hugs n kisses!!
  8. Onim

    A Silent Song

    Yesssssss...pandemic relief is here!!! Heading over to the camp, right now...😷 Stay safe everyone!!!
  9. Onim

    The Answer

    Let's just say...it's definitely "Wayne's World"!! Amazing short story that hit all the right spots and showcased his excellent talents...and also the bonus of sharing a beautiful poem!!! Both were brilliantly done, thanks to you both!💯
  10. Onim

    Chapter 54

    Definitely on the right track...and what a great right track, that we'll gladly follow you on!! This was intriguing and hot! 🔥
  11. Onim


    This is damn good!! So, I'm gonna have to give it 10 stars...oops, wth, they've only got 5...cheappppppppppppp!! Oh well...💯💓
  12. Fabulous!!! Stuck in the house...loving these two!!! Be safe, and thank you for the chapters!
  13. First time??...you're doing excellent!!! The chemistry between these two and the experience of Theo is what made the sexual adventure so nice...now we'll have to delve into personalities and outside influences...no doubt, you'll handle just as fabulous!! Thanks for the story and please be safe!!!
  14. Thank you, Laura...for your wonderful stories and for a bit of relief for a few minutes, during such stressful times! Hope you and yours remain safe, as we navigate this crisis...and always!!! Much love to everyone...stay diligent and safe...we'll get through this, and be STRONGER!! 😷
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