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  1. Onim

    Chapter 5

    Thank you, thank you, for the quick update It was much appreciated!! Poor Cyn in a den of wolves, and he doesn't even realize he has the top of hierarchy wrapped around his finger!! Shea, the big bad wolf, is going to protect him with his ALL! 😉Great chapter!
  2. Onim


    This story with it's wonderful characters...Coy, Boone and others (Blue and Daisy, especially), ticked all the boxes for me, written so well, there was laughter, tears, adventure, cliffhangers, LOVE, a uniqueness, etc, etc, etc!!! Loved it, the ending was perfect!!
  3. Once again, you've told an awesome story with two interesting, lovable characters, in a setting of the old west...and made us fall in love!! Thanks Gary... Coy, Boone, Blue, and Daisy will not be soon forgotten, so feel free to give us lil snippets of their lives from time to time...I swear, we won't mind!! Stay safe, take extra care, and be well, my friend!!
  4. Onim

    Chapter 4

    I totally agree, so well written, very unique, great pacing...waiting patiently🙄 somewhat😂, for the next chapter!! Looks like Cyn has a fan base, already!! 🥰
  5. Onim


    So glad I took this western journey with you...well worth the cross country horse ride...FOR SURE!!! Thoroughly enjoyed these two cowboys, my fav Blue, and the hilarious little horse trainer/wagon maker!!!💖
  6. 😭Epilogue???? Oh my...guess I'll have to brace myself...😔Well, I must say that even though we could all use a couple, a few, maybe a dozen more chapters...this was a beautifully written explanation of certain love making 'mechanics' and the expressions of what real LOVE sounds like, looks like, and ultimately should be about...is just fantastic! Thank you for this one, Gar...💯 Stay safe and well, my friend
  7. Onim

    Day 1.

    I've a feeling this is going to be very good...I'm all in!! 💯
  8. Thanks for this update...a delight!! Please have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and Happy Birthday to hubby!! Take care and be safe! 🥂
  9. Best chapter yet...Merry Christmas to us!!!!! Coy and Boone...now on to dealing with the sneaky land agent!! Awesome chapter, Gar...🥂 Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and stay safe, my friend!
  10. Onim

    Chapter 16

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for such a fabulous Christmas gift this morning!!Wishing you and yours a very happy holidays!! Take care and pleaseeeeeeee stay safe! Will see Marshall and Spence next week???? How will we link these two beautiful characters to your others...hmmm...make it happen PLEASEEEEEE, Brian...💖
  11. Onim

    Chapter 1

    What a wonderful start!!! Short and sweet intro, but totally captivating...I’m hooked on Spence already! More, more, more...please!!!
  12. Loving the 'slow dance' they're doing with each other...Coy is a lot more insightful, whereas Boone is a "let's do this"...they'll be good together, for sure!! Another awesome chapter, with each chapter fleshing these two interesting characters out more! Even got me thinking about giving Blue a hug...😄
  13. Sweeeeeeet...Gary!!! That is my all time favorite song by the Temptations...a toast to Coy and Boone, yeah??🥰 And I failed to get into Blue...no angel there😁, he had to find someone to save Boone, afterall, GUILT is a terrible thing to waste!! 🤣 He'll be a good boy from now on, hoping Boone doesn't 'box his ears'!! I'm well, my friend...hope with the heart that you are staying safe and well, also!
  14. Coy...to the rescue!!! And I hope that Boone talked in his sleep and Coy heard it all..🤭I won't question why Coy was there..."who can explain it, who can tell you why...fools give you reasons...wise men never try"(beautiful old song)! Suffice it to say, for once I'm going to try the 'wise' way and let the author continue to work his magic, his way! 💯 Impressive chapter, way to smoothly bring Coy back into the mix, without having him traverse over 2000 miles without a GPS, I mean who does that!! 😉
  15. Geeezzzzzz, 😱 I'll have to let you know how I'm feeling, when I'm able to place my heart back into my chest, after MY terrifying(fabulously written), harrowing fall off of that cliff with Boone!!! Awww, my friend, HANDS DOWN... YOUR BEST DESCRIPTIVE, MOST VIVID AND DYNAMIC CHAPTER EVER!! I sure as heck hope Coy has been following, to save Boone(and me)from this 'cliff-falling' of yours!!🥺 BTW, can we please stick to 'cliffhanging' for a while after this...at least a chapter or two!! Storms, cliffs, swiftly running water(not from a showerhead), thunder and lightening, and stubborn mules...conte
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