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  1. 🥂 Thanks Spyke...minority is my middle name 🤭, Coy's age and his maturity has to kinda have an emergency meeting in the 'reality room' and come to terms with trying to be on the same page, in the same body, at some point!! So, Boone moving on might be the biggest help to Coy until that "meeting" takes place!! In the mean time, guess we'll have to come to terms with having to wait "PATIENTLY" 🥺 for six more days...or less???😇
  2. "OUCH"!! Was this one of those 'this is gonna hurt me more than it does you' chapters, Gar...well, NOT TRUE 😭 I'm having a Kleenex moment before I can express myself! This convo between the two of them needed to be had, this separation...heh, not so much, with how the times were, I think they still need to have each other's six!! Coy is feeling the pain of loss and impending loss...but Boone has been feeling pain and a sense of loss (albeit silently) for a long time...man up Coy, and recognize Boone's pain and anguish for once! Superbly written, Gar!
  3. Onim

    Chapter 7

    Oh snap...those are Sasha's 'natural' pack! He has an un-pack like howl, that matches the she wolf's. Hmmm, very interesting...
  4. Onim

    Chapter 4 Lawman

    Not quiet...just reflective and appreciative of having another of your stories to look forward to!💯 Besides, I try not to comment too much...it gets me into trouble..🤭 This is good...different, but VERY good, really glad Boone's not going to have to consult a magician to finally pull Coy's head out of his arse, hopefully he'll emerge in time to not be left in the literal 'dust'! 😉
  5. Onim

    Chapter 46

    Yes, I suppose all good things come to an end😞...but these are our boys!!!😭 Anywhoooooo, great wrap up for everyone, writing as usual was spot on and superb...NAILED IT! Glad you are safe and hoping our guy is doing better, please send luv to him! 💓 Looking forward to the epilogue, much luv for ya, stay safe and healthy!!!
  6. Onim

    One Last Dance

    What a beautiful way to deliver the 'mind slap' Ash needed to help him realize "yesterday's the past, tomorrow the future...today is a GIFT (hence a 'present)"...go get your present Ash!! Awesome!!!
  7. Onim

    A Bold Move

    Does Melanie know that with a few 'keystrokes' on his social media platforms, Samson could place her on the 'cancel culture' list and put a serious dent in her illegal blackmailing tactics...he's under no obligation or non disclosure contract with her or her company to not let his fans and various media outlets know about her shady tactics...these days, blackmailing can be a two-headed bytch!!😇 Gotta luv Twitter and Instagram...😉 Smooth work..once again!💯
  8. Onim


    Samson should handle her like the boss he is..."ahhhmm...that would be a HELL NO"...tomorrow is never a guarantee, her very first show is NOT a guarantee of anything, so she should check that overblown ego, when dealing with potential featured artists! Oh..forgot to tell you...loving how this story is so well done!!!
  9. Onim

    Sad News

    Me too, Joh...me too.
  10. Onim

    Sad News

    So very sorry to hear that Joh...hoping and praying that he gets better soon!! Air hugs and many prayers for him and family! 😢 Take care and be safe, Joh💓
  11. Onim

    Chapter 11

    Rossn, couldn't have expressed the majority opinion better!! Just think if we all had to write the ending to all the stories we choose to read...why read them?? Why take a chance on reading such a well written story, only to be left teetering on the brink of 'hair-pulling' frustration! People usually like getting to the end of a story, for a conclusion, a resolution...NOT a cliff-hanging mystery...just my opinion...and we all know what opinions are like, "____, and we all have one"🤭 If I could write like you, I'd gladly finish the ending...unfortunately, not my forte.😏
  12. Onim

    Chapter 17

    That was by far the best "put you in your place, with dignity and grace" convo I've ever read!! Jimmy 10...Mom 0!! Beautifully written💯
  13. Onim

    Chapter 1 The Wake

    Love the start!!! I’m really liking Boone, already, Coy...meh, he seems to be swimming in the deep end of the self delusional pool of grief and confusion, he’s got some self discovery looming in his future!! Poor Boone...😢, he loves him anyway. Looking forward to this ‘Horse of a different color’ western, Gary! 😍With you, it’ll supersede awesome as usual!!!💯
  14. Onim


    Another amazing, stunning story, Brian!!! As usual...and don't judge🤭, I wish that it would've been a couple of hundred more chapters...selfishly!! But we'll just have to reread this one a few more times before the next story or before this one is published...btw, CONGRATS on that!!🥂 Thanks for sharing the 'Lemonade' , stay blessed...stay gold...and please stay SAFE!
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