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  1. danalford


    Honestly thought about it and decided either she knew or just didn't care. It felt to me as though she was happy her dad had love.
  2. danalford


    What a wonderful way to pull the whole story together. Friends meeting friends! Your ability to a add that certain detail like the painting just adds such quality to the story. Adding Mr. Darlington and Mary gives such fullness which enhances the family side. The bird house, and the recording of Luke is such an amazing way to amplify the ending just not quite the end of the story. I would love to see the next story for Lenny and Abe is instead of having children help the kids off the streets. With Abe's background and they are more mature for kids maybe start a foundation to help kids on the streets.
  3. danalford


    BTW lomax61 thank you for such a wonderful story. Each chapter has been so exciting! More twist and turns than a mountain road. It has all been very interesting. I didn't want to forget to say thank you! You have a great way with telling stories! OH if the next chapter is sooner it will help my nerves!
  4. danalford


    Oh well I had to walk away to get my thoughts together. Everyone was right about Matthew what a piece of work. They should had just shot him or just leave him in the sink hole. His mother will be an accomplice to murder. I hate Luke actually killed himself, but it makes since. His love had been killed by his brother. I am sure he was so depressed that is family was that evil besides loosing someone you love. Luke saw no reason to live at such a young age. Freya must of known something? Excited for the next chapter to find out. WHY ABE if he dies then Lenny will sell the house? Abe has had such a ruff life it just is so sad! Get the EMS there to take care of him!
  5. danalford


    So I was wrong about the father! Oh well I could be wrong about this too? Freya has on a jogging suit at the store, and left in a black Ford Fiesta. When Abe drove up behind the house there was a black Ford Fiesta parked there. The person carrying the gun had on a track suit. My question why would Freya want to kill everyone? I understand wanting to kill Lenny to cover up what she had done. Where does everyone else come into the story? She killed her dad because he was a horrible dad? She killed her brother (although she said he was alive in the store) because he knew she killed their dad? Why kill Luke? Is it because he took away what she thought was her boyfriend? I am so ready for the next chapter!! Who was in the pictures under the drawer? Was it Tim? Or Freya's dad? So EXCITED!!! Reading everyone thinks that Matthew is carrying the gun. Now I am more confused than ever! If Freya was feeding them the information then she has to be in on the killings or she knows who the killer is? Was she having an affair with Matthew? Was he the only one paying her attention? If so where does bigot bitch aunt come into to this? NEXT CHAPTER SOON!!!
  6. danalford


    Well now the story really begins!! We knew there was someone special in Luke's life, and I am so glad to finally have them turn up. I think person with the shotgun is Luke's father! I think he is the one that killed him. Of course I could be wrong, but Luke's father was the one who found Luke. Shouldn't his fingerprints have been in the room? It would have made since for Mary's call. I hope they both get out of this unsaved. The excitement thickens!! I usually read the chapters at least a couple of times to see if I missed anything. However I can't read this one again it is too real.
  7. danalford


    Well as always well done! Yes I think Abs's art should be on the walls! I love this story of men that are mature, and put their baggage to the side for each other. So Abe now has a work excuse to move in with Lenny. That way it is more of a trial to see how it goes. However I think it will be fine. I hope to hear a little support from work on the photo? It was so good to hear about Toni and Jack's back ground. We each have our own past and plenty of baggage. It added even more depth to Abe and Lenny's past.
  8. danalford


    His mother?? Do you think auntie will try anything dirty?
  9. danalford


    Still more questions and not answers? What a tangled web we weave! Who is feeding her the information? Really she only wants to sell the house because she needs the money. That is why she sold the furniture. OH I hope she didn't poison him to try and get the house? Now the talk with Abe is what we all do when we are in a relationship. Nothing more than moving forward with where do we go from here. Excited to see where we are going! Waiting for Tuesday!!
  10. danalford


    Where to start? So the dresser was not the cause for the fire. I am sure no one wanted to burn up the pictures or maybe they did? There was not motorcycle noise so we don't think it was Matthew. The photos will say who Luke was in love with. Maybe they will be able to figure out his death? I am sure the guys will recognize that! As for the guys there is such a connection now to get through the next 3 weeks. Will Lenny ask him to share his life?
  11. danalford


    I am also skeptical to Luke's death!
  12. danalford


    Okay although I am still skeptical to Luke's death as murder. This puts that to rest at this point. Now the answer is why he killed himself, and who Luke was in love with? Does Abe remember the dream? Could it be more of a vision to what happen with Luke? Something happen on that picnic that made Luke want to kill himself? Now who is trying to burn down the house? Why would Leonard's relatives want to burn the house down if they are taking him to court for the will? That doesn't make since if they want the house. Unless there are more secrets in the dresser that they would prefer for no one to see? Now I wouldn't leave the house for breakfast unsecured just in case the person comes back to see what they had done. Well the weekend will let us know more. Will Leonard stay the entire week to keep Abe and the house secure? Tuesday can come soon enough!! The story has so many levels of excitement, and romance. It is difficult to be patience for the next chapter.
  13. danalford


    OH MY!! As it starts to unravel now there is something on fire! LUKE? Not sure he killed himself yet. EXCITING!! Waiting for Tuesday!!
  14. danalford


    Nice way to get through the week now TGIF is around the corner. 😍 Excited for him to finally see the house. EXCITED!!
  15. danalford

    Christmas Shopping

    I love your stories! Kiss the dragon is so good! Please finish this story because I am in deep. Then a follow up from the Naked Calendar?? Thank you for such great stories!!
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