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  1. danalford


    Nice way to get through the week now TGIF is around the corner. 😍 Excited for him to finally see the house. EXCITED!!
  2. danalford

    Christmas Shopping

    I love your stories! Kiss the dragon is so good! Please finish this story because I am in deep. Then a follow up from the Naked Calendar?? Thank you for such great stories!!
  3. danalford


    I have read many of your stories. However with everyone I read they just keep getting better! It took me a while to get into the story maybe around the 6th or 7th chapter. However after that you had me hooked. LOVE your stories!
  4. danalford


    The kiss was wonderful and thoughtful to the story. I see them become much closer with the kiss. However now the mystery deepens! Is Howie dead and that is why Luke killed himself? Or was Luke killed? Who was in the house Aunt, cousin, or someone else? Hope to get an early arrival of the next chapter!! SO EXCITED!!!
  5. danalford

    New Day

    Interested to see if what is in the dresser? Is it what Aunt is after?? Maybe we will find out if Luke was killed? Can't wait for the next chapter!!
  6. danalford


    HOW WONDERFUL!! Now to tackle their emotions!
  7. danalford


    I think there is more behind the walls they have both put up? So there are several walls that need to fall?
  8. danalford


    Thank you so much for the flow of the story. It seems we have a mysterious death and begging of love at the same time. So excited for the next chapter!!
  9. danalford


    What an amazing story! I went through 2 boxes of tissues on this one. All of your stories just pull at my heart. Thank you!
  10. Absolutely love this story! It kept my interest from the begging to the end.
  11. danalford


    I really love the fact the guys are closer to my age. I really get tired of the kid stories. I really like how this is going. Excited to see the next chapter.
  12. danalford

    Chapter 5 - Ember

    OMG it is almost comical! AMAZING!!
  13. danalford

    Chapter 1 - Ember

    Now I am intrigued with November! It caught my interest in the begging which will keep me reading!
  14. danalford


    WOW thanks for the early chapter. Now I am ready to see what the house has in store for us?
  15. danalford

    DA Ch 62 - The End

    What a great ending!
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