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  1. Anton10or

    Chapter 2

    I'm more interested in the fired x-bodyguard and the threatening letters, but then I'm always the one to try to figure out the "who done it" before the end of the story. Love the character of the twins, similarities but quite different, small but powerful, bitchy but protective of each other, cunning but playful. They are going to make a real counterpoint to Drew's seemingly one demential character (though I sense there is a lot more there than the first two chapters reveal. Really looking forward to a great read. Thank you.
  2. Anton10or

    Chapter 1

    We have missed you and Granger sooo, much. Thank you for all the news about Cavendish and even Clifton, though it took me a while to get use to the Barnfield name. But I think I caught on, and if I have it wrong I've no doubt that someone will set me straight (err. gaily forward) Thanks Mark.
  3. Anton10or

    My Daniel

    A very wise man once said, "You can't loose someone if you know where they are." You know where, Daniel is. His is alive in your heart, and your pen, and with each word you write about him he is alive in your readers. God's richest blessings and comfort be with you now and forever.
  4. Anton10or

    Chapter 34

    MARK, I hope all is well. We are going through withdrawals, hope you are back soon.
  5. Anton10or

    Chapter 39

    Aiden is so smart and loyal. He will make a good Alpha when the time comes, and yes, I do realize that Ethan is an Alpha as well but somehow it just seems like Aiden will always be the one in charge... Sorry this just caught my eye. Maybe I missed something, but when Jackie shifted she also shifted to a "lunis" hybrid wolf didn't she? Was that because she was the Luna i.e.: spouse of the Alpha? So Ethan could rather than being an alpha be a male luna? Just a thought. I really love this story and the concept. Keep up the good work.
  6. I'm one of those people that when I read a story or see a movie my mind is automatically trying to figure out "who done it" or who is into whom, or who is going to hook up. You really surprised me and I like that. Way to go to keep us guessing and comeing back for more. Great work
  7. Billy, I have been reading your story, I think, since you began it but I guess I just didn't realize there was a response tab. So this is the first time I have responded. Being an minister myself, I really appreciate the spiritual bent of this story. The power of faith, prayer, and family and friends support, are so vital to our survival. Thank you for your story and keep up the good work
  8. Anton10or

    Chapter 8

    A mother's instinct to protect and support her children is a force to be reckoned with. I think that both Isidore and Claire will in the sober light of day realize their misplaced loyalties and correct the situation . Remember that we all have loved them over many chapters, and no one is without error in judgment or even loyalty. It is what is done after the initial shock that counts.. Hey all this is Mothers Day you know!! Have some compassion and give em' a pass on this, till they can think, reflect and act on their contemplations. Mark, Thanks for another great chapter, especially bri
  9. Anton10or

    Chapter 7

    I find it particularly ironic that the celebration in question is Bastille Day, which was exactly about class distinctions and privilege.
  10. Anton10or

    Chapter 39

    "somehow reading Humphreys and "... are you free.." in one sentence planted something in my mind that made me smile. I guess I'm getting old :*)" "I'm not getting what you're saying, and that probably means the I'm getting old. :-)" OMG I spit out my coffee I was laughing so hard. I hadn't thought of Mr. Humphreys in years. Thanks for the laugh. Mark, Mr. Humphreys, was a character in the 1960's British sitcom Are You Being Served. He is an obviously Gay man who is a Gentlemen's Clothing salesman in a London department store, "Grace Brothers." As a new client would enter the
  11. Anton10or

    Chapter 7

    Just found your story and loved it. Read all 7 chapters at once, but now i am hungry for more. But delayed gratification is an acquired talent, and it is well worth waiting for. Thanks for this
  12. Anton10or

    Chapter 3

    Mark, It is amazing how you have swept us all into this story. I feel that I know George, and I lost a friend or at least someone I fantasized about. I get so excited as well when I click on my bookmark that leads me to Poor Man's Son and St. Vincent, and I see a new chapter waiting there. What a treat. Thanks, Mr. Arbour, we are in your debt for hours of enjoyment. Cheers, Anton
  13. Oh Oh Where is our Dom. I am going through withdrawls Cheers, Anton PS I really do hope he is OK and no terrible thing has happened to him?
  14. Welcome to GA Anton =)

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