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  1. This brought tears to my eyes. In an amazing way! You always tug at my heart and make me smile!! Thank you for sharing your gift!!
  2. Mikeymike88


    Oh no... hold my beer?? Go easy on these guys... they deserve happy
  3. Mikeymike88

    Chapter 21

    I hope he can pull Galen out of his head and back to his heart. Josh may be the only one who can help start the healing, but he needs to have so much patience.
  4. Mikeymike88

    Chapter 18

    So, those tissues you said I owed you... well I used them myself. I love this story so much and rereading it brings out the emotions at least as much as the first time... and maybe more. Knowing whats to come in the next few chapters makes the emotions all rush to the service... Amazing!
  5. Mikeymike88

    Chapter 21

    Actions always speak louder than words... Liam saw Alek's actions and that clinched it! Wonderful chapter and all too real!
  6. It was dark when I opened my eyes… my wedding day. I lie in bed without moving. Marcus was spooned against my back, his arm across my chest. His breathing steady; he was still asleep. My thoughts traveled back to the day we met, like they had many times before. I remembered the moment I looked into his eyes after I ran headlong into him. The look of concern and care he showed a complete stranger, as he helped me to my feet. And then as I babbled through the stress of my life, he fixed on me as if no one else existed. Those amazing cobalt blue eyes… Suddenly, Marcus pulled me closer.
  7. Mikeymike88


    Well done chapter! I love these two together! On the other hand, just when I worried about some PTSD caused by the fireworks coming... You throw this cliffhanger at us... Hurry up and spare us all the waiting to see!!! I love this story!
  8. Mikeymike88

    Chapter 43

    Thank you for the kind words... I had thought of making Matthew deal with his mother in person but thought even a fictional character shouldn't have to deal with that horror! And now a wedding!
  9. Mikeymike88

    Chapter 43

    A blue dress... awesome. I hope I can live up to the five hankie idea. I actually did the tulip thing at my wedding! So we see them come up every year, I love it! Friends send pictures too.
  10. My phone began to ring. I looked at the caller ID and saw it was Danni. "Hey Danni, what's up?" "It's Hunter… " He said through tears. "He's in the hospital." "Hold on, Danni, I'm going to put you on speaker. Jon and James are here too." I took a deep breath and set my phone on the table. "Danni, what's going on? What's wrong with Hunter?" "It's PCP… pneumonia… He's in the ICU. He's unconscious right now. The doctors say its touch and go. He's not responding to the antibiotic. They have him on oxygen. He's struggling to breathe. They kicked me out of the room. I just thank God we are in
  11. Mikeymike88

    Chapter 42

    Matthew has had an incredibly tough life and even with Jon and James, he's going to have issues for years. Wouldn't you just love a bathroom like that!!
  12. Mikeymike88

    Chapter 41

    Thanks... The story with the clerk actually happened to my husband and I... we were the first in out town and the town clerk was sweet... she didn't have a daughter but she was sweet none the less. And Tony and that head of his... geesh
  13. Mikeymike88

    Chapter 40

    Thanks for reading! The wedding is coming but a couple of bumps to get over first...
  14. Mikeymike88

    Chapter 42

    It will happen. I promise, but first we need to check on Hunter and then...
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