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  1. Thank you! I always am pleased to discover a new chapter and to catch up on the guys. Look forward to the next and hope it will be sooner.
  2. c21cesky1

    Chapter 48

    Is there any chance this story will ever be finished?
  3. Welcome back!!!! Please don't disappear again.
  4. c21cesky1

    Change of Heart

    Look forward to each new chapter. The fireworks that Raymond said certainly revved up things.
  5. CONTINUE!! There are to many loose ends....
  6. c21cesky1


    Great surprise! Can't to see what is up next for CJ. You could keep him going for years!!
  7. c21cesky1

    Chapter 40

    Thanks for the double Thanksgiving present!
  8. Sorry, as a lot of people I sure that enjoy reading your story and others, we get caught up in our lives and forget to acknowledge people who bring us great pleasure. I have been a reader since day one and of all of your stories, please don't stop. I'll try to be better letting you know how much appreciated you are. I need my Monday fixes......
  9. c21cesky1

    Chapter 17

    I'm confused, did you really add chapters 8-17 in mass this AM??
  10. When is Peter going to realize he needs help? Why isn't someone talking with him about this....
  11. c21cesky1

    Chapter 44

    Thank you for another great story. Looking forward to the continued adventures of Sir George.
  12. Look forward to next chapter ASAP!! Do you have a notification list as you post new??
  13. Have a Great Birthday!

    1. sandrewn


      Well it has been awhile and long over due. So here is wishing you a Very Happy Birthday!

    2. Daddydavek


      Happy Birthday2017, 2018, 2019!

    3. dughlas



  14. I just discovered your story today, read the 3 chapters and am looking for more. Do you have an email notification list for new chapters or stories? I would like to be on it if so. When will the next chapter be published?? Very soon I hope.
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