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  1. ricky

    We share the day! Happy Birthday

  2. Cia

    Happy Birthday, dear!

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Cia

    happy birthday hun!!

  5. Happy Birthday my Friend, I hope you have a FANTASTIC day and a GREAT year :)

    1. YaP


      thank you Jim :-) I try to make the best of it. Carpe Diem!

  6. Long time no hear, oh neighbour! ♥

    What's up in Germany? ;)

  7. YaP = Yet another Peter.. actually derived from Yacc = Yet another Compiler Compiler - which is a tool for programmers which is around almost as long as i do programming (i know.. its an insider joke nobody really gets... and i didnt even know "to yap" actually IS a verb when i came up with that screen name).
  8. esta bien. i can wait a little longer (just being back from a little vaccation to the canarian islands, which is part of spain anyway ). No worries :-). Did i tell you that i think it is really mean to end a "book" with a cliffhanger !?? It is !!
  9. Lol, thats not a conclusive argument. At 47 i don't consider myself very mature either
  10. I think the older you are (especially the younger partner in a relationship), the less age difference is an issue. 20 years make more of a difference for a 20 yo and a 40 yo than for a 30yo and a 50yo.. and even less for a 40yo and a 60yo. But i think too that a big age difference doesn't make it easier to build a stable relationship.
  11. Great story so far ! Me gustas ! I am looking forward to see how that plays out.. maybe some time alone in the ashram will really help Evan to overcome his past and then the reunion with Leonardo will be even better ? But who knows what Buddha has in stock for us... i like surprises anyway
  12. YaP

    Sk8tr Boi

    a fender jazz bass - or a sqiure by fender ? Nice !
  13. Tiger

    No problem. You're a good guy. ;)

  14. YaP

    :-) thanks

  15. Happy Birthday Tiffani ! Hope you have a great day !
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