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  1. bjorde

    The Light in the Darkness

    Thank you. There has been so much personal growth for all of them since the start of these stories. It must be hard to know when to step away from them all but I think you picked a great moment. Poor Joey though. Although I admire you for including the realities of life and thereby avoiding the over- sweetness of so many stories.
  2. Thank you - for all of Billy's stories, his, his family's, his friends' and his school's.  You must feel as though you've left some old friends back in that little corner of the world.  I know I do and I'm betting I'm not alone.

  3. bjorde

    Destiny Begets Destiny

    Drawn back to this because of your updates I'm glad to re-read it. Yes indeed, what about Keller's paternal line? And - do we KNOW that Fendral's sons died, and if so died childless? Even if there is to be no more this has been wonderful. Thank you for it.
  4. bjorde

    Change of Heart

    Goody. We all get more change-of-Heart. In more than one sense perhaps!
  5. bjorde

    Change of Heart

    Erm, I may be being foolish here. If you were 'Following' your stories, as us humble (well humble-ish) readers do wouldn't you get updates and notifications that wayas I do?
  6. bjorde

    Chapter 38

    Puberty hit and my faith left. Not because I was gay, that took longer to sort out. The loss of faith was almost palpable at first. Like losing a limb. I still swing between envy and ridicule for those who still believe, including my husband. He is at least now free of the ludicrous church which made him chose between them and me. Your debate made me wonder if losing faith is a bit like losing that heterosexual future we're all brought up to expect once our sexuality becomes apparent. Now I see neither as a loss and both as a blessing. Still love old churches though, especially if they smell of incense. Thanks for the writings.
  7. bjorde

    21-Year-Old Scotch

    Well it may have been done before but it was very nicely done here. We may not have seen all of Scott's new life but you filled the gaps in effectively. Poor Phillipe though! Loved what you did to Art however. Hope we'll be seeing more of your stuff. By which I mean your writing - I've just realised how that sounded. Oops.
  8. bjorde

    Chapter 42

    Well we all see see things differently - which is why reading the work of others is such a pleasure - but I'm not sure Blundellsands would be a highlight of a trip to the UK. You can access Crosby beach fairly easily and see the Anthony Gormley sculpture Another Place which is rather fun. The suburb itself is small c conservative (big C as well at times I think) and a little smug I think. Middle class, middle aged and middle minded as we say here. Perhaps the boys will end up like that but I hope you've stopped writing them by then! Anything worth doing requires at least a little effort. Perhaps you need positive feedback for your academic endeavours as well as for your writing. As you say you are a mature student the tutors will probably be impressed with your efforts at least. Or just show off to the hungover eighteen year olds.
  9. bjorde

    Chapter 42

    Love the story. Don't stuff up school for it though. We CAN wait - even if we don't want to. John having a hissy fit - surely not. Blundellsands is a suburb north of Liverpool (UK) by the way. You knew that though I guess. Cheers.
  10. bjorde

    Chapter 2 of 2

    There are SOME happy endings in real life too Dodger. Perhaps only after a struggle and later in life - but they can happen. Chin up.
  11. bjorde

    Chapter 2 of 2

    The one that got away for the rest of us isn't getting away for Roger. Wonderful! And there is nothing wrong with the way you write. Mind you I'm no grammarian.
  12. bjorde


    ALL your three main characters are loveable. With them each being confused in their own special way they're just like the rest of us. And each hoping one of the others is their saviour too. Not like anyone else we know at all eh!
  13. bjorde

    Chapter 8

    Well I shan't criticise your grammar as I suspect mine at present - sharing second bottle of claret with himself at present - but you do tell a good tale.
  14. bjorde

    Lion's Lair

    Glad I found this again. Well worth a second look. It'll make me look at more of your stuff.
  15. bjorde

    Chapter 1 Deuces Wild

    Well. If we haven't all been close to that we, no doubt, will be at some point. Looking forward to where they're going these men. Unrequited love is hard enough in real life but we adjust. Hope we don't have to in fiction. If I was a teacher you'd get a gold star!

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