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  1. bjorde


    You are a naughty, naughty wolf. Very clever bringing Dorian back long after I, and perhaps others, believed that window now closed!
  2. bjorde

    Chapter 83

    Thank you. Although, along with many others I suspect, I feel stranded in the port haplessly waving for attention and rescue.
  3. bjorde

    Chapter 71

    Thank you for the seasonal gift. After all, who DOESN'T like a bigger one from time to time!
  4. bjorde


    Early chapter! What's not to like? I vaguely remember Harlan as a good guy. Plus he's come running, so hopefully still is. Ooo! Complicated kinks though. Can't wait.
  5. Only gets better with re-reading and re-re-reading and ... well you see where I'm going. Best shifter story I've read. Would love more, especially with all the threads you left hanging. Quite understand if you've moved on though.
  6. bjorde

    Chapter 33

    I'm not so sure it'll take too long. Andy could only make this journey when he was ready to make the changes to himself he needed.
  7. bjorde

    Chapter 34

    Bentley has a hybrid. I'd get one, well if I could afford it, and if I drove more than 3000 miles annually still.
  8. Your work may not be effortlessly Mozartian but your Beethovian struggles are to the benefit of us all. Please, above all, look after yourself and those you love. The rest of us can wait, however little we wish to! Having said that, I hope that Josh senior gets a prominent part in the impending nuptials of his first (and to those of us who've been with you from the start, most cheekily lovable) foster boy. That cheeky doorstep grin seems like a lifetime ago. Thank you.
  9. bjorde

    Chapter 10

    Aw shucks.
  10. bjorde

    Chapter 41

    Oh goody. We're winning again (not that I've over-identified with your characters!). Hope it lasts.
  11. bjorde

    Chapter 39

    Oh dear! It's all rather frantic. I need a little lie down!
  12. bjorde

    Chapter 23

    Thanks for these tales. The delay is due to the apple harvest no doubt!
  13. Honestly you say. Well not me! Perhaps I should try lying. Although judging by your writing that would make me one of the bad guys.
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