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  1. I think donny really needs to die, maybe a car crash with a fuel tanker and he burns alive, or, maybe something worse. You would make so many of your loyal faithful readers happy and think of the cost it would save Sue with cremation, its the little things in life that bring cheer. I cant understand why donny is being given all these chances to mess up everyone's life's, he's a poisonous mentally unstable creep, ok, you caught me out, I don't like him, there I said it. Another great chapter and another cliff hanger this time with Stephanie.
  2. As I have said before, these "Pillars" of the community always have a dirty hidden side. Don knows to much about what goes on in town for just a businesses man, and the people he knows leave a lot to be desired. Don is involved right up to his child abusing mouth, symmonds and how many others are involved in this Payton Place of child sex and drugs. As for connor I still feel he was involved in Nathans attack, hes a bunny boiler which would suit donny and the others of donny's group well. Get rid of connor hes the new weak link and will make a mistake maybe Robbie will contact Alex to find out who set Nathan up. Good chapter Dodger. I am sure that with the next chapter connor's family 's farm problem will be helped by donny in return for connor to join his groups stable of young rent boys and sell drugs for them.
  3. Conner is my prime suspect in beating up Nathan, I wouldn't put it passed him sneaking out at night to do the dastardly deed, wouldn't take much to send him a txt from "robbie" asking him to meet. Conner seems to be a bit of a bunny boiler truth be told and has a very sadistic side, enjoys controlling who and what he wants. I am starting to like him as much as i like donny.............................⚰️🕳️💩
  4. Jeff1

    Chapter 11

    Hi Sasha, I really have to say that this is my favourite story which I have reread several times. But I was wondering if you still were going to write the sequel? I know its been several years now but I often look in hope that you start to publish it.
  5. @droughtquake did this actually happen or a wind up?? as didn't hear anything in uk .
  6. @droughtquake If its a funeral then I can say with hand on heart (and with half a dozen 6" nails and hammer in hand to make sure the lid stays down) I hope its for donny ⚰️ oh happy thoughts 😇
  7. If he does Droughtquake he can have a skype wank with Connor then after he has cum dump him 😊
  8. Connor is hard work, Robbie I thought was finally dumping him only to go back again, is he only interested in a cock up his arse? I do hope one of them dumps the other soon. There is something about Connor that does not gel, almost like hes nice until he gets his way and turns in to a bully control freak, if Robbie does dump him I do hope Connor does not turn in to a bunny boiler. A big part of me wants Daniel to get curious enough for him and Robbie to have a session I think Daniel has messed around with Nathan already but thanks to donnys homophobic attitude put that behind him. Yes Nathan acts like a slut, but if you look at him he does care about those he feels relaxed with and that is Robbie as well as Daniel, (Mmmm Nathan, Robbie and Daniel in a 3some) and uses others he does not care about to try and lure Robbie back after all it seems a coincident he turns up at all the party's Robbie is at with a stranger in tow and makes a bee line to Robbie and spends all his time flirting with him basically ignoring the guy he arrived with . I think Nathan and Robbie need one hell of a sex session to decide ( Dodger, if you do want to throw Daniel in to the mix I will not complain ) how they actually feel about each other. Alex is probably in trouble with his supplier and owes him the 2k or we could hear Alex is either face down in a ditch or has been sold to a group of guys as a play thing for them. As for donny, is there never a fatal car crash in cold snow conditions??? one can only hope there is and its donny.
  9. There is so much false news out there its really not worth listening to it, in the UK we have at least two anti-conservative gutter press rags who are constantly glorifying things to make it sound worse than it is and slang the conservative government off at every turn despite no one including the government knowing how to combat this virus. Thanks to the gutter rags we now have panic buying which if people just carried on as normal we would have plenty for everyone, but no lets all be selfish and to hell with everyone else. One thing that I do find amusing is that its 2020 and people are just finding out about this thing called soap, its been around for years, but lets hope we get a few clean people out and about . What is the fuss? we have over 1000 people die from Cancer a week in UK, Hundreds die on the roads a week, average of 10 knifing's a week several shootings a week, the list goes on but we have at this time 3 people die in a week and hell breaks loose, out of those 3 all had severe underlying health conditions and were all in their 80's, this is once again down to false news and rabid gutter press that are making it worse than it is. One mistake the government is again making ( such as the brexit shambles ) is that they do not have a press officer giving up to date news about things, that way people know that the rubbish papers print are false and that there is one and one source of news only regarding this. As for myself, like wildone, I will refrain from kissing men and avoid people who cough, sneeze or have a cold .......however i feel it is only sensible to keep taking my vitamins,.... straight from the source 🍆 💦 💦 Just be sensible and use common sense.
  10. Jeff1

    Christmas Day

    Great chapter as well as sad. Loss is a terrible thing especially if at a young age with a whole life ahead, unfortunately loss can also be hidden from others but at the same time eats away inside that person until it breaks out as it has with Pam. I expect many other's of the family still have deep feelings of sadness which could also be the underlying causes of Spencer's arguments with his Mother as well as her insistence of the ceremony etc which she was denied with Liz. Loss is sad despite the age but it is so often over looked as we try and get on with our lives and do not notice the struggle of others.
  11. Jeff1

    Christmas Eve

    Hi Carlos, must admit I nearly over looked the start of this story i didn't know it was a CJ/OZ story, as the title did not give anything away what it was about. 🙈 But when I saw the number of comments posted I had to take a look, lo and behold a continuation of our favourite guys. 😋 Good start Carlos I know what to look for now on the updates. 🧐
  12. Think this is a topic that really has no end, statistics are made to try and give something credence, there are to many people giving themselves labels just to try setting a "new" trend using a word no one has heard of or inventing a word. Why are people trying to pigeon hole themselves ? We want acceptance as equals then make a category to put each other and our self's in. You are what you are and you like what you like........... as far as i am concerned I am ME, and its no one else's business.
  13. @ Talo Segura, lol that was what I meant but think it got lost in translation yeah lots of gay babies keep the population down by a billion or so.
  14. Just had a thought, yeah I know...dangerous. what if they are trying to find what makes people "gay" then to put in to birth control so it reduces the worlds population? OMG.... all those pastel colours everywhere lol
  15. Of course it could mean that the Mother really wanted a little girl this time and she decided to put some effort in to sex for a change............. but still not enough effort for a full conversion in to making a girl.......... damn I lost count of the cracks on the ceiling again, oh and I forgot to add cornflakes to the shopping list. Then we have a man who loves men whats the problem with that? it sounds perfectly natural to me. But this could be the start of a slippery slope , if it is possible to determine this what steps would be taken to stop this from happening in the future ? slip a serum in to an innocent inoculation to alter this........ and then what other change's will be made to a fetus ? I know lets find the antibodies that make mad scientists.
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