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  1. Jeff1

    January 20, 2041

    Well Carlos after a long ride CJ and CO comes to an end, sad but after such a long time I am sure you will enjoy a rest. I must admit when I saw this new chapter I was hoping for an other long story about CJ in office or maybe CJ standing watching the new President's inauguration while thinking back to the high's and low's of his term/term's in office before shaking the new Presidents hand leaving to go on Air Force 1 in to the sunset, but I guess that's me being selfish wanting more. Thank you for such an enjoyable story Carlos, good luck and i hope to read more from you in the near future.
  2. Jeff1


    Hi Carlos, Ok, have I missed something ? Who and what is the Special Agent Ericson at the start of this chapter?? I understand him being involved with the sting on the building reg's guy later in this great chapter, but can't remember him being involved with CJ and Ozzie . Apart from that way to go Carlos, incredible story and look forward to many many more chapters and hopefully books.
  3. Who's Jo??? damn its difficult to get Walter in on the act again lol
  4. At last Robbie is starting to show signs and talking, little steps but talking I hope its not to long before Walter makes a telling appearance. As for donny, I have always said he was up to no good, he is the "pillar of the community" that equals dirty old man, so he's had at least one affair that we now no of but has probably been knobbing one or more of the "good christian women" at the local church of the nutters, wonder how many choir boys he's played with as well? truth will out as they say. I really hate donny, and as he is only fictional it shows how good a writer you are Dodger that you make these people seem real. So as I loath him so much can you make him die a really long slow painful death??? But I digress, Great chapter Dodger, like how Sue is standing up for her children, Nicola is turning in to a delight, Alex needs to fu*k off asap, maybe he joins donnys group and heads south to spread the devils word. But until Robbie talks to Walter his life will remain on hold, I hope Conner still waits for him.
  5. Hi XTony, Another great chapter but leaving us on two cliff hangers is not nice lol. I have read this as well as your other Chosen related stories many times, I do hope you continue this story. Thanks.
  6. Very thought provoking chapter Dodger. Nathan....... Got a feeling he has already started wearing a lot of casting couches out always was a bit of a slut now becoming full time, hes going to look so old and ravaged by the time he's 20, Alex.....The old saying "like father like son" comes to mind. Alex has always had to "be the man" and take what he wants and now seems to be unable to see that being like his old man is wrong, yes, he needs help I think this episode may be a turning point and would be a likely candidate for Walter to help. Symmonds is back...... got to admit he's determined or failing that he's got through all the choir boys in Cobourg and needs a change.... donny.......for someone who is so full of himself and self righteous he really does not have much of a mind for common sense and the independent values of an individual and is unable to understand anything that does not fit in his little box of a world. looking through donny's eyes he is perfect........... never two men in long white lab coats with large butterfly nets around when you need them. Sue.....maybe this is now the turning point for her. as you stated she was unusually absent from the house when the bible thumper was there perhaps she is reaching the end of her rope with donny. Strong chapter Dodger.
  7. Sorry Dodger but some people may now re-read the story trying to find Bubba and will be asking you who he is. 😂
  8. Robbie has a fear and dare I say mistrust of doctor's and hospitals going back to his Mother's illness, so yes I can understand his attitude of not wanting to seek further medical help. But he has to realise that this is Canada NOT England and the NHS. He know's there is something wrong and when he only believes that to his young mind, if you go in you may not come out again thinking you can understand him more. Whatever the problem is will if you pardon the pun "come to a head soon", and the betting that donny will be the cause is high. Maybe he gets caught hitting Robbie and causing him to hit his head sue witnesses the unjustifiable assault calls the Paramedics and the Police who charge donny lock him up and he meets a new friend called Bubba who takes him as his bitch who then proceeds to gangbang donny to death. Sorry gone off on a tangent here, well at least from the part of where donny and Bubba meet . Connor I don't think will be permanent but both will help each other in the mean time and will lead Robbie to a new level of self awareness and stability, Nathan should stay out of things and will only cause problems in the long term. Walter will make a come back and this time actually get involved unlike the last chapter or so where his role was suddenly down graded to a bit part dealing with the "church guy", his soothing attitude which Robbie trusts could help Robbie on the road to his convalescence when the reason for Robbie's problems are finally diagnosed. To be honest the sooner you kill that a*sehole donny off in a very gruesome and painful way the better.
  9. Its funny but over the last couple of chapters i have had a feeling that donny may be Robbie's father. We all know how sick donny is who's to say he didn't rape his sister and that's why she and Robbie fled Canada?? As for this church who's to say that children are not held "special" by some of the righteous pillars of the community?? Sooner you kill off donny the better, how about death by snow blower?? pmsl
  10. Robbie needs a "hidden witness and a recording" next time this man comes back but the thing is HOW does donny know this guy???? what dirty secrets does donny have that he associates with a man like that............ what does donny do behind his wife's back???
  11. @Dodger OMG.........Don and Nathan........could that be why dons so "homophobic"? did don shag Nathan and is scared its going to come out????? lol
  12. Don just cant help himself can he? such a controlling piece of shit. We all know that these "whiter than white" pillars of the community have dirty dark secrets that go on behind the scenes. Odd how don likes to control children and those under age in the name of parenting.............and how many of his social friends are similar......makes a person wonder? Robbie has had to grow up way to fast, looking after his mum and himself from an early age so he has a tough outlook on life, don has always had control of children from the onset so its only natural for him to feel dominant but Robbie has his own will and don hates that. Don's idea of control is to break Robbie and mold him to his liking, but his sadistic mind will not stop there, today Robbie's mind tomorrow physical abuse ? No, don has a dirty secret that others share which sue knows about but turns a blind eye to in the name of family harmony. This could also be the reason why Robbie's mum fled Canada with Robbie as a baby? the plot thickens.
  13. OMG, Robbie, you slut....PMSL Good on Robbie that was a pure power play and as for don and sue well I feel there perfect little world will soon burn in flames, guess donny has been a naughty boy and sneeking out for a quick Fag......... sorry cigarette.... its about time the cracks start to appear, maybe a love child? or an old flame..(gay) .... lol oh happy days ahead.
  14. Excellent chapter Yes, its odd how people think that because you love swinging on a dick makes you a weak poof, its people like us who are the most dangerous as we don't fight fair....we fight to win and survive. I have wondered if Don's homophobia could have stemmed from an incident when he was younger? Maybe he tried a bit of dick and it didn't go as well as it should have, when he was at school/college? Either way Don's attitude has to change. What about the retired social worker that Robbie met many chapters ago when he was running away? wouldn't he be a good person to come back in to Robbie's life and also talk some sense in to Don? I kind of liked him. As for nathan, well I guess the call of the casting couch has been to much for him and we will find he gets gangbanged by directors who want to give him encouragement to act well and to be able to say his lines with a mouth full of dick. lol Like the way the story is going Dodger, I am sure Donny is hiding something...................
  15. Well Tom echoed my thoughts about Nathan, for a while now he has been getting more "out there" and becoming wild in his new role as being totally out than he was before. The conversation between him and Robbie was more than just talk there was more to it than that. I feel there has been a lot more history between Nathan and Alex that meets the eye and i am sure Daniel has been involved in the mix somewhere. Looking forward to the way this story is heading...
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