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WHITE-JACKET – A Man at War – A Filmscript 6. The Secret Melville

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1844. In the spring Redburn leaves Peru for New York on a warship. He has nothing, and feels like a failure. Worst of all is the loss he leaves behind him in the Pacific – his husband is dead, and Toby is lost and presumably long buried. What awaits him in the fall when he arrives back 'home,' to a place he has not been for four years? There he must consider what his brother wants for him, against how Redburn might honor the noblest sacrifices of the men who love him have made.

For a fun guide on how to read a screenplay, see here


For a guide to understanding Polynesian Mythology and Cosmology, see here.


Copyright © 2017 AC Benus; All Rights Reserved.

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A wonderful story. It's not hard to read in screenplay form. It allows your imagination to flow more freely i find. Like a film. Wonderfully done. Parts are hard to read, parts are sad. But throughout all there is love, friendship and strength.


Thank you, AC.

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