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Keep Quiet

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Genres: Horror, Romance

Where Charles Wentworth is now, I do not know. I thought he was dead. It took decades to get over the heartbreak of his disappearance. And yet now that he has sent me a message, I feel not relief but horror… because, if my interpretation is true, then we are all in danger. The message in the sky is clear. Humanity may be about to go extinct.

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  • 03/11/2019 (Updated: 05/21/2019)
  • 12 Chapters
  • 74,364 Words
  • Teen
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Wow what an enjoyable reading experience. The characters, the suspense, the science, the images it conjured up in my head. I’ve had a hard time not to stay up and read it all in one go last night! 

I highly recommend giving this story a chance to immerse you in its world. You won’t regret it if you enjoy sci-fi and a bit of romance. 

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Luke Past


I really enjoyed reading this story 🙂

Sci-fi combined with orbit of romance.

I liked the characters and the plot turns which were unexpected.

Response from the author:

I'm glad you liked the story, Luke! Many thanks for the review 😀

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