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The Neverending Book - 46. Destruction



Blow it all away.

Make it go away.

Throw it all away!

Destroy it all today.

Right here.

Right now.


With your mind,

You can DESTROY all of the things that are all unkind.

Destruction is required for reproduction.

Just, like the storm,

You were born with reconstruction.

You have the ability to create a new tranquility.

You have the responsibility.

You have invincibility.

Make your own destiny.

You do not have to be rich.

All you need is a penny.

And, with that seed, indeed,

You can create plenty.

Show them who you are.

Show them how you’ll go far.

If they don’t believe you will achieve,

They can simply leave.

That isn’t evil, for that type of logic is simply Medieval.

Just, make them watch you as you powerfully continue,

As you will prove how you will improve with every single move…

Copyright © 2019 Asher25; All Rights Reserved.

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