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The Neverending Book - 6. Desire


What is really interesting about desire,
Is this is, truly, a never ending fire.
Your desires & passions can go on forever,
And, you can, truly, be never satisfied, ever.

You could desire one thing & then get another,
And, then look at the possessions obtained by your brother.
You could want it & get it & be done with it,
And, no longer want it after playing for a bit.

But if this continues to go on, how can your desires ever be gone?
If this eternal hunger will transform,
Somehow, always, into a knew form,
How can you, like this, ever perform?

This is a torture. You can be sure.
In this way, you can never allure.
This is an itch you cannot scratch.
It is something you cannot catch.

Like holding water in your hand, it slips through your skin.
You cannot hold it, unless it is inside of a tin.
Like a storm’s rain drops as they fall,
You cannot catch them all,

No matter how thirsty you are,
Some are near & some are far.
This is not your fault. Do not halt.
You are not in a vault.

They fall where they want to as they continue.
If you want all of them, you will be forced to chase & race at your own desire’s pace,
Never enjoying the delicious food on your own plate even after you ate going at a fast rate at any date in an anxious state.

You will no longer be able to savor each flavor.
So, do yourself the favor & meditate on what it is that you truly want.
And, only then, will your desires no longer haunt.

Copyright © 2019 Asher25; All Rights Reserved.
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39 minutes ago, Layne said:

A poem never felt so true... amazing! 

Thank you thank you *bows bows*🔮 how do I know? BECAUSE I HAD DESIRES AND THEY WOUDNT GO AWAY.✍️ 

Edited by Asher25
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41 minutes ago, Layne said:

A poem never felt so true... amazing! 

I realized Desire reminded me of the thing from Harry Potter that transforms into your worst fear. It’s like that. Desire has no face. It has no true form it’s always changing just like a flame. It always turns into something new no matter where you go so I realized the only way I’d ever be happy is if I discovered what I wanted the MOST and just shoot for that. Then Desire has no power over me. Desire’s Fire cannot burn you.🔥

Edited by Asher25
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Desire is a torment for sure. I like how you showcased the desire to want what others have; fueling the desire to seek more. I have found that paying less attention to others the happier you will be. :)

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So true. Dont try to own everyhing you desire. Be happy reflecting on what you have and sharing what you can observe.

I like the fact that your poetry has a rawness, an edge.

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